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Dodge Sprinter



  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Why Delo in one diesel and Rotella in the other?

    Not sure whether you would exagerate or not... but you have to admit that 1/2 quart swing cold/hot in a motor is a lot of SWING.

    I just thought of one possible quirk on my oil change... if the Mobil 1 bottles were short by just 5%, the diffence in 10 quarts would be 1/2 quart... could the bottles be short?

    KenB :shades:
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    any luck with fixing? turbo, air sensor, or other trouble codes? tire size troubles? Any update would be appreciated.

    KenB :confuse:
  • bjd494bjd494 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 140 Sprinter, where can I find the the European chassis number as built by Mercedes. I have a friend in Europe who will provide parts but he can't help with the Dodge VIN number. Thanks.
  • Thanks for all the epinion on this, I really appreciate your being direct. Is there any easy way to determine which Dodge dealers actually sell Sprinters? Going through the Dodge website it is not readily apparent. I agree about the options packages, yeesh! I spoke with a sales guy at Frahm Dodge in Norco, CA. He only sells Sprinters and orders the ones he has on the lot with a pre-set bunch of options, most of which seem reasonable (they are available to view on their website, nice). I actually like that partition option too- do you think it cuts down on road noise a bit?
  • nescosmonescosmo Posts: 453
    Kenb.... On the manual of the Sprinter is pemissible to use dino 15w-40 and it run better with it. On the CRD(liberty) only they recommend syn; I use 5w-40 because is as the 15w-40 rated at C+4. The 0w-40 is not.
  • bhmetbhmet Posts: 8
    I scheduled a dealer service, one - there is only one in the orange county of southern calif. that works on the sprinter and one in the far north of Los Angeles (Lancaster)- where we bought it. Two - about two days before the appointment, the check engine light went out and it started running like new - Go figure! I have a independent big rig shop do all the scheduled maintenance. If any other troubles develop I'll post them.

    bhmet. :confuse:
  • when that happened to me it was the seal on the intercooler that failed. take it out and run it hard on the highway and see if it slows down on you. if it dose it is the seal on intercooler where it comes off the turbo. it is a plastic piece that starts leaking. it would go good for a few miles then slow to about 60 mph. after shuting it down it would be good after restart. could not notice it to much in town. it took me 3 days before they could look at it and on the way to the dealer it broke apart so i was in limp mode to the dealer. my engine light came on the first day and when i started the next morning it was out and did not come on again.
  • Regarding dealers, I know a plumber who bought 5 sprinters. He was my paper boy years ago and his son was in my Scout Troop for several years. I trust his opinion. He knew all the dealers, strengths and weaknesses. There are 3 within a hundred mile radius.

    I found several dealers on the internet and knew of 2 and he recommended another. I sent faxes to those he mentioned an one fairly near on the internet.

    They all provided prices and I was able to speak with the best three. I visited 2 of the 3 during the process and actually saw and drove a Sprinter. I was not too hung up on pricing as it was similar and a few hundred was not going to break the deal. It finally boiled down to dealing with the man that had a Sprinter nearest to my specifications.

    Regarding the partition, It turns out to be good. It has a window fully across the width and provides good visibility on the blind side through the sliding door window. The main feature is temperature. It cools down very quick and ditto heat. I had always considered a partition but wanted one with a sliding panel. I had visions of adding standard partition and replacing the door with a plexiglas sliding panel. I don'r think I am going to that trouble now hoewver.

    Interesting factoid..... a van is fully depreciable if among other things it has a partition. There are several criteria to depreciate beyond $25k and a partition is one. That is the whole $35k is depreciable.

    For the general record.....

