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Ford Excursion Maintenance and Repair



  • Forgot to mention this problem - Problem #5 - Passenger front window,when trying to roll window down or up it would slow down severly about 1/4 of the way from the top, after I would try several times the window motor would go into "thermal overload" and the motor would shut down until it cooled off. I replaced the motor @ around $165 and discovered(much to my dismay)it is not the motor,the new motor does the same thing,so there must be something wrong with the window track or track hardware(possibly causing too much resistance,hence the motor overheating). Window is not "off track",I pulled the door skin off and checked. Problem is now starting to occur in the drivers side front window also.
    Any advice or knowledge would be appreciated. Once again "Thank you" for any and all help in advance.
  • I have an 00 v10. It turns over fine but wont idle on its own. I have to keep my foot on the gas to keep the RPM'S at about 1000 until it eventually runs on its own. The problem seems to arise when the outside temperature drops below 50 degrees. The problem seems to be effecting my gas mileage as well (topping out at about 6 mpg). Any helpful hints?
  • ned412ned412 Posts: 16
    Would anyone know if you can tow an Ex behind a motor home? I have an 05 4x4 with the 6.0. The manual say's no. But was wondering if the transfer case can be put into neutral.
  • Hi, I own a 2000 Ford Excursion that had the same problem,and yes we also bought a new motor with regulator, after replacing and doing the final adjustments on the new parts, it was still having difficulty going up and down, so what I did was removed the glass out and PULL out the window rubber track,this rubber track is located right inside the regular metal track, it starts on the bottom of the left side of the track up ALL the way around to the other end othe right side of the track this is where the glass actually depends on its groove too make it glide easily,when removed you must now get a cleaning agent, (mineral spirit) and thoroughly and remove all the dirt and grease that has build up in there, after it has been clean and dry, re-apply a good quality synthetic lubricant, I used Permatex Ultra Disc Brake Caliber Lube,it worked GREAT.
  • You can probably find a Remco Drive Shaft disconnect for the Excursion. check out You will also need a serious tow bar (8k lbs) and toad brakes to be legal.
  • Anyone know the cause of a rattle in the left frontend, definetly noticeable on washboard or rough roads. Not a loose Shock, dealer says it may be bushings in the front end sway bar. Excursion has 45k miles.
  • ned412ned412 Posts: 16
    If I remember correctly it has something to do with the exhaust. I had it on my old ex and I'm pretty sure that is what they repaired.
  • Take a look at your heat shield on the exhaust pipe coming across from the left side to the right. The welding on my 2000 Ex have come loose causing a rattle.
  • Check out Post # 217, The heat shield on the exhaust may be loose
  • I have the same vehicle and it is doing the same thing. Can anyone PLEASE HELP!!!! It is driving me nuts! Also as soon as it gets near oil change time the oil in it just disappears. No spots on the driveway or signs of leaks. :cry:
  • I have been having the same problem on the same truck as #211 and #219 but now it's much worse.

    00 Excursion - started with the "starts but won't idle at cold temps" problem a few weeks ago. Today the Door Ajar light went nuts, intermittantly coming on, going out. Now it's running oddly, it's acting like the catalytic converter has collapsed or the muffler has a hole - but intermittantly. Com'on, even I know a muffler sound won't go away for awhile and come right back again.

    Sooo... is this sounding like a fried computer brain?
  • I thought I read a previous post about this problem. The fix was to take it to the dealer to have the computer chip reset. Does anyone know if this works. I like the dealership as much as the dentist and would avoid going at all cost but if this works it would be nice to be able to tell them exacatly what to do and not be raked through the coals while they look for a needle in a haystack.
  • roosmamaroosmama Posts: 28
    OK I had the same problems #1 and #4. For #1 I yelled at Ford and was told that with the big V10 you have to stick to the Ford specification type oil for that truck. I have taken it to the local quicky lube and the oil disappears. If I take it to the local Ford dealer the oil does not disappear. Most be something about that big engine breaking down the oil. Problem #4 happened to me right after I bought the thing with only 52,000 km on it (Canadian, eh!) I took it back to the dealer and it was replaced under warranty. You may want to check and see if it is a recall. It freaked me out too!
  • roosmamaroosmama Posts: 28
    I have a 2000 Excursion and have had lock trouble with the thing. I used to work at a Ford dealer and found out the hard way that Ford had a 'silent' recall on the electric locks. By silent, they did not send out any letters but if you complained before the warranty was up they would replace them all. If they went after the warranty period you were on your own. The locks are faulty, somthing about the activator being too small or the lock post being too long. Something stupid. :confuse:
  • lionelnlioneln Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 7.3L diesel I only have 57,000 miles on it, I do the regular maint. on it. The problem I am having is my vehicle has a hard start or no start in the morning, The batteries seem to drain, and I sometimes get no juice at all when I turn the key on. Plus I have had to replace the starter relays several times. I have taken it to the Ford dealer and they have replaced different chips and it is good for about 2 months, then it is back in the dealership, I have had the same problems with the power door locks they just go off when ever they want, open and close without anyone pressing the switch. As I read the blogs I see many of the problems, what can I do? What about the silent recall from Ford is there anything that can be done? I love the vehicle and I use it to pull our boat or trailer, but with all these little problems I am ready to trade it in, any suggestions? :mad:
  • Bought a 2001 Excursion V10 4x4 in February. Only has 72,000 miles on it. Yesterday noticed that I had a very bad engine stutter around 40-50 mph. Then the service engine soon light popped on. Checked the air filter - it was dirty so I cleaned it out, took it for a test drive today, still has the stutter just before 50mph. Anyone had this problem? What should I look for? Fuel filter, fuel pump? I just re-put on my gas cap, just in case hubby didn't latch it right, cause I know it could be that. But I need to know what else to check, cause I would really hate to find out that its an expensive fix. Thanks! :confuse:
  • roosmamaroosmama Posts: 28
    Don't know if it will help but mine had a plugged inline fuel filter at about the same milage. I have also found that I have to keep putting the gasline anti freeze to it as well.
  • ksw515ksw515 Posts: 1
    My excursion squeaks really bad when driving over bumps.... had the chassis mounts lubricated that seem to stop the problem for a week or so it came back.... should the mounts be changed and if so is it costly...... help
  • nick42nick42 Posts: 4
    I have had a similar problem with engine stutter and rough idle. I had to replace one of the 10 spark plug wire/coils. This solved the problem. I only replaced one because they are $50 - $70 each. You would need 10 to replace them all$$$$. I found the one that was at fault by using a engine meter.
  • I have a 2000 Ford 7.3l turbo diesel Excursion and it stalled on me yesterday while driving.. has anyone had this problem. If so how did you get it taken care of?
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