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Dodge Sprinter



  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    I'm ready for a nice long trip. I am retiring next month and we plan to cross the country with the MB Cruiser. Good to hear you like yours. I have not even checked the oil. It has a computer that tells you when to change it. They say under light usage you can go 20K miles between changes. Have fun with that and your Liberty CRD. I am sure you will get the bugs worked out.
  • bbird1bbird1 Posts: 8
    Anyone get any Imfo on the all new 2007 Models :)
  • See post 404.


    There's going to be 3 wheelbases, 4 lengths, 3 heights, gas or diesel, standard or automatic.

    Too many choices.

    I had a tough time selecting mine.
  • bbird1bbird1 Posts: 8
    Thanks, any word on MPG figures :confuse:
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    :) does anyone knows how to get the codes from the sprinter. does anyone have the noise that come from the front every time you open the ignition key. does anyone knows that you can buy the oil filter made by STP at Auto Zone.
  • I want to install a battery isolator and an extra battery.

    I opened the hood and saw quite a few cables connected to the battery.

    Which cable comes from the alternator?

    The alternator cable should be connected to the alternator post of my isolator I believe, and then I should have a cable going to each battery, correct?

  • kenbob88kenbob88 Posts: 21
    I just bought a new 118" passenger model, and boy do I have a lot to write about, but one issue at a time and first things first: The CD/radio came with really tinny speakers in the front and none in the rear. Does anyone have any input/guidance/recommendations regarding upgrading the front speakers and/or installing rear speakers? (Brand, model, size, placement, vendor, installers, etc?)
    Is it already wired for rear speakers?
    Thanks--I hope someday soon to have acquired the Sprinter experience and knowledge to be an advisor and not just a learner in this forum.
  • denveradenvera Posts: 1
    i installed a shure power 120 amp smart relay with out problems. use terminal E with a 60 amp fuse avalable from parts express.
  • Does wire A come straight from the alternator?

    If I lead that to the alternator post of the isolator, I won't hurt anything, will I?
  • kenbob88kenbob88 Posts: 21
    I want to change my two bench seats to reclining buckets.
    Does anyone know a good place to buy?
    I called Becker Automotive Design to ask them what they do with the original driver and passenger seats, but I was told that they don't take those out. I guess that means they just reupholster them?
    If anyone has upgraded their driver and passenger seats, I would like to buy the original seats to bolt in for my second-row seating.
    Ken in Camarillo, CA
  • n_teslan_tesla Posts: 9
    I have a 118” passenger Sprinter too and have been down the stereo upgrade path. The Sprinter is not an easy vehicle to work with. I replaced the dash speakers with the JL Audio 4” as they drop in, sound great and don’t cost too much. For back fill I installed another pair of JL’s above the rear windows. I did this because I use my Sprinter for business and carry boxes in the back that could bash into the speakers and damage the grills if the speakers were mounted in the stock location. The higher placement also helps dispersion and it looks like a factory job.

    This setup was smoother sounding but the stock radio doesn’t have enough power for a good sneeze. So the next step was more power. After all a Sprinter isn’t the quietest vehicle at highway speeds and there’s a lot of cubic footage to fill. For this I installed the basic JL Audio 4x75 watt amp and one of their interface devices called a “Clean Sweep” under the passenger seat.

    This sounded much better, but there wasn’t enough bass. So the search was on for a way to get bass that didn’t eat up people and cargo space (and money). Ultimately the solution was a JL Audio 10” woofer in an enclosure the size of 2 Kleenex boxes mounted behind the drivers seat bolted to the floor where that weird metal tray with the strap was. This setup sounds awesome and gets plenty loud.

    The final touch was to install an XM radio adaptor and a Magellan Roadmate Navigation system. For these to work the antennas must be mounted on the roof; not on the face of the truck over the windshield.

