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Dodge Sprinter



  • :confuse: has anyone gone to to build a new sprinter with 08 pricing?
    wow what a jump in pricing!!!!!!!!!
    they will out price these sprinters for the small business man.
    pricing jumped $3000.00 over 07's
    may have rethink buying a sprinter van!!!!!!!
  • Rear fog-lamp requires a switch the same as you have but the difference is the switch has two icons one up one down with centre on position that will activate both front and rear fog lamps rear has only one activated fog lamp , if there were two off it gives the illusion of your van breaking, hence one only light.
    Separate part number and has to be purchased on the Euro side from Benz
    most of it is plug and play very little wiring required.
    But that is dependant on how the US sprinter is pre-wired for a non operational option state side_ Remember some of the lights are illegal in many states because of the ambiance of the light.????
  • Well I'm a sprinter service technician and we haven't been successfully able to reset the light as the owner manual states. We reset it using out scan tool. Its easy and worse comes to worse...take it to the dealer!
  • My EGR valve is sooting up. I had the van to my Dodge dealer 6 times.They have replaced the valve twice along with the main computer.It runs fine for 1 week and the same lack of power occurs. It only has 5,000 miles and I can't get an answer from Star the Chrysler tech center as to why.I can't have the only van doing this??
    Has anyone else experienced this problem??? Please let me know!
  • Does anyone know for sure whether a factory sunroof fits in a 02-06 140SHC that has the factory rear air conditioning on the inside? I'd like to know before I go to the trouble of taking out the middle headliner and start cutting!
  • Does anyone know how to reset the radio in a 2002 dodge sprinter? I put in the wrong code and now the radio displays "WAIT" on the sreen. I disconnected the battery and still says the same thing. It never gets to the "CODE" screen again. It says "WAIT" on the screen and does nothing else?

    Can anyone help?
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    most of us here have little experince with the newest version.

    Join Sprinter_Source (dot) com and ask there... they are very helpful and there is more of a concentration of Sprinter owners with the newer verion of van (NC3V).

    I have the older T1N.

  • Hi,

    My business has outgrown a minivan. I need to buy a cargo van now, but not huge. Does anyone have experience owning both a regular van, Ford let's say, vs a Sprinter. I really like the sprinter and I am looking at buying a used 2003-2006. Even used it is still a little pricey for me so I have a few questions. How does it handle in the snow? At today's diesel prices is it still better than gas? Have there been many problems with the sprinters? Are repairs costly or more costly than a Ford or GMC gasoline model? Since I am looking for a used Sprinter, due to cost, how are they for maintenance and repairs after 60,000 or 80,000 miles? What are the most miles you have put on a Sprinter? How many years do they last? Were there ever huge problems on one particular year of the Sprinters? Or a year of great mechanics? Does it drive more comfortably than most cargo vans? How is it to sit and drive over 10 to 12 hour stretches?
    Thank you for any of your responses. I travel around the country and need a vehicle that won't leave me on the road.

  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Stay away from 2003... EGR problems (causes driveability issues and extra maintenance).
    Have driven both FORD (gas and Diesel) and Sprinter. Sprinter fuel mileage is much better overall, but a lightly loaded (but full) FORD (1ton - diesel) can get 19 MPG through Yellowstone Natn'l Park... not bad. FORD however, takes 4 gallons of motor oil every 5,000 miles (oil change interval, not oil burned), Sprinter takes 2.5 gal. every 10,0000 - 15,000 miles)... (Sprinter ASSYST tells you when to change oil, mostly AFTER 12,000 miles.)

    More room in Sprinter, especially walk around room in the tall one. With the FORD, you will at least have to duck to get in/out even if you get an aftermarket high roof. Comfortable in the Sprinter, unless you must have a tilt steering wheel.

    Must haves in the Sprinter: top level seats, the additional outside mirrors, cruise (very good cruise), a partition wall to keep the front area small enough for the A/C to keep you cool in the hottest weather (or rear air, which will lower mileage when in use), heavy duty alternator package (required for extra A/C, etc.). If in Northern climates, the heat will be plenty, but if you start up in really cold, then the auxillary heat (with timer) will be very good for you.

    For really good use in Snow, you must have tires better than those with which the Sprinter was delivered to the DODGE and FREIGHTLINER dealers... For example, you would be smart to run Bridgestone Blizzaks (made for snow/mixed driving, and even appear to be very good wet weather tires.) Blizzaks, however, don't wear as well (or else, they lose some of their winter capabilities as the miles of use go up), so if you are up to the bother, then they should just be your late Fall to Early Spring tires.

    Handling for the Sprinter is remarkable when compared to a FORD or GMC van. turning radius is much smaller than expected, seemingly tighter than that of larger front wheel drive mini vans, with MPG to match my GMC Safari (largest of the mini vans here in the USA). 21 MPG for either van, but the Sprinter gets this EVERYWHERE (in town or on road trips). Some ways to drive down Sprinter mileage: 1) hot-rod around (yes it will when the turbo kicks in the RPMs are up), 2) go over 65-70..., 3) run both A/c units.

    Sprinters in Europe sometimes see 1M Kilometers (620K miles). Common meantimes to failiure is listed at 240K+ miles (not my exerience, %10 failures). Mercedes lists 480K miles as the %50 failure rate.

