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Dodge Sprinter



  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    I've read that at the next redesign, DC may make Viana and Caravan twins. Lets hope they keep more Viano than Caravan and offer a sweet little CGI.
  • rpinto1rpinto1 Posts: 2
    All of these views have been extremely helpful; I still haven't seen anything that compares to the (10 passenger) Sprinter. I was pleasantly surprised by my test drive, and will most likely purchase one. I do need the space to haul 5 small children (4 car seats), and a triple baby stroller. My only concerns with the vehicle are:
    Lack of latch system & tether anchor for car seats.
    RWD during the winter up in the Northeast.
    Extreme cold starting in the winter.

    Would anyone have any comments?

    The family amenities are slim, as are knowledgeable aftermarket sites. Has anyone installed an entertainment system in a unit with the Auxiliary cooling group?
  • gneelygneely Posts: 2
    Just got my yellow factory order 118 wheel base cargo van....150 days, they quoted 160 days...
  • n_teslan_tesla Posts: 9
    I have friends with Sprinters that got through Boston's third worst winter on record with the stock Goodyear Cargo Vector tires. Apparantly the electronic wizardry works. Start up in cold weather requires you wait 2-5 seconds for the glow plugs to warm up before you turn the key. I just turn the key to the "on" position, then attach my seat belt. With that done I turn the key and away I go.

    You may have some difficulty finding a shop to install aftermarket electronics in a Sprinter. It may say Dodge or Freightliner on the front but this is a Mercedes commercial vehicle, and installation manuals and a knowledge base are thin. I would try to put the responsibility on the dealer to find an installer and have him do it before you take delivery. If you want an alarm have it done at the same time.

    Please be aware that the seats in Sprinter, although very comfortable weigh a ton. It is a two (strong) man job to take them out or put them back. This is not a mini van that allows you to flip seats around with a couple fingers.

    Our 118" passenger Sprinter is a big hit with our kids sports teams. They feel like they have their own team bus are celebrities when they show up at events. Also be prepared to talk to everybody about your Sprinter. The only way to get more attention is to walk a kangaroo on a leash through your local mall. Sprinters have a "big homely puppy" look that cuts across gender and age groups.
  • kidswheelskidswheels Posts: 1
    I bought a Sprinter for my transportation service. Overall a very nice vehicle. At about 3,000 miles I expressed concern to the service department at my local dealer about the noise from the brakes. They replaced the brake pads (under warranty). Now the van has a little over 18,000 miles on it and the warning light came on that indicates the brake pads are worn. Pretty short life for brake pads! I took the vehicle in to the dealer (no one else can seem to get parts). They tell me that because the brake pads are so hard that they typically also wear the routers and all 4 need replacing. Total cost?.....just over $1,100. !!! The thought of $1100 every 15,000 miles for brakes is pretty outrageous. Any one else have this problem or am I being taken for a ride?
  • n_teslan_tesla Posts: 9
    This sounds odd to me. If the pads are "so hard" why did they wear out in 18,000 miles? As the fronts do most the work why did the rears wear out at the same time? Of course I don't know if you are driving in Manhattan or Montana and that would have a huge impact on wear.

    I have had to replace front rotors on both my wife's SAAB and my Passat every other time I replace pads. The pads last 20-25k, so front rotors at 50k and rears at 75k seems "normal" to me.

    I'd get a second opinion from another Dodge Business Link Dealer. I've found great differences in Sprinter dealers ethics and knowledge in my area. I actually pass 4 others driving 250 miles to get to the one I trust to work on mine.
  • cokayakcokayak Posts: 1
    I have been co-pilot in my friends VW westfalia for years and have recently bought a Sprinter. I can't think of a better match then a VW body and a MB engine. All the hardware on the 88VW van is doing great, but the engine....
    It is a good thing you can sleep comfortably along side the road because you often find yourself stranded in VW van. This is a fact of love for VW van owners so there is not arguing with them on it. He is on his third engine (every 160K).

    I hope my Sprinter engine goes 400K, time will tell.

    I can carry 3 rafts, 8 kayaks and 6 people to river trips with out a problem.
    I don't even have to take the kayaks off the roof to pop the top at the camp sight :)
  • ahp691ahp691 Posts: 5
    does anyone knowhow to reprogram the computer to shut up the seat belt buzzer? I reprogrammed the one in my 04 Dodgediesel pickup with no problem.
    Please keep the "wear your seat belt"comments to your self. I believe in the right to choose. I just took delievery of my 05 Sprinter box truck yesterday. I never even been in a sprinter before. It will be used as an electrical service truck like My Ford E450 diesel box truck. That ford willl eat you alive in fuel costs and repairs. it needs brake pads and rotors on all 4 wheels every15-20,000 miles, it gets 9 MPG with thepowerstroke 7.3 liter diesel. it needed a transmission at 34,000 miles. that was $3500 and is still not right. it wears front tires like crazy, needs 6 tires every 20-25,000 miles. and the ALuminum box is rotting away, yes aluminum rotting away. Thats not fords fault but american cargo who made the box and attaced the aluminum skirting to steel tube stock. the dissimilar metals make the aluminum rot away faster.
    I hope the sprinter does better. It better at $48k withthe aluminum Hackney body on the back. I amnot inmpressed with the thin sheetmetal unibody, but we'll see. I am surprised at the power it hasfor such a tiny engine.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    My Son-in-law is a private contractor, and just bought a new Dodge Sprinter. He brought it over last week to show me. It has a Mercedes' diesel engine in it. I really hate seeing all these foreign cars and trucks being bought up so much over here. These are jobs lost to American workers. I couldn't help but notice how many Volvo 18 wheelers there are being sold here. I only hope they have a factory here.
  • hssofwnyhssofwny Posts: 1
    I picked up my Sprinter about 3 months ago. It is a 2003 140" passenger van that is loaded with all the toys. I have concerns about the shifting pattern. It seems to go from 2nd to 4th (or torque converter lock up) and then back into 3rd after bogging. I tried leaving the shifter in 3rd and going through the gears and it acts the same way. That's why I think it may be the torque converter locking up prematurely. Has anyone experienced this sort of a shifting problem? Other than this, I am more than happy with this vehicle. I picked this one up after 3 full size American made vans left me at the 100,000 mile mark needing more in repairs than they were worth. I'm told the Mercedes with go to 500K and then some. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    Gaffney, South Carolina and maybe Pooler, Georgia. I also believe they are a union shops, unlike the Japanese auto plants here in the US.

