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Ford Excursion Maintenance and Repair



  • Will 2006 factory F250/F350 20" wheels fit on my 2000 Excursion? If not, what is the reason.

  • This is in reference to plug problem. Is it an opriginal design problem or could it be due to regular service replacement of plugs and a mechanic applying to much torque?

  • I don't think the first ford dealer I took it to wanted the job. He referred me to a dealer in a bigger city. They have a kit they have been using for some time. It's not the "FORD" kit but a different brand. They have had good luck with it. They quoted me $900 which includes all parts. They found it to be better if they removed the intake manifold to make it easier to do the job. They also remove all the spark plug and inspect the threads and install new spark plugs. That price includes repairing all plug threads that they find bad. Right now we have been talking to Ford about some financial help but it doesn't sound promising.
  • I have talked to two different service technicians. No real answer. One service manager said that Ford has not redesigned the head but another service manager said they had. Who knows? I wonder if it could be bad threads because of inferior metal. Any ways I'm a retired mechanic and I replaced the original plugs myself about 30k miles ago. I used the torque spec's from the "FORD" service manual. When ever I buy a vehicle I but the factory service manual also.
  • I'm not sure what they did. When I talked to the service manager he told me that it sounded like some air intake valve was sticking as they had seen some other Fords (Windstars and Explorers) that acted the same. So I handed the 'X' over to them and they did what I would call a MAJOR tune up. They took the valve apart and cleaned it, replaced all the spark plugs, flushed the injectors, changed ALL the filters - the inline fuel filter was nasty. Bottom line is the service cost me $600 CDN and was worth it. Whatever they did the thing is running like a happy kitty. :shades:
  • I agree with the other guys on the site. For an engine to "blow out" a spark plug is not normal. Someone must have over torqued the things or forced in one sized wrong. I can remember when I still worked at the dealership the manager freaked out at a mechanic who stripped a spark plug and damaged the threads on the engine. I'd suspect that someone did this and did not tell you.
  • Got this off the internet...
    WASHINGTON - Ford Motor Co. is recalling 1.17 million trucks, sport utility vehicles and vans to fix an engine sensor that could lead to engine stalling.
    The recalled vehicles are all from the 1997-2003 model years with 7.3-litre diesel engines, including the Ford E-Series van, Excursion full-size sport utility vehicle, and F-450 Super Duty and F-550 Super Duty trucks.
    The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in a posting on its website that the camshaft position sensor on the engine could function intermittently and lead to an engine stall and potential crash.
    The sensor is an electrical component that helps regulate the fuel going into the engine.
    Ford spokesman Dan Jarvis said there have been 14 accidents associated with the problem, but no injuries reported.

    Recall is to start Dec 17. For those of you with that engine.....enjoy!!!!
  • twtcadtwtcad Posts: 13
    Thank You for the notice! I just scheduled my repair for next Thursday!
  • You're welcome. I watch these pretty close, ever since the Firestone Tire fiasco. I was one of the lucky ones. They did recall the Firestones on the 'Ex's but I never did get a letter to tell me that. But just by watching the recalls I got 5 new tires free!!! ;)
  • I have an '02 w/V-10 that has +/- 145,000 miles and pull a 6x12 cargo trailer for my work. have had the front rotors turned once last year and 2x's this year with pads changed each time. rotors are at minimum allowance. any suggestions for upgrades? had plugs and boots changed at +/- 118,000 with motorcraft oem plugs and engine still pings on acceleration. change fuel filter regularly and have tried higher octane with no noticeable decrease in pinging. also have used injector cleaners i.e. Lucas, Gumout, Seafoam. suggestions?
  • twtcadtwtcad Posts: 13
    Hello........I replaced my rotors almost two years ago w/ slotted/dimpled one's from I also got there performance brake pads and I'm just due for replacing them. Now I do not tow a trailer daily, but I am an aggressive driver. These brakes made a world of difference w/ my '03 7.3l Excursion and I highly recommend! I will be ordering new pads from them shortly. By the way it was February of '06 when I installed these.

    As far as the pinging, I would consider going to a hotter plug or maybe an after market ignition upgrade so the spark is hotter. I'm not a mechanic......just my 2 cents! Good Luck!
  • I have a 2000 ford excursion. Does anyone have any problems with front end noise? intermittent rubbing sounds like a weak car horn... going into 4 wheel drive on its own? I replaced the hubs and bearings. I had the rotors and brakes checked. Do i have a switch, vacuum or transfer case problem. The Ford dealer was no help. I am currently driving it with the hubs removed.
  • As I stated in my reply, I'm a retired mechanic and changed my own spark plugs. I torqued the plugs to the factory specs according to the factory service manual. I had over 30k miles on the spark plug change before it blew out. If it was striped out from over torque I feel it wouldn't have lasted that long. I think it would be a good idea to re torque the spark plugs after a few thousand miles. As I stated Ford knows it is a problem or they wouldn't have gone to the expense of making a $1000.00 kit to repair the spark plug treads or would not have put