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Dodge Sprinter



  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    I do own a Jeep liberty and an sprinter 3500. Today I took the sprinter to the interstate and I notice that when I was doing 69 miles, my tack was reading about 2900 rpm well in my jeep liberty at 69 miles my tack read about 1800 rpm. Could I been missing the od on the sprinter?, is the tranny some how damage or this is normal. Please Help.....
  • the reason is the 15" wheels you have on the 3500 sprinter and the 2500 sprinters have 16" wheels. it has the 15" wheels to give it more power to handle the heavier loads. wide open mine turns 3000 at 82 on the speedo and 80 on the gps
  • How many cylinders in that Jeep?

    My 4 cylinder Aveo would do about 2500 RPM at 55 and the 5 cylinder Sprinter would do about 2000 RPM. Our 8 cylinder Explorer does even lower. I think 1700. (All the numbers are approximations based on a guess, and not the actual reading, so don't jump on me for that.)
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    Running 2900 rpms at cruising speed would give poor fuel economy, and doesn't sound right to me. I think you should check with other 3500 owners. Are you sure you hadn't downshifted with the "manumatic"? Get up to that speed and try upshifting with the manumatic and see if it goes into a higher gear. If so, then your AT is not working.
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    :confuse: my Jeep is diesel 2.8 and a 4 cylinder, I was on D when I was at high way speed, I tried on city the manumatic and it seems that it shift ok I get about 150 miles per quarter tank of fuel on city driving and some spressway. I do not know if the tranny have an over drive but it seems to me that rpm is too high. should I take it to the dealer. I do not like dealer so I prefer to avoid them.
  • your rpm depends on a number of things. number of cylinders dose not make a different. it is the size of the tire, rear end ratio and final drive. by having 15" wheels or 16" wheels or having 3.72 or 4.11 rear end gears and transmission final drive ratio. look on your build sheet and find out what you have. all sprinters will have the same final drive but the gears and wheels are options available that will change the speed/rpm from one sprinter to another.
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Sonnywood.... My sprinter 3500 have the 15" wheels and the 3.7 ratio don't you think that the rpm is too high. The tranny is 5 speed and seems that it shift ok, maybe the 2900 rpm is normal but I am worry.
  • hawk8hawk8 Posts: 31
    [it has the 15" wheels to give it more power to handle the heavier loads.]
    Please explain how !
  • with the 15" wheels it is like putting different gears in the rear. everything else the same you will not go as far in one reverlotion. so your engine turns the same rpm but you dont go as fast or as far. so it would be like 3rd gear instead of 4th gear. if you don't need it for the extra power i would put the 16" wheels on it. at 3000 rpm i'm doing about 80 mph. it will not go over 3000 rpm on the highway because of the speed limit er. yours might not go 80 mph with those tires.
  • if you go to this site you will need to measure the tire height etc.
    fill in the numbers 3.72 axle tire height etc
  • 2000_valk2000_valk Posts: 68
    I am looking into a GPS unit. Looking at the garmin C330. Do you recommend a roof antenna for better sat. reception? Your input will help. I would like it to be a portable unit I can put in the car when needed. Thanks, Tom
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Sonnywood2.... Thank you for the input, now it make sense
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    In my father's Ford van we have had no problem getting GPS satellite signals sufficient to have good resolution almost all the time (we have the most experience with this van). With the Sprinter, we have used a dash top position and this provides an even greater area of open windshield over it's position than in the Ford. Using GARMIN e-Trex about the size of a small Nokia cellphone, no external antenna.

    A word of warning was given elsewhere that you may have problems if you have the heated windshield option (metal coating that warms the window?).

    KenB :shades:
  • kenbob88kenbob88 Posts: 21
    There are not too many options available.
    Danny Steyn reports on 5 different wheels.
    Here's his site: -van.htm#7
  • kenbob88kenbob88 Posts: 21
    Thanks for posting, hawk8.
    This is good news indeed.
    I copied your post on the Yahoo forum as well.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    I was cruising through the Hill Country of Texas with my MB Cruiser. It is a conversion built on the Dodge Sprinter. I pulled into a driveway and there was a very loud bang in the front end. I was able to drive carefully though the front end was much lower, and scraped when I turned corners. I did not see anything broken. I called the hot line and was put in touch with the closest dealer, about 100 miles away. I nursed the vehicle very carefully to Boerne Chrysler in Boerne Texas, just outside San Antonio. Great people that do a lot of Sprinter work. The service manager told me that UPS has that spring break occasionally. It is a transverse monoleaf spring that is made of ceramic. I left it with them and rented a vehicle. They had me all back on the road in less than 48 hours. Great 5 star dealership. Last tank I drove a little slower. Kept it under 65 MPH most of the day. Filled up with 410 miles registered. Got my best mileage so far, 24.58 MPG. Not bad for an 8000 lb vehicle.
  • hawk8hawk8 Posts: 31
    any recommendations where to get a Trailer Hitch for a 158WB 3500? has any one dealt with
  • just go to ebay and put in search dodge sprinter van trailer hitch
  • fireguyfireguy Posts: 3
    RE: the rust, their are not telling the truth. Get a second opinion, then consider getting another dealership for your service work.
  • fireguyfireguy Posts: 3
    The rumble strip noise is very common, my 2003 and 2005 have the noise/vibration. I did put a VanAAcken chip in the 2003. That cured the Rumble strip for a while. Easy driving seems to be one cause, be more aggressive. I had the transmission module changed, and that cured the vibration for about 3 blocks. Then either the converter or flex plate and transmission fluid was changed.
    Cured for about 1/4 mile. I just live w/the vibration.

    Fire guy
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