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Dodge Sprinter



  • earlwearlw Posts: 8
    Look just to the right of center of the engine and just behind the radiator. It is black in color and about one inch tall and three inches across. It looks more like a oil fill cap and requires a different type of oil filter wrench to remove it. It is a cartridge type filter and cost vary but usually around $18.00. Mobile 1 oil is around $6.50 a quart and most places charge around $90.00 for service including some Dodge dealers. Paying more than that and we are being ripped. And I was ripped before I learned that there are dealers that are more honest and not just taking advantage of the specialty of the vehicle.
  • toddh2toddh2 Posts: 3
    I am wanting to put a window in the panel opposite from the sliding door in my 02 sprinter (140WB tall boy). I know there are some aftermarket windows with a partial slider (lower 1/3 of window) available but I prefer the unit the dealer can order. It is a full slider with a factory tint and all the seals - but they cannot guarantee it will fit or provide the exact dimensions. Anyone out there know if a factory window will fit and be as easy to install as the aftermarket ones? One local glass guy said stock windows may be difficult to install.
  • dbpopsdbpops Posts: 2
    i hope they bring back the short 122" wheel base next year
    2008. not all of us need 144"wb. my needs are small.
    anyone know if they're going to bring 122'wb to USA? :shades:
  • Greetings to all.
    I have driven both the gas and diesel versions of the '07 Sprinter I plan on ordering for '08. I'll post my list and then ask a couple of questions regarding my selections that my dealer cannot answer yet. Perhaps some of you have these options and since I'm a few months from delivery I can attend to details.

    VB2L17 2500 High Roof Van 170 WB Extended
    24A Package
    EG2 3.5L V6 Gas
    4.72 Rear Axle
    DGZ Five Speed Auto
    PDR Graphite Metallic
    APA Monotone Paint
    *F7 Black Cloth Bucket Seats
    -AA Gray
    ADA Light Group
    AHT Trailer Tow Group
    AMH Window Group IV
    BAJ Alternator - 220 Amp
    BCY Battery - 95 Amp Deep Discharge
    CDD Luxury Bucket Drivers Seat
    CDY Luxury Bucket Passenger Seat
    CK7 Front Overhead Storage Bin
    CMP Half Fiber Board Cargo Panels
    CS1 Sliding Door Assist Handle
    CSQ Assist Handle - Right Rear Door
    CSZ Assist Handle - Left Rear Door
    CW1 Cargo Lashing Rails - Floor
    CXG Hinged Lid for Center Stack Bin
    CXQ Window Trim
    GAE Sunscreen Glass
    GXK 2 Additional Keys
    GXQ Side Sliding Door-Two Stage
    HGM Insulation - Front
    HGR Insulation - Rear
    JAV Instrument Cluster
    JJN Drivers Seat Base Power Outlet
    JKP 12V Rear Aux Power Outlet
    LCQ Rear Convenience Lighting
    LNJ Fog Lamps
    WNB 16x6.5 Aluminum Wheels
    XCB Rear Spring Damping
    XCF Parametric Special Module
    XZL Side Entrance Protection Strip
    YDH Customer One Owner Loyality Mailing
    YEP Manuf Statement of Origin

    1)What floor if any would come with this configuration?
    2)What roof panels if any would be supplied in the rear cargo area?
    3)Is front and rear insulation included with any side wall panels?
    4)Mechanically, what is "rear spring damping" option XCB?
    5)What is 2-stage door option GXQ?

  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,676
    I am not sure about all your questions. I am sure you will be lucky to get 15 MPG from that gas engine. I would not buy another Sprinter that was not Diesel. My 2006 Sprinter RV was a 5 cylinder diesel and never got under 20 MPG. I think the new V6 diesel is less about 18 MPG.
  • altered3altered3 Posts: 59
    Question why a 2500 in Gas! and loaded with options your not going to have much left for final weights to play with. That V6 Gas unit needs lots of RPM to get it to move at 5600 rpm as opposed to 3800 rpm on the Diesel 184 HP unit
    Rear axle dampering is just a little assist for comfort softens the bumps out , unless you order the next second set of springs or third with the dampener in between the differential with damperners left and right between the second and third spring.
    Gas is not returning past 18 miles to the gallon , Diesel is running between 22 to 25 MPG once broken in.
    On the gas unit the final axle ratio of 52:11= 4,727 is the answer to poor mileage. Altered Sprinter
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    1)What floor if any would come with this configuration?

    sounds like the wood composite (with floor rails for the tie-downs running length-wise.

    2)What roof panels if any would be supplied in the rear cargo area?

    I don't see roof panels mentioned in your write-up (insulation might only be in the side-walls behind the half-height panels...) Dealer question...

    3)Is front and rear insulation included with any side wall panels?

    No, not even in the passenger version with cloth/vinyl side-panels.

    sorry, don't know about these two:
    4)Mechanically, what is "rear spring damping" option XCB?
    5)What is 2-stage door option GXQ?

