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Infiniti I30/I35: Care & Maintenance

I can't find recommended tire pressure for my I35 with the sport package (tires size 225/50R17).
Anybody can point me to the place in the manual?


  • The Tire Pressure is posted on a sticker under that Arm Rest. States 32# Per Tire. Per a previous post, my I35 Sport Tires came in over-inflated at 37#-39#'s. Remember to check Tire Pressure when are is COLD.
  • ggbogoggbogo Posts: 9
    Anybody know how to replace cabin air filter?
    Where is it?
  • ratledgeratledge Posts: 231
    I've been told it only needs to be replaced annually, but frankly, I don't know a whole lot about the specifics.

    I've found that mine works very well to protect me from airborn alergens (i.e. pollen), but find that the "recirculate" feature of the climate control leaves a bit to be desired. I travel near a paper mill during my trip to and from work every day, and it does help somewhat, but there is a distinct odor still coming into the cabin if the wind is "just right" (wrong?)...

    As I recall, the item is a bit pricey.

  • ggbogoggbogo Posts: 9
    You wright, it's nice and pricey. That's why i'm thinking to change it myself (probably buy one at Nissan instead of Infiniti dealership. But can't find any references how to change one.
    Any ideas? Looks like it's located around glove compartment.
    Anybody did it ?
  • ratledgeratledge Posts: 231
    Well, personally, I've never tried to find it, but as always - when you have further information, please do post it here! I suspect you can likely find the specific part # required by going to the Nissan dealer and getting the part # required for the Maxima, and even then - you may well be able to find it online at a better price from someone.

    As I recall, they wanted $100 to replace it - and I don't think that included the 'labor', which I'm certain must be extensive!   };^)

  • brigham1brigham1 Posts: 1
    There is a printed notice on the inside of the glove cmpt. door. (02 I35). It indicates the filter is washable. To reach the filter one must remove the glove compartment door. Dealer said "plastic tabs" can be broken if not done properly. The filter is between the blower motor and evaporator. Just need info on how to remove glove compartment door.
  • ilitilit Posts: 71
    Go to this site for the instruction.
  • jaydhjaydh Posts: 16
    My local; Americas tire dealer states that i would be very happy with FALKON tires. Says size 225/50 R17 93H ok. price would befor 4 tires out the door $558. They are rated 420 AA. Any opinions about this size or mfg.

    In addition, i just had brakes checked and with 40,000 miles on car mechanic stated that still have about 50% left on all tires. Has anyone ever heard of a car going so long on original brakes. I am not complaining you understand! Just questioning.
  • I'm an owner of 2004 I35. Different sources display different recommendation for fuel. For example, says "regular unleaded fuel", but Infiniti recommends "premium fuel". I kind of confused. What fuel to use? Thanks.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 397
    Read the owners manual that came with the car. It states you should premium fuel, but occasional use of regular if premium is not available is ok. For best performance and mpg, premium is the recommended fuel.
  • avt1avt1 Posts: 5
    Robikjan, my manual 2004 I35 and my dealer recommended regular gas. I tried super a few times (which is recommended for "improved" performance) and I did not notice any improvement. Stay with regular!
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 397
    The Infiniti web site indicates premium fuel as the fuel requirement under specifications for the 2004 I35. I have a 2002 I35, which is identical mechanically as the 2004, and the manual states on page 10-3; "Use unleaded premium gasoline with an octane rating of at least 91 AKI (Anti-Knock Index) number (Research octane number 96). If unleaded premium is not available, unleaded regular with an octane rating of at least 87 AKI (Research octane number 91) can be used. However, for maximum performance, the use of unleaded premium gasoline is recommended." So, nowhere in any documentation from Infiniti is regular or mid-grade fuel recommended. If premium is not available, then it's ok to use regular as a substitute, but they make a point that the recommended fuel is premium grade.
  • When I bought my car my dealer told me to use mid grade but the car kept knocking whenever under strain of hills and such. But the owners manual says 91 octane and that means premium. I now just fill up with the premium and have had no more problems with the knocking. If you aren't knocking at regular or mid-grade go for it, but I live in an area with rolling hills and really noticed the difference when I switched it to the recommended gas of 91 octane. Some cars just need the extra octane for their performance, my husband's Audi also requires premium.
  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    Beyond knocking....does anyone notice any MPG improvement by using premium versus regular? Some cars I understand have improved MPG by using premium..hench making up for the price difference of the fuel.

    Three old arguments:
    1) Knocking / pinging (I gather that is depends on hills or other strains)
    2) Performance (doesn't sound like it from others here)
    3) MPG (no mention here on the boards)
  • Here is a step by step instruction put out there by another owner on another board. Good luck !
  • FYI. The Nissan Maxima (2000-2003) and the I30/I35 (2000-) use the same cabin filter. The part # is 999M1-VP004. I just picked up a filter for my 2004 I35 at the local Nissan dealership for $50.
  • So I appreciate the I35 most for its power, and luxury(and price) rolled into one. However, I am a lead foot driver, and love that extra kick. I already added a K&N air filter, but Im wondering if anyone knows any simple ways to improve the performance on this particular model, without messing up the warranty(if possible). It seems there is very little after-market products offered for this car. I looked at some cold air intakes, but the only one I could find was from Canade, being offered on ebay. Anyone added any simple things(that can be US bought) they can share to give this car some added kick?
  • rjsvarjsva Posts: 1
    I just pulled the cover off and there is no filter there to change. Any idea of why that would be?
  • I just used a non-dealer tire shop and found out something interesting. The I35 only needs a 2 wheel alignment. My dealer has been charging me for a 4 wheel alignment but they cannot adjust the rear, there are no adjustments. My husband did some digging and found out that parent company Nissan tells the dealers to "do" the 4 wheel as a way of checking that the car is still square, in other words they are charging you double to see if your car has been in an accident. We are furious. We've paid for work they aren't doing because no one told us it can't be adjusted in the rear and it isn't in the manual. So next time you need an alignment, save some money and get what you are paying for, a 2 wheel alignment.
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