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Dodge Sprinter



  • bhmetbhmet Posts: 8
    Update, the screen infront of the radiators is a good ideal. $665 worth. Intercooler $275, the rest labor.

    The vehicle runs great.

    Now the drivers door appears to be sagging a little, Driver hanging on it or weak joints????


    bhmet :shades:
  • ewxltewxlt Posts: 1
    I've been to the dealer twice.
    Readied my truck for trade in...

    but now having read over 40 pages of this thread....I'm very afraid.

    dealer nightmares
    personal service issues

    wow...i had my heart set on that little 114 standard roof too....
  • guestguest Posts: 774
    Does anyone have a link to the OEM sunroof parts? Because of the thickness of the headliner, local sunroof guy suggested buying the factory sunroof and trim.
  • rstmsrstms Posts: 3
    Quick update...After having battery checked by load test, which showed battery good, re-installed after cleaning connectors. Still no start! Tried jumper cables and started fine. Removed jumper cables and again no start. Purchased new battery, 900 CCA. Now is doing fine. Moral, IMHO, is that losd tester at regular battery dealer may not apply enough load to check these heavy duty batteries.
  • If you have had one of the dreaded plastic turbo Resonator failures that left you stranded, There is a solution. A brand new metal resonator eliminator that replaces the plastic part with a billet aluminum part and lasts the life of the vehicle. If you have an RV or work vehicle, you can now be sure that when you get away from it all you will actually get back without a tow truck. We love our sprinter van RV and replacing the plastic turbo resonator with the metal resonator eliminator was easy. It's not just a part, it is the peace of mind of knowing you won't get stuck. You can find them at Folsom Lake Dodge from the parts manager Sonny Custis at 916-355-9999 or visit for lots of information , FAQs etc. Well worth the time. took me 18 minutes to install it.
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    You can get a 7 year 100,000 mile extended warranty that covers everthing mechanical , details at
  • Hello. I need advise. I am thinking about buying a new Sprinter (Roadtrek) and would like to use it in the winter. However I understand that the water lines will freeze and, as a result, you cannot use the water lines in below freezing temps but instead must carry water separately inside and use it for toilet flushing, etc. Is that true? Is there anyway to winterize a Sprinter for winter use? Any practical suggestions/tips on how to function in a Sprinter in below freezing temperatures would be appreciated. Thank for all the help.
  • davenissen
    I would think if your in total frozen perimeters the van would not get out of park because the wheels would be in spin or the trans would refuse to move from park because the air temp sensor won't wake up.
    All jokes aside any anti freeze in the water lines would prevent the issue your thinking about! Order the unit with a heater block option and this solves pre warm up issues etc
    But where are you residing! ALASKA> you'd need a 4 by four all wheel drive ;) and a few extra modified fuel and oil supplements such as these to keep the Sprinter happy.
    Red Line Oil: Gear Lubricants">
    Altered Sprinter
  • Note on winter condieions and the Sprinter: A visit to Oregon over the holidays showed me that the Sprinter will get stuck on flat ground on packed snow. A little shove got it rolling enough to stop spinning. Stock LTX tires, 2/3 tread. When is the 4x4 or all-wheel drive option going to be available?! the aftermarket 4x4 conversion from Germany looks very cool!
  • You would not be alone in that one getting stuck, them truck tires are not so good for off road experiences, Australia has the 4by4 as the Mercedes unit Sprinter, US is playing with it as usual ! Time will tell
    You can bet the new generation Sprinter will be a all wheel drive within the next two years, Mercedes is working on this now as Ford And other UK European vehicles in the same class as the Sprinter are not that far off from developing the same type of all wheel drive units
  • I have a 06 Sprinter. I am going to do my first oil change, and wondered if anyone knows how to reset the maintenance alert?
  • did you ever find the instructions for resetting the computer? I have an 06 and don't find them either. Thanks for any help.
  • Turn ignition on and press mi. button till you see oil change miles, release button, then turn ignition off and press and hold mi. button. Turn ignition back on and keep holding the mi. button for approx. 10 sec. till oil change milage will reset. You're done. :shades: :)
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    Dodge at least is now acknowledging the existence of the 2007 on its web site:
  • They may be acknowledging the 2007, but the 2006 is still on the message. I tried, twice, to sign up for the e-mail notification of the new model, but no success. they did not like my information. Maybe I should have entered "more than 50 vehicles"

