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Ford Excursion Maintenance and Repair

ned412ned412 Posts: 16
I have a 01 Ex with the 5.4 engine. The truck only has 1300 miles on it but have a few small problems. Main one is the cruise control. I'll have it set at 35 (so I don't get a ticket) and sometimes it will just surge ahead. another minor thing is the rear passenger door will pop open just a bit and the dash light will tell you the door is ajar. Then when you stop at a light the interior lights come on.

I haven't had it back to the dealer yet, I'm waiting for the 3K oil change. Any suggestions?


  • I have a similar problem but I noticed it a 70 mph. I'm pretty sure it is the same problem. I've had mine back to the dealer about a month ago. I saw somewhere before I took it to the dealer that there is service bulletin on that problem I can't remember the # but your dealer should be able to help you. Anyways when I took it to the dealer he told me Ford didn't have a fix yet but they where suppose to have one by the end of the year, so check with your dealer. As far as your rear door it sounds like a simple door adjustment to me. I'm sure the dealer can fix it when you go in about the cruise. Good luck!
  • ned412ned412 Posts: 16
    No fix till the end of the year? I wonder what they would say if I didn't pay them until they come up with a fix?

    In all fairness though, I'll see what happens when I take it in. Probably not till Feb. Thanx for the info. And as for the rear door, I think your right. I'm sure it's something simple.

    Ned..... :-)
  • 390gt390gt Posts: 17
    Has anyone had this clunk under the floor boards resolved? This is a recurrent problem on my 2000 4wd Excursion. Any new ideas would be helpful. The dealer has replaced the sway bar end link on drivers side, replaced the bolt on cab mount under drivers feet and tightened up the whole front suspension and any other bolt.
  • My dealer is stumped over this as well. I have a 2000 Limited with the V10 engine, 2-wheel drive. Perfect performance so far (57K miles) without any problems. The clunking sound occasionally resonates from the passenger side floor board. When I hear it, it happens shortly after startup and sometimes while backing from a parking space (or two). While it is a concern, it hasn't become a problem and there are no other symptoms.

    Have any other owners noticed this? Thanks.
  • drtvmandrtvman Posts: 2
    What has been the outcome of the driver seat thing? I have a 2000, and the seat is angled to the right.

    Would someone please let me know what we might
    be able to do.

  • drtvmandrtvman Posts: 2
    What are other owners doing to improve performance? Is there a chip replacement that will allow the vehicle to exceed 95?

    I spoke with the local muffler shop regarding dual exaust system. They say that that would screw up all the sensors and the engine would'nt perform right.

    Anybody got any ideas?
  • jdadamsjrjdadamsjr Posts: 16
    Take it to another shop !
    That one doesn't know what he's talking about...
    Duals are put on vehicles EVERY day.
  • sirlezsirlez Posts: 1
    If you're looking for more engine power without the extra fuel consumption you can check out and I have a twin-screw supercharger on my V10 which is a godsend for my right foot. I have left many Escalades and Navigators standing at the lights and can even out-run a V6 Honda. This thing goes through freeway traffic like a hot knife through butter - every car gets out of my way when I speed up on them. It's a real shame Ford is discontinuing the vehicle. Many loyal fans will miss the exclusive appeal this thing has. There ARE people who need this SUV! I really hope Ford will reconsider their decision once the frantic rush to get the last few models hits their heads. KEEP THE EXCURSION ALIVE!!!!!!!
  • theriddlertheriddler Posts: 7
    I just read an artical in the may issue of "Ford Truck World" magazine about increaceing HP & torgue in a V-10. It went through the step by step procedure of installing a complete exhaust system with headers from Banks. It also showed installing a Banks OttoMind computer module and a Banks Ram-Air air cleaner. The initial run ,before any mods, showed 192.7 hp and 270.7 lbs.-ft. of torque. After all mods it was 255.5hp with351.4lbs.-ft. of torque. Also gas millage increased from 10.9mpg to 12.3mpg. The total cost of the kit was $2,050 plus installation. Sounds a little high price but I think if you read the artical the say to buy each of these systems sperately from any aftermarket it would probly come out about the same. I would love to install this kit on my beast but right now I have a 18 year old son getting ready to go off to collage so I need to be a little more conservative with my funds. You can reach the magazine on the internet at I just stumbled across this mag last month. It has a lot of good articles on Ford trucks.
  • wpriestwpriest Posts: 1
    Hi--I'm lookingf at moving from an Expedition to an X. We have a 30' trailer that the Exped doesn't pull very well. I was thinking of a diesel but I recently got a message from a dealer that there were problems with the 6.0 in terms of getting parts and "they have been having some problems with that new engine" (quote).

