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Infiniti I35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

ratledgeratledge Posts: 231
edited March 20 in Infiniti
...including side sills, rear spoiler and sunroof air deflector, dealer covers service 100% up to 15000 miles, spare bottle of touch-up paint. Not being in California, you can't get the same deal you can out there - here in Charleston, South Carolina I gladly paid $30,400 (drive out-the-door including taxes & tags). Now, of course - we cheat because the maximum state taxes you have to pay here is $300 on a new car, no matter what the selling price... Oops - I obviously didn't bother with the "cold weather" package here either, since we tend to have about 6 to 10 cold-ish days a year, either. It was 78-80 the last three days here - almost December, already!


  • tinttint Posts: 3
    I don't know why I got the cold pkg other than my wife wanting the leather instead of the wood on st wheel and shifter,(didnt want the sport pkg at the time). so here it is with the above mentioned additions and window tint. $32,200 + about 2,200 for tax title and doc fees. Refused extended warranty @ $1300.00 for 2added years-consumer reports suggests not to get extended warranty because the odds are you lose with it.
  • My I35...has the sunroof/sunshade pkg..and four splash guards.
    Living in Calif. I didn't get the advantage of paying just $300 sales tax.
    My price out the door...was $31818 including tax, license..and getting the car teflon protected inside and out. My dealer is giving me my first service free (only because when I brought it in for took longer than he said it he offered me free service.} Amazingly I wasn't offered the extended warranty.. but my credit union has a similar program..that's a better deal anyway.
  • tinttint Posts: 3
    I paid $30,400 - $200.00 trade in(1985 cavalier)= $30,200, all the other info is pretty close.
  • My I35 has the Sunroof Sunshade Package and the splashguards I paid $29,500 not including tax etc., but I too live in SC so tax was only $300. I cant wait to pay the property tax though, I live in the county w/ the highest property tax in the state:-(
  • I paid $1300 Over Invoice or $2151 Off MSRP for Black/Black I35 Nav, Sport, Sunroof/Sunshade, CWP, Full Size Spare and Rear Splash Guards
  • My I35 has the sunroof/sunshade pkg, rear splash guards and side sills (no installation fees). All together I paid $29,169.00 + (tax and license) = $31,790.12.
    That's in California.
    I think I got a great deal on a great car.
  • eskalnyi: By my calculation, that only $873 over invoice (3.1% Over) , that was a great deal.

    On my 02' I35 Spt/Nav Purchase, the dealer says they get more on the I35 Spt/Nav, since you can see my was more over Invoice $1300 (4.1% Over). Not sure if this was a line.

    Happy I35 Driving!
  • The way I made the deal was that I told them up front what I am going to pay.
    First I picked the car and requested to see the invoice. After matching the VIN numbers on the car and invoice I told them that I will pay 2% over the invoice + side sills and rear splash guards at invoice price with no installation fees. After about 15 minutes... I won my deal.
    In financing I was offered a even better financing rate. I had a 5.89% and the finance dude got me on 5.5% for 5 years.
    I have to admit that service was great.
    I highly recommend to do all your home work on everything: invoice price, MSRP on all car configurations, know your future car before you buy, drive it 2-3 times with an interval of 1-2 weeks.
    When buying inspect the car very well for possible damage. Do it all before you go inside to deal.
    Have fun and good luck.
  • eskalnyi: Building Your Car, as listed on the KelleyBlueBook "Select Options" shows your setup Invoiced at $28,296, which based on paying $29,169 (that's 3.1% Over Invoice). At 2% over invoice, that would have put the Invoice at $28,596, where did the extra $300 come from.

    Great Deal on the Financing. I got 5.74% for 5 Yrs.
  • I bought my I35 in California too..and got a great deal. I paid $28798 (plus tax & license) for sunroof/sunshade pkg and splash guards. That's just $900 over invoice.

    (By the way did anybody else notice a strange $400 extra charge on their invoice...some advertising fee..that the dealer pays Infiniti..that the buyer is then charged?)
  • I'm a little confused by ninerlou's message. You say you paid $900 over invoice and then you
    mention the advertising charge of $400. Did you pay that in addition or was it included in the
    $28798? If included and then you paid only tax and license with no documentary fees or the
    like tacked on, I'd say you did very well. Thanks for your help.
  • Serenoa:
    My $28798 price included the $400 charge I mentioned.
  • tex38tex38 Posts: 1
    I went price shopping on an I35 this week and asked my local dealer to give me a price. He looked at the sticker ($33,870) and said "this is what their selling for". Hard to believe. I bought my I30t from this dealership, but they just lost my business.
  • Print out any of the post here and show it to your salesman. I guy on another I35 Message Board said he got an new I35 for close to Invoice.

    Obviously this dealer must be finding people to pay Sticker, which is very hard to believe.

    $500-$1000 Over Invoice seems to be the going rate these days. Good Luck, the I35 is great!
  • ggbogoggbogo Posts: 9
    I've got my I35 a day before Christmas with
    Sport pkg, winter pkg, sunroof and full size spare. I payed $811 over invoice price
    (it's 2.7%).
  • I want to lease the I35 for 48 months. Can anyone tell me what my drive off costs and my montyly payment should be? I want to know what a good lease deal would be. Thanks for the help.
  • Following an internet lead, was quoted $27900 +TTL for sunroof and sills. what do you all think??
  • I'm in NJ, too and possibly in the market for an I35. First, I was curious to know which dealer this was, and secondly did the deal go through?

    Much appreciate your response.
  • adpin3adpin3 Posts: 5
    I'm in NJ and paid $29,200 and took delivery on 1/15/02. Silver on black with cold weather pkg, sunroof/sunshade pkg, and mud guards. MSRP: $31,505. Also thrown is were all weather mats and 2 oil changes. Out the door I paid $31,077.50 (no trade).
  • shek3shek3 Posts: 72
    I am going to North Shore Infinity tomorrow....price $29,200.....silver, cold package, mudguards(4 piece)full size spare, sunroof package.....I will let you know how the deal goes and will pass on salesman's name and number IF all goes well! Mike
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