    My Sprinter is a little over 2 months old and passed 5,000 miles yesterday. It has used no oil. I checked the computer and it shows 6,800 miles to oil change. I drive on cruise at 65 0r 70 mph 98% of the time on the interstate. The last tank got 23 mpg.
  • Hi everyone, only shows the 2006 sprinter. Here is a link to what I believe is the 2007 but does anyone know if dealerships already have these in. I figure people would have made a big deal about the 07s coming out but maybe not.
    Any thoughts?
    "> cedes_Benz_Spinter.html
  • Hey steve If you look at the photos of the new van the antenna comes out lower on the front of the van just above the windshield
  • Thanks quickdropmarc. To me the picture on the website in the bwillis2006 post looks like a tall Sprinter. I took another look at the German brochure for the 2007 Sprinter and right on the cover is what looks like a standard height Sprinter, and the antenna looks like it extends well above the roof line. I guess I'll just have to wait and see when they're available in the US.

    My local Sprinter dealer said back in May that I could order a 2007 Sprinter in September. Well, September has come and gone. Not holding my breath ...
  • I was driving up the Sierras to do some work yesterday, and I had a noticable drop in power and when the van was stopped and idling (700-800 rpm), the vibration from the engine caused the whole van to shake; like a poorly tuned gas engine that's "loping". No warning lights came on, though. It didn't go into limp-mode, as I was able to drive over 60mph when needed, it just didn't have the power that it had before. After parking it for a few hours while I worked, it ran just fine all the way home (200 miles). I noticed in the previous week that the motor noise seemed louder when I started it in the morning, and it was idling. I'll take it to the dealer for a checkup tomorrow, and get the tire valves replaced, and the fog lights/headlight levelers fixed (no power to switches). Anyone else have this problem with the power loss? I checked the turbo intake for cracks....

    2003 140SHC 2500, 27,000.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    I would have to guess that a sensor/computer interface is experience-based and dials itsself into your normal driving conditions and driving habits (including shift points, key engine parameters, normal levels of temperature, etc.).

    When you go up into the mountains, these key data points are no longer valid and the system may have to re-learn some of what it knows, especially at the extremes of operation (idle and full power, for example).

    Some problems with MAS sensors are common in some 2002/2003 models. Mass Air Sensors are sensitive to the volume of air flowing into the engine differently for changes in altitude due to the changes in barometric pressure (air density). Some hot wires in the sensor are cooled by the air flowing over them and the change is calculated.

    More air, colder air, higher density air: they all cause a bigger change. Less air, warmer air and less density all cause less of a change in the heat (resistance) of the wires. The temperature sensor on the intake side helps the computer to reduce the air temperature's effect on the MAS sensor calculations, so this sensor is also critical.

    The engine computers in place until very recently almost always assume that mid-band RPM and power levels are OK and adjust very little in that range. At full power and at idle, the conventional engine computer had a more vital role in the control of the engine. This was the big claim to fame of some of the "tuners" and "tuning chips". The more complex chips could maintain computer control throughout the power band. All chips should now have enough on-board intelligence and memory/mapping to cover all the range of engine RPM/power/etc.

    The range limits continue to be those areas that challenge the computer the most (very few RPMs= fewer data points for engine timing info to work with; higher RPMs = more data points, but also rapidly changing temps and pressures to work with).

    I have had two Astro/Safari vans, and each one would periodically just forget how to idle or run... restart the system a few minutes later (same temp/conditions) and the darned things continued to run great for YEARS with out any failure. In fact, I never have had a major failure from either of them beyond 100K miles (but not far past :P ).

    When you take it in, make sure they allow for a diagnostic download of these symptoms you've been having... It may cost since your's is a 2003... If you are still in waranty, it should not cost to have the codes checked.

  • Looking for a work van (140 high top) and based on a recommendation here I was hoping to find a 2004 or later. The weeks run on though and I see an '02 with only 60k miles.
    So, question is if the sensor, doors refusing to lock, etc. issues with early vans now have appropriate fixes available or if I should really avoid an early van.

