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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • I have noticed that the TMV for the 9-3 is below the Invoice price. Does anyone know if the TMV is accounting for the current $3000 factory to dealer incentives?

    After reading #1863, I think my question was answered :o) The TMV is accounting for the incentives so they can't be subtracted.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    For vehicles where the dealers are anxious to sell and incentives are in place, forget about TMV and focus on getting invoice - incentives. Start there, and if you want, go $250 above that amount.

    Saab dealers are hungry, and deals are to be had. The supply is plentiful and while demand is up compared to the previous model, it's probably not where Saab wants it to be.
  • cstowecstowe Posts: 96
    So I guess I am confused....

    I am eligibile to take advantage of the GM supp. discount. The sales price for SAABs under this program "seems" to be about the same as invoice price. OK. Now on the GM supp. website the "discount" for 3500 (on a 9-3) has a notation that says it "represents factory to dealer cash offer which may be passed on.."

    Is not this the same thing as the "marketing support" cash listed on edmunds? And if so, then how is this any type of deal? It seems like I would get 3500 off either way. NOt really a deal for GM suppl.

    What am I missing? Do I get 3500 off twice?
  • stratixmanstratixman Posts: 11
    In looking at Edmunds TMV numbers, it doesn't appear that Edmunds acounts for either the dealer prep fee ($130+/-) or advertising fee ($250+/-). You want to keep that in mind when you compare dealer quotes which incoprorate these. Myybe you can get them eliminated by the dealer, but if not they will skew the comparison of TMV to the quote, making your quote look slightly less favorable. It must be nice living where ther's more than 2 dealers within tolerable distance to shop. I've been waiting for nearly 4 weeks for the only Arc that meets my preferences (options and color) to show up at my dealer. Gets to be a bit dicey towards the end of the month since the current promos expire 7/31 and may or may not be replaced with comparable deals in August. Probably will be, but you don't know. If one is looking for a lease, Saab subsidized leases right now are about as good as they get. 1.2% equivalent over 36 months on the Arc, for example.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Yes, the help files for Edmunds TMV mention that they won't factor in "legitimate" fees.

    Saab apparently does charge a preparation and delivery fee that may vary from state to state. There is also an advertising/doc fee that varies from state to state.

    The way to better identify these costs is to ask to see the actual Saab invoice (one that is actually made by Saab and not the dealership). If it's on the invoice, it's more or less "legitimate."

    So, restated, I'd start bargaining at Invoice + verified fees - incentives (cash back or otherwise). Then maybe go $250 above that (dealer makes the holdback plus the $250).

    Edmunds is not reflecting the GM supplier discount. There is a separate price for the 9-3 that reflects one or two GM employee and/or supplier discounts (I'm trying to recall how my invoice looked like, there was at least one line item). I don't know if you get the current cashbacks on top of the GM employee or supplier discounts, but someone else here can answer that.
  • mcdermott2mcdermott2 Posts: 68
    Has anyone had 17" rims on any of their cars through the winters in northeast. Can it be done without buying a 16" set? Will there be different rim choices for the 16" in 2004?
  • I am in the same situation. I am a GM employee and typically we can get ~10% off of MSRP. I am looking into to see if I can get the factory to dealer incentive subtracted from my GM discount. If not it doesn't, than a Saab has no benefit to me.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,613
    On Saabs, the supplier price is edmunds invoice price, plus $130 dealer prep. Subtract the incentive from that. Not positive, but I believe the incentive varies according to trim.. ($2500 on linear, $3000 on arc, $3500 on vector.)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • needashaveneedashave Posts: 91
    I purchased under this program and it was effortless. Under the program rules, the dealer is obligated to pass all incentives to the buyer. The dealer faces penalties if they try something else. Just let them know that you know the rules.

    Happy motoring! BTW, the Arc ROCKS!!
  • gpettogpetto Posts: 1
     So you justgot an Arc for less than TMV? I too am looking at the Arc and the TMV on the car equipped the way I'd like is $28,620, vs $31,038 invoice price. How likely is it that I'll be able to get it for that much below invoice?
    If you don't mind me asking what was your final number?
    Did you have any other special discounts?
  • adrobadrob Posts: 2
    The answer depends on a number of factors. While I believe the market is pretty loose on these right now, the end result depends on the dealer. I had no other "discounts." I did have numerous Saab dealers to choose from so they know there is competition in the area. (7 dealers within 50 miles) Not only for their car but others. I was looking at a Passat (I loved my Jetta V6, now my wife does), S60, 325i, and Acura TL. The Saab was my top choice but I would have been happy with the others too. Second, I traded in a car and while I got a fair price (basically Edmunds est trade value) the dealer is going to make a grand or more on resale without having to do much to the car. So they will factor that in to the "deal". Moreover the dealer had at least four of the vehicle I bought in the color I chose on the lot with probably 20 in other colors, so they move a lot of cars.