    Anyone out there with a 6.0 PSD that can either back or refute this info?

    I've owned/driven Fords going back to my dad's '57 Fairlane and '58 Edsel Corsair (wish I had them now). I'd like to stay with Ford (I have an '03 Ranger 4x4 that pulls a UHaul 6x12 trailer as well as my wife's '00 Expedition.

  • My new 2003 Excursion seems to lacking in the brake department. Poor stopping ability and mushy pedal. Pedal can be depressed to at or below accelerator pedal. On two occasions at less than 5 MPH on an incline I did push on the accelerator while pressing on the brake pedal. This dangerous. Anyone else have this problem??
    Thanks, Richard
  • Ok Excursion people, now that I have your attention with the subject, here the story:
    Since new I have been plagued with this clunk or banging under the drivers floorboard. The dealer replaced the swaybar links, no fix. I have been under this thing many times hitting parts with sledge hammer (carefully though!) and a rubber mallet trying to figure what is that damn clunk! I even tightened the body mount under the pedals. Finally, Saturday I was determined to take another look around underneath. I saw a difference in the way the rubber mounts looked from left to right. It looked the the orange paint had been peeling off the left side due to excessive flexing. I removed the bolt, wire brushed it, lubed it with anti-sieze compound, put a large lock washer (the only large spacer I had- a flat washer or two would work fine) with a thickness of about 4mm- 5mm, I jacked up the body and inserted a foam pad to help insulate it. I then reassembled it and torqued the sh...oops the heck out of the bolt. It has been two days and it seems to be gone!!!!
    I cannot tell you how HAPPY I am that it is finally gone.
    I wonder if I should package these items and sell them to Ford as a repair kit?
    Perhaps the body is not even? Perhaps that mount is not up to specs? Perhaps the perch was welded in the wrong position? What ever Ford did, I believe it is finally fixed.
    Good luck to all those still experiencing this headache.
  • 390gt390gt Posts: 17
    I too have found that the culprit was the cab mount. I've replaced the lower insulator and bolt twice in 70K miles. The original I over torqued and actually stripped the threads in the lower insulator. Ford also fixed it once at 36K miles and put an extra spacer between the body and upper insulator. I believe the torque spec is 80 ft lbs. I hope the last fix will last. Glad you finally got this resolved.
  • rscott6rscott6 Posts: 20
    This Question is for JOGIBA or anyone with a 6.0.
    At 70 MPH, what does your Tach read? Just wanted
    to know with the 5 speed vs. 4 speed auto. trans.
  • dfcdfc Posts: 2
    Have an '03 4x4, never tow, at 26,ooo had 'warped rotors' which were resurfaced. Again at 33,000 were again warped and the dealer replaced them this time . Dealer suggested it was due to my driving and they would not replace or fix them again (on warranty). Am I the only guy with this problem? Otherwise like the truck but want to find a good mechanic outside the Ford dealer because that comment pissed me off.
  • tasillotasillo Posts: 51
    My '02 4x4 V-10 also had warped rotors at 27k. I lived with it until the next service ;last week at 30k. The dealer machined all 4 rotors and said the pads were fine. I questioned the practice of machining the rotors and not at least scuffing up the existing pads to break the glaze of the surface. The dealer said not necessary (I know better). Nice and smooth now, braking power seems about as before (not much). I'm holding out until the end of warranty in 6k more miles to see if they warp again.

    Also, the manual states transmission fluid replacemnt at 30K. I requested the dealer drop the pan and replace the filter as well, instead what I got was the "Power Flush" using the trans cooler lines. This makes me nervous as any particles trapped in the filter either stayed there or are now circulating in the tranny if they didn't come out in the flushing process. Am I being paranoid???