  • I've put 6000 miles on my 2006, 2500 140 high top and my only beef with it is the heat control. Its got a grand 270 degrees of movement but in 1/8th of an inch it goes from cold to quite hot.
    Personal use vehicle converted to RV and I'm trilled to get 28+ mph. I put the propane where the spare tire had rested and gave it the available fitted rack. I don't like that I disabled a very well designed system and will redue that next year.
    As a point for people who have not had the link between engine and turbo breakdown could posters give a little bit more info to validate their problem so that we might become a 'class' to deal with DC rarther than as individuals.
    thanks , paul
  • guestguest Posts: 774
    I noticed that with my heat control, too. I thought something was broken, but when Iturned it all the way down, and gradually turned it up, I found the happy medium.

    2003 140 SHC 2500
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    My Peeve for Sprinter cabin comfort is certainly the air control system over-all. In the past, european cars were not particularly well known for heat/air comfort. I have been in Volvo station wagon that made huge fan sounds and could not even ripple your hair staring straight into the vents...

    back to the Sprinter.

    Turning on the windshield or foot air flow, or both, does nothing else to the flow... You have to close off all of the "vents" in order to push the air up, down, or both with any meaningful force/volume.

    The two vents over the radio are always COLD (or outside) air if the outside air is open, they do not get air through the heater core. Of course the outside air keeps coming on again and again after stopping/resuming short trips, or running down the road more than about 30 minutes. the latter is bad for my wife's type of asthma if we are in traffic (like a trip to Dallas/FortWorth).

    I, too, originally noticed that the air from the vents always seemed to go straight from cold to HOT... except sometimes it could be modulated a bit. So, it occurred to me to let the two vents over the radio mix with the air from the HOT vents. This turns out to be part of the PROBLEM.

    If you close the vents over the radio, then ALL of the cooler air flows over the heater core, and the adjustment knob for temp is MORE effective, especially with cold (outside or A/C cooled) make-up air.

    Certainly you get better de-fogging of the windows with COLD/dry outside air which loses even more relative humidity percentage-wise when warmed, and/or with A/C cooled and de-humidified air. Keeping warm moist breath moving out (positive cabin air flow, from outside up front to out the rear cabin vents) is also very helpful.

    To conclude, I find that you should just barely turn on the heat to start with unless it is very COLD/foggy and you have to heat up quickly to warm up or to clear windows. If you ever turn the heat know on full at any temp over about 40, it will take a long time to get the heat back under control (heat lag is HUGE). Just cracking the heat on is enough until below 40 when the engine is hot.

    So, it seems the Mercedes engineers can still learn some tricks from their new partners in the US from Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep. Americans are certainly used to better heat/air controls in their vehicles.

    KenB :shades:
  • Thanks again and sorry for the delay- I'm a pilot in the Navy and just got back from a trip to the desert. Saw LOTS of vans everywhere we stopped, Ford, Opel, Seat, Fiat, and of course, MB....dang, I wish they'd import the 6 speed version.

    I can only find 1 dealer within a 100 mile radius of San Diego- that's what I get for living with a nat'l border directly to the South. As I expected, prices are getting more flexible as we approach the end of the year. I also agree with your opinion about a few hundred bucks: not as important as paying for the options I want. I will be looking for that partition, you talked me into it.

    As for the tax implications: before we even started down this road I contacted my tax consultant about a Sprinter. We will be taking advantage of this, since my we'll be using it almost exclusively for hauling her canvases and stuff around.

    What size Sprinter do you own? Do you have the ASSYST system option?
  • Has anyone had a Sprinter converted for use as a wheel-chair accessible vehicle? Did you do this with a rear-end wheelchair lift? If yes, please tell me where you got this conversion done, and how happy are you with the rear lift and with the Sprinter as a handicap vehicle. Please either post your reply or post contact information so we can discuss. Thanks!
  • you can go to
    then click on enter site
    next page at bottom click on wheelchair ramps.
    this shows the rear ramp but i think i seen a side ramp also.
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