    If your dealer is the only game in town and has little inventory he may not be as negotiable. See #1687. The push here is to clean up the inventory backlog and make way for the 2004's. Other factors include quotas and volume discounts that may motivate a dealer to move cars, especially at the end of the month/quota period.

    Note, most of the ARCs I saw were pretty loaded with the various options, touring pkg, heated seats (were up noth a bit)etc.

    All told, with the 3500 off you should be able to get pretty close to or perhaps a bit under TMV. Good luck.
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058
    I went and looked at a 9-3 Arc today. There seems to be a very good lease deal that apparently ends tomorrow. Here is what I was told.
    MSRP - 32960
    Arc with sunroof and premium paint, manual trans.
    my price - 29901
    36 mo lease w/ tax - 331 per month
    first month and sec. dep. due at signing.
    Seems like a very good deal? What does anyone else think?
  • catherine9catherine9 Posts: 31
    What else do you have to pay at signing? Acquisition fee, etc.? Just wondering b/c I'm interested in leasing an automatic Linear. Your deal sounds great to me.
  • stop bragging :P

    Any technique tips for those who may have used the touch-up paint?
  • Are you still enjoying your new ride? Hope you are having a good summer here in Chi-town. I'm just about festival-ed out myself. Stay well.
  • yeah, definitely festival-ed out but it still gets me happy after a nice car wash :) I haven't decided where to take it but I can't wait to get my stereo system upgraded; do you have any suggestions?

    summer's been good- it's already august so I'm a bit weary but it's still relatively warm so i'm savoring the sun. Hope it's not too rainy this week :)
  • Does anyone know if the incentives that ended on July 31 will be extended. I have not been able to find any info on this. Thanks.
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058
    have been extended to the end of Aug. I have a deposit on a Arc with manual and sport wheel package that is currently in port storage. Here is the deal I got - 36month lease, 12k per year, 1rst payment and acquisition due at delivery, $329 per month. I think that is a very good deal for what you get. Very nice car, I can't wait to get it. Just hope I can sell mine first.
  • arcmanarcman Posts: 2
    I had the pleasure of picking up my new 9-3 ARC last Saturday. I had purchased the car through the GMINTHEDRIVEWAY program which is identical to the GM supplier program. I had no problem what so ever getting the current mfg. to dealer discount ($3500). In fact when I went to pick my car up Saturday I had asked my dealer about the discount and he informed me that the discount is there to help the dealership to make the sale, not to keep it since it really does not add all that much to thier over all profits. He suggested that when you first talk to what ever dealer you go to be right up front with them regarding the mfg. to dealer rebate. The second suggestion and I whole heartily support it is to make contact with the "Internet" sales person. What I did was go to different sites like Carsense, Carweb, BJ's wholesale club,etc., as well as the following site
    I filled out the quote request form and I noted to contact me via email. I had received 3 replies from the "Internet" sales person. I called them and finally settled on one and it was an ejoyable experience.

    Here is the car breakdown:
    2003 9-3 Arc
    9-3 Arc $30,090.00
    Destination charge $675.00
    Steel Gray Metalic $500.00
    Sentronic Automatic Transmission $1,250.00
    Sunroof $1,200.00
    Heated seats & Headlamp washer $495.00
    Touring Package $1,195.00
    Dealer Net
    9-3 Arc $28,387.00
    Destination charge $675.00
    Steel Gray Metalic $450.00
    Sentronic Automatic Transmission $1,238.00
    Sunroof $1,080.00
    Heated seats & Headlamp washer $446.00
    Touring Package $1,076.00
    GM/SCUSA supplier $33,506.00
                        supplier discount $1,017.00
    Employee Price $32,117.00
                       employee discount $1,712.00
    If I can be of any more help please feel free to ask, that's what this forum is all about. Now if you don't mind I can hear my car calling me to take it for another long drive.

  • mjwillsmjwills Posts: 46
    HI all. Anybody have a rough idea what an 03 loaded (auto, sunroof, touring, etc) vector with 3500 miles would be worth? Mine was totaled with a rear end collision from a pickup. I cannot find any values anywhere and want to make sure I get what it is worth from insurance. We will probably get the same car, they hold up in crashes really well.

    Also - I read all these incentive posts - what is the rebate for this car? $4000? I also get the GM employee discount, do any others apply?

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