    Other than that, at 30k, no complaints!
  • I have a 2003 4x4 6.0L Limited. The brakes started to warp in approximately 8,000 miles and I have had the rotors turned by a Ford dealership twice under warranty (after 12-15,000 miles each time). I went to three Dealerships and the first two said the rotors weren't covered, but a third covered them after I continued to discuss the issue with several of their advisors. They said they would cover the warped rotors under warranty, if the pads still had plenty of wear left on them.

    Ford recommends that the rotors be turned on the vehicle, their brake lathe attaches to the caliber mounts.

    I have also discussed this problem with an employee of a wholesale brake supply shop after I turned my rotors the first time. He happen to personally have an Excursion and was working with a couple other Excursion owners. They all had just replaced their rotors with an aftermarket rotor. There are high performance rotors such as the type with holes in them or the ones with slots on them. At his shop, they only carried the rotors with slots. I checked back with him recently after they have placed 10,000 or more miles on each vehicle. He reported that they were all very satisfied with the aftermarket rotors and that the Chief of a local Fire Department had just purchased some for each of his Excursion at his Department.

    I also understand that Ford has made a number of improvements with their 2005 Ford Super Duty Trucks, including larger rotors and disc brakes. They have also improved the design and/or size of the frame, the leaf springs, suspension and steering to name a few.

    I hope for new 2005 Excursion purchasers that the same changes were made to the Excursion!
  • I mentioned back a while about doing Cryogenics to my brake rotors. Excursion Owners site. I have done the process to bran new rotors from Ford and and had them installed just a few days ago. It seems that the more I drive them the better they get. Mabey It's my imagination, Mabey not? If they don't warp that will be the biggest test. The place that did my Croy-process (Cry-con) Offered to do the process for free. That is a straight up good person!! ($250.00) I'll will provide the service receipts from previous Excursions that I have had and they will start building a data base for the Excursions and see if the brakes start acting up again. I think this will solve the brake problem. I wonder if the F350's & F250's have had the same warping problem? I'll would be willing to bet on it. Gas mileage on the new Excursion V-10 (10.0 to the mile) with 4.30's ratio. Not as good as the 3.73's ratio (12.0 to the mile). But the thing has less than 3000 miles on it and still needs to break in a little more. Best one I have had yet. 2004, Eddie Bauer Package, White with Tan trim,all the options,rear sensor is very useful if you have a trailer and no one to guide you back, K&N cold air intake, BFG's & the coolest most useful thing is the preset adjustable peddles and seat position. I love it because my wife is short and I'm tall. So you get the picture. That's all for now.
                        C/ya Later Andrew
  • dfcdfc Posts: 2
    Help!! I've never towed or abused my 03 Excursion but had rotors turned at ~ 27,000 then had them replacd at 33, with ~36,700 miles the rotors needed replaced again. Ford service told me they would not replace them under warranty (say I have driven the vehicle in such a manner to the void any warranty). Any advice out there to get ford to admit to a break problem on these vehicles??? Thanks.
  • Dear dfc:

    Tell your Ford Service that the Brakes are not your problem. The problem is Ford put brakes on a 7200 Lb. vehicle, that are for a 1/2 ton truck. That is just my opinion. That's a lot of weight to be stopping and starting all the time. This causes the rotors to heat up and cool down and heat up and cool down. This is a uncontrolled annealing process which causes the rotors to warp. Some times you stop and the part of the rotor that is exposed to the open air rather than in the caliper, cools faster than the enclosed part of it remaining in the caliper. Uneven cooling the rotor starts it to become out of shape. When you Cyro them it takes the stress out of the rotor in a controlled environment. My brakes have never worked this good ever. This is my 3rd Excursion. Every Excursion had break problems I have owned. I don't think your the only one. By the way Ford has been advertising better breaking and 355 Hp on the V-10 Wonder where they got 55 HP's from and why did they address the breaks on the F-series Trucks if there was not an issue?

    C/ya Later Andrew
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