    Certainly, with careful drivers, good maintenance, a little luck, and GOOD mechanics to work on a Sprinter, you can easily expect 300K miles of useability.

    A good local Mercedes mechanic might be better for you than a Dodge dealership mechanic 9you don't appear to want a new one under warranty anyway).

    I have driven all night and been very comfortable (2004 Passenger, 2500, regular roof, 8 seats, fully loaded with luggage/props.

    Almost forgot to say... I have about 40K miles on mine, so I can't help you with long mileage experience, but have read of many people happy after 280K miles. Also, yer mileage may vary... vans just aren't hot-rods and those that treat them as such don't generally fair so well. However, up to 79 MPH, people don't pass me on hills due to me falling off on the speed, the 5-cyl. diesel just pumps up the turbo and pushes you right on over the top.

    Ask more questions if they come to you.

  • Ken,

    Thanks for taking th etime to answer my questions. I guess my biggest concern, after viewing some of the other posts is that it seems I see quite a few people posting about how much repairs are for what seem like simple things to me. I'm concerned I'll spend $25,000 for a used van and then have large repair bills on top of it. However, I have heard the same said about Toyota cars and I've never had that experience, since they are built so well.

    I have been reading that t he A/Cs do not seem to be sufficient. Since I am considering moving my business from NY to LA, the A/C could become a concern.

    Thank you for the advice on the 2003, I'll make sure to keep away from it.

  • I replaced pads, rotors, and calipers on my 06 sprinter. When the car is turned off the brake pedal is fine. When I turn the car on the brake pedal slowing sinks to the floor from mild pressure. What is the order of bleeding the brakes? Or is this most likely going to be the master cylinder?
  • Too add to this.. Im begining to think I need to bleed the master cylinder before bleeding the brakes but how do you do this??
  • I need egress type windows for a Sprinter. Any ideas?
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    This really begs the question, why did you need new Calipers on a 2006????

    Generally, I start with the fronts (run plenty of fluid through) Closest to brake booster/master cylinder first, then other front, then each of the rears...

    Remember that you need to use DOT 4 (that is heavy duty, low moisture, high temp). Keep reservoir near full while bleeding. I alway use a bleeding kit now, get at auto parts house. Also bleed while engine is running to use boost to increase flow speed (to shoot the bubbles out). I have also had to go around the entire vehicle twice, especially when pushing out old (dark) fluid.

    DOT3 is not corect fluid, too much moisture, and low temp threshold.

    DOT5 is NOT correct, it is wrong chemical makeup and is NOT compatible.

    These are guidelines I use, but are general and your specific application (Sprinter) could be different. I have not tried them out as I don't need calipers on my Sprinter yet.

    Please let us know about the reason for new calipers, I am very interested in this. :confuse:

    KenB :shades:
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    What model year(s)?

    2002-2006 are pretty easy as upfitters have had them for a while.

    2007-2008 for USA/Canada is certainly tougher, newer.

    KenB :shades:
  • I am so frustrated. We bought a new Sprinter. We were assured by the salesman that they tend to last better than other cars with less frequent repairs. We have taken it in for warranty work way too many times. We have had to have a new battery and alternator. We had to have the passenger lock fixed. We had to have a new gear shift put in ( it would get stuck and not go above neutral -- stuck in drive or neutral). Also, this seems to be starting to almost get stuck again. When they replaced the battery they somehow messed up the radio/speaker connection so it randomly does not send sound to one of my speakers (which they claim they could not have done, but it started right after their repairs). Also, the heat does not have any varyiable temperatures. I can turn it all the way to cold for vented air and anything else is hot. It is very frustrating that we have so many repairs and I am very concerned that when the warranty runs out we will not be able to afford the car because of these major repairs. Has anyone else had so many problems? I would hope that our car is the exception.
  • kurt6kurt6 Posts: 22

    Your Sprinter is """NOT""" the exception,myself 11 warranty trips to MB workshop at 45K.miles.A metal junkbox on 4 wheels, would never buy a Mercedes product again.Now at 80K miles and still heaving problems,plus new MB rule $100 deductible after 39K miles for every warranty visit to your dealer.
  • This is why one does not buy early in the new
    model cycle. Same thing happens with every
    make. 2001 Lexus 300 was at the end of the
    model and very good. Lexus 2002 350 was full
    of problems. Helps to look before you leap.
  • I've heard of a lot of people having problems, but I haven't had a single one with my 2003; if you don't count not knowing the symptoms of needing to replace the fuel filter! I have about 50k miles on mine, putting 30k on in the year that I've owned it. I've driven it several 500+ mile days in a row, in 100 degree heat, I've hauled over a ton of building materials up into the Sierras, and last weekend I forded a 2' deep creek in Northern California; which was on a "shortcut" that turned out to be a 4wheel drive road!

    The only thing that needs attention are the stock tires, which are still OK but nearly ready to replace, and the battery is getting a little tired. I haven't had a single mechanical problem. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though. I'm hoping that there will be another option available in the US soon, like the Ford Transport (?) or the cool diesel passenger vans that Toyota sells in Africa. There are a LOT of sprinter-like vehicles that are available in other countries.
  • .
    The dodge site now lists electric sunroof and electric sliding doors for the cargo van.
    Time to order.
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