    The Dodge Ramvans it replaced were made in Ontario. Real "Mericun vans those were. I'd rather have jobs in South Carolina than Canada.
  • markbunchmarkbunch Posts: 1
    They are ASSEMBLED in the South Carolina plant this is an approximate quote
    "to avoid tarriffs the BOX is shipped in one box, the Chassis in another" they are bolted together in south carolina...... I suppose that provides a minimal amount of jobs....wonder if it offsets the tarrifs lost, must not or they wouldn't be using it for that express purpose.

    I didn't used to be such a BUY USA ONLY kind of guy.....but wake up and smell the coffee the manufacturing base is allmost extinct. I challenge you to pick up common items in your home and see how many say Made in the USA as opposed to Made in China etc. No kidding try it you will be suprised.

    >Gaffney, South Carolina and maybe Pooler, Georgia. I also believe they are a >union shops, unlike the Japanese auto plants here in the US.
    >The Dodge Ramvans it replaced were made in Ontario. Real "Mericun vans those >were. I'd rather have jobs in South Carolina than Canada.
  • beckyr1beckyr1 Posts: 1
    we had a little over 2000 mi on our 2005 sprinter and they started making a horrible noise.... grumbling.... we took it in to service and they put new rotors and ordered new brake pads... we drove the vehicle approximately 1 week now at 4000 mi and the same noise returned. Back to service, we were told that this is normal
    for Sprinters everything is wearing normal. I am not happy because we didn't take it off the lot making the noise. I think they have a problem and are covering it up. Anyone else experiencing same thing. I looked on comments and found only your this does not make it normal in my mind.
  • ahp691ahp691 Posts: 5
    My other work truck is a ford E450 box truck with the 7.3 diesel, it gets 9mpg and weighs about 14,000 pounds. the sprinter has a 14 foot hackney aluminum box. I just filled the tank again and I got 15 MPG. (I have a heavy right foot). The truck has now 1800 miles( 1500 of these miles were put on by the shippers moving the truck to the body plant then on to me). Will the mileage get better as the engine breaks in more?
    Problems I have noticed, the drivers door seems too bind when opening after driving on a rough road. you can hear the door move around like it isn't closed tight enough on a bumpy road, but it is closed tight. Also the brake pedal feels to low to me and seems to have a lot of travel. I am used to a higher pedal. I am getting into the bad habit of pumping the brakes to get a higher pedal. it just feels wrong. The brakes work fine and I am sure it is just a design thing. it is full of brake fluid.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    I am not trying to get anyone to buy this vehicle. I just cannot believe the mileage on a 3 year old van. The claim is that it was traded on a new Sprinter. It has 359,944 miles, wow. Look for your self. I think the Dodge dealer is even surprised. 0
  • 97xpresso97xpresso Posts: 249
    I know they are the same vehicles, but the van for sale is a Freightliner, not a Dodge Sprinter.
  • mazda6iguymazda6iguy Posts: 365
    Just wondering if there are any significant differences between Sprinters marketed by Freightliner and Sprinters marketed by Dodge (besides the grille).
  • n_teslan_tesla Posts: 9
    The grill and the hubcaps are the only difference. The Freightliner web page shows more options than the Dodge site. I just took the Freightliner order codes for the ones I wanted, gave them to my Dodge dealer and got everything I wanted. Freightliner makes a big deal about late service hours and fast service. If you buy your Dodge from a "Business Link" dealer they say you will get "next open bay" service and a free loaner vehicle. So I don't see much of an advantage one way or the other.
  • racks05racks05 Posts: 1
    I am interested in finding seat covers for our two 3 seat benchs and one 2 seater as well as the front two seats-who carries ones with head rests and room for the arm rests--I have arm rests on the rear seats on the end seats as well as the front two seats. in central california, please.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    DaimlerChrysler's Dodge brand is set to offer disabled customers a new option on its Sprinter full-size van. The Chrysler Group brand will pitch in $500 toward the cost of installing wheelchair lifts into vans for those customers as a part of the company's Automobility program, which was the first of its kind in the industry, Chrysler Group says. The Sprinter van is a version of a European van sold in the U.S. under both the Dodge brand and also DaimlerChrysler's Freightliner commercial brand. It offers a standard 2.7-liter turbodiesel engine and a five-speed automatic transmission, as well as antilock brakes and stability control.
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