    KenB :shades:
  • Okay guys and dolls,
    Had my local dealer do a nationwide search today on any Sprinter in any color except WHITE and he came up with 2 in STEEL BLUE and a couple in BRILLIANT SILVER METALLIC and that's it for the entire nation. So help me out here if you can, I'd like to see an actual photo (not a publicity or
    brochure shot) of your factory painted 2007 Sprinter in any of the following colors, if they exist:
    BLACK BLUE (option code P09)
    BLACK GRAY (option code P06)
    CARBON BLACK METALLIC (option code P09)
    GRAPHITE GRAY (option code P19)
    . . . and especially
    GRAPHITE METALLIC (option code PDR)
  • Thanks KenB for the input.
    Forgot to ask on my list if you have to get the High Line package just to get a fuel gauge and tachometer with an actual needle?
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    and that right there is one of the reasons why it is so hard to shop for Sprinters. You have to see the colors in person to appreciate them. The only colors you will see on the lot are white, a grey and maybe steel blue. How are you supposed to choose between something like Jet Black and Graphite Black?
  • punter1:
    Have you ever seen any other color besides white, silver, and now the blue that the dealer emailed me a photo of? I went to my local Mercedes dealer today to look at the auto colors that might match the Sprinter and had no success. Guess if I order a 2500,Graphite Metallic, 170", high top, gas, fully insulated with all the sunscreen glass and chromed factory aluminum wheels, I'll have the only one like it in the country? Lots of luck stealing it and getting away with it?
  • woodjoewoodjoe Posts: 1
    I see that you installed a backup camera on your sprinter.
    What kind of system did you get?
    Does it work while driving on highways or is it just for backing up vehicle?
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    The dealers have no imagination, so WHITE is the SPEC color if they are just ordering to have some on hand... perhaps MB or DC has a say in such matters?

    You've probably heard the term spec-home... built on specs (specifications) and to the common denominator of sell-ability. In the post-war years, it meant liberal amounts of particle board, cardboard wall panels, minimal insulation, even using manufactured housing parts in a supposedly craft-build home.

    For automobiles, think vanilla... nothing to offend or keep the majority of buyers from considering the vehicle to buy... except, none of the really great options (no rear speakers in by passenger van? puhh-leasssse!). Also a safe bet that the dealer won't be stuck with a high-value product that they can't get sold off the lot. Not alot of call for safety-yellow vans (unless you really need one), so some colors are just not likely, but Arctic White only is pretty bad selection.

    I get the feeling that this great van is an item for which the US market is competing against the rest of the world for availability and production volume... being across the big pond puts us at a disadvantage as well. Our one advantage may have been remaining on the second generation for a few months longer while the european union countries broke in the new version and our supply kept coming (probably from an existing factory line).

    I am lucky to have wanted a white van... unlucky to have wanted rear speakers. Otherwise, the van I got had a good array of options for our climate.

    Did you look at the MB dealer in your area for the colors (they should be MB colors, not Dodge colors).

    KenB :shades:
  • ddaileyddailey Posts: 5
    In April 06 I ordered a Flame Red 2500, took delivery in October 06. Six month delivery time, but I picked the options I wanted instead of the dealer picking for me. Factory red was around $352.00, dealer said they could paint for $2500.00. Now have 16K miles.
  • 2000_valk2000_valk Posts: 68

    I got it on ebay. Just type in backup camera and it should go to it. If not, It is by a company called Intercept Investigations. (1-425-313-1776) The 5 inch color monitor will accept 2 cameras. You only get one. It has sound and what I think can hook up to a DVD. It has night vision also and will light up real nice with your backup lights. I use it every day. The second best thing I got for the van except for GPS. I paid 247.49. Tom
  • ddailey,
    Perhaps you could share a photo and option list since you ordered it? I always order my vehicles too, so this time won't be any different.
  • Actually, more than 90% of these vans are sold for commercial use, and white is the standard color. I looked for 6 months to find a non-white used passenger van with low miles. Ended up buying a '03 140 shc 2500 with 20k for $26k. It wasn't my first color choice, but piedmont red is better than plumber white!

    Ford has a VERY similar product that it sells in Europe called the Transit, and I'm surprised that they aren't testing it on the US market yet. Nissan and VW also have similar products. Look up UK vans and see what's available over there, you'll be shocked when you see that the Sprinter ISN'T the best thing going.
  • Anyone out there ever see a Sprinter with air bags, the kind needed to make a kneel down van. I have a Sprinter with a wheelchair lift and am considering replacing the lift mechanism with a kneel down system, using a ramp rather than the lift. Anyone using such a system yet?
  • altered3altered3 Posts: 59
    FULL air suspension VB certified ISO compliant Mercedes Sprinter can be used .
    The question is are you prepared to commit to approx six thousand dollars fitted.
    Side ramp electronic available from the UK rear is too awkward to arrange for the US sprinters as too a major cut and shut of metal work on the Sprinters due too live axle rear ends, as opposed to Ford and Fiat which have front wheel drive. Rear air suspension involves spring changover as well this is the only unit that will enable you to have full ESP capabilty.
  • Thanks for the information. Who could I contact if I am willing to put the money into such a side lift system? I have resources in Germany, if I know what to ask for. Installing such an air/hydraulic system would eliminate the need for a lift, also costs about $6,000. Using a ramp with the kneel down system would also be safer. Yes, if you have a point of contact for such a system, please provide. Or give me a product name to search in Europe for a source. Thanks again.
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