    A cost saving option would be to change the head unit to one of the many high power quality DIN units available. This should give satisfying performance and you may be able to put the subwoofer under the front passenger seat. Good luck!
  • kenbob88kenbob88 Posts: 21
    Thanks for all the helpful info. That's just what I was hoping for. Where is the stock location for the rear speakers? Is it those tiny little grilles back in the corners by the rear doors? (I have a 118" WB.) Are there wires already in place?
    I had thought of putting woofers in the space under the two front seats.
    Did you do the installation yourself, or did you have an auto stereo shop do it?
    Thanks again, I really appreciate your help.
    Camarillo, CA
  • I just made my 1st of many purchaces.after 2 years of study i made my choice.i went with the 158 wb 3500 shc
    with all the options.You have to go heavy duty on all.
    If you look at all the complaints most folks cheap out.
    i made a purchace from the states I bought wholsale and can sell you mine with 1400 k Iam going down next month
    to buy another.
  • ljgjrljgjr Posts: 5
    I have a 2005 Sprinter with the same issue. Down to 18mpg from 22mpg, and a check engine light that stays lit. What have you learned since this posting?
  • ljgjrljgjr Posts: 5
    As everyone seems to be aware, "authorized Sprinter techs" are a rare breed which leads to slow turn around time for repairs. Businesslink is little help. Can Freightliner techs work on Dodge Sprinters? I have a 2005, 2500 with a check engine light on. After reading through the forums, I tried the fuel cap trick to no avail. My dealer is 1 hour away, as is estimating a 4 day turn around time depending on the problem and availability of parts. This is my primary vehicle and has about $2,000 of product on shelves. Of course any other suggestions as to what the problem may be would be appreciated.
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    :) Freightliner and dodge are the same and Freightliner are authorized to work on dodge sprinters. the only thing that I can think is the egr valve but the best way to know is to find the code. I do not know how to find it but in some Jeep Liberty crd turning the ignition key on and of 4 times and letting it on, will tell you the code. Good lock and do not think that is a bad Van. I have the 140 3500 and so far is running ok but I run the van like a lady in love.
  • grantogranto Posts: 1
    I have a 05 2500 140".I've had a low speed,no load vibration in 4th gear since I got the vehicle.It is very sporadic and the dealer wasn't able to duplicate it fora long time.Once they did the service adviser said,"Yeh,that is not a normal sound or vibration,we will notify Daimler Chrysler technicians".After weeks of trying to get answers and hearing theories such as;moisture inside the transmission when it was shipped from germany to driveshaft misalignment,the Sprinter tech. came to drive it and said that it was normal vibration due to the fluid metering into the clutches in the transmission.How many other Sprinter owners experience this 20-30mph shudder?The tech said,most people just drive harder than I and don't notice it and apparently the computer can better detect what you want the vehicle to do if you have your foot in it all the time. A shudder/vibration as severe as mine just doesn't seem to be a good thing in a transmission.Given the tech's explanation,I'm wondering why I can't replicate the condition more often when Load,RPM,s,and Speed remain constant.It is troubling and I'm not happy with the dealer's trained tech.nor Daimler's theories.
  • pete71pete71 Posts: 1
    How to reset ASSYST.
    This procedure works on all Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with ASSYST.
    I'm not sure if it voids warranty or not.

    Turn the key to position 2 in the ignition lock and immediately press button 000.0 twice within the space of one second.

    Turn the key to position 0 in the ignition lock.

    Press and hold button 000.0 Turn the key to position 2 in the ignition lock. Keep button 000.0 pressed.

    Service message with current remaining distance or remaining time appears.

    After about 10 seconds, an acoustic signal will sound and the service display with the new starting distance or starting time appears for about 10 seconds.

    Release button 000.0
  • vsargevsarge Posts: 1

    I've got a 2002 Freightliner 2500SHC 158 with the stock AM/FM/Cassette system and have several AM/FM/CD units sitting around. I've seen kits to adapt a single DIN unit into Sprinters but all state the kits are for 2003 and up. Will these work on my 2002? The stock radio has, I believe an anti-theft system in it...will this cause problems during the switch?

  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    I was told by my dealer the 2007/2008? will be 170 wheel base up from 158 and 7 inches wider.

    Can anyone confirm.
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