    2003 140 SHC 2500
    2005 158 SHC 2500
  • So whats the deal with getting extra keys?? I dont have power anything so its just a normal key right?? Or is it? I would hate to lose the one I have because it IS the only one I have at the moment. Thanks
  • not an owner, but just drove one today and if your key is the folding key FOB thingee, then i believe it has an electronic transponder in it that in addition to the unusual key, the vehicle's brain box needs to confirm electronically to start and run the engine

    and if it's like VW, the dealer has to reprogram all the keys at the same time, after going on the web , if you buy additional keys after deliver
    with VW it ends up costing abourt $140 per key
  • i just got my email registration in successfully, with no issues so, you might retry

    curious if anyone can tell me the ramifications of the new diesel version with catalytic converters
    i know something about the lower sulfur content diesel fuel is supposed to be the criteria and MB had to make them complaint but is that fuel available and what if we run older style diesel fuel in the van - will it damage the catalytic converters?

    thanks in advance
  • Fireguy
    There are tow types of diesel engines, the old 5 cylinder has gone along with the autotrans.
    The first engine is a 4 cylinder twin cam 4 valves per cylinder with a in line twin turbo assist.
    The second engine is the V6 Gas and Diesel, the gas model is the first to come into the States, followed by the Diesel a little latter on, not a long wait.
    The exhaust will use a particulate exhaust trap. for 2007 and part of 2008, unless there is a delay at the US end, The V6 has been redesigned top to bottom heavy duty for all fuel uses
    Bio, and ULSD or a mix of the two, notification via Dodge is yet to come but they will run on B10 fuels. the injection system has been changes to accommodate the alternative fuels.
    Mercedes-Benz Diesel engines are fully 50 state compliant" BUT" the fuel is not available to the required standards state-wide, this is why there are problems with the Sprinter, it's "POLITICS" if you use ULSD that is suspect?? to quality standards! Use an upper cylinder lubricant to clean the fuel prior to entering the injection system , the engine will take it, however it depends on the contamination levels of non compliance fuels entering your vehicles fuel supply from the pumps, and that is where the problems are occurring, in the mainstream , it's not an easy fix by any stretch of the imagination, Blutec will make it to the states in time be it blutec or Chrysler's Sun Diesel Engine Concept, different system! but it does the same job,the difference is the particulate system one is wet the other is dry so the problem has not been resolved , where it has in the European countries where most of the Sprinters reside, and they don't have any problems clocking a million K's about six hundred thousand miles before a head needs to be lifted for routine maintenance.
    When you get them , Like the old Sprinter it's going to be a love hate relationship, you either like them or you don't
    Fuel ratings are similar to what you already get on the old Sprinters 22 seems the average , where 25-6 is average in Europe and Australia, but the fuel is high quality ULSD , which allows for a better return on the MPG to a tank of fuel.
    Fact and Myth, Damlier -Benz engines are compliant for euro 4 and for euro 5 over five ton commercial units using both the particulate exhaust system filter traps and for Blutec
    of which there is no distribution facility's in the US mainstream as of yet, it is available, but it's sent through a limited network of distribution, this will take at least three years to come on line, If The US choses to use this path to cut down on emissions.
    Interesting thread below makes one think :confuse: al-irresponsibility/#comment-5
    2007 Diesel Regulations - Environmental Irresponsibility? « Mostly Mechanical

    Another source of invaluable information on the new Sprinter
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    even the "plain" keys have a transponder in them.

    The "fob" key also has the door lock remote.

    We have seen entries on the internet (ebay, also) that you can program for a third key if you have two already... but if you have just one key, then you HAVE to have it programmed by dealer/locksmith (additional programming for the remote door lock feature as well if you have that).

    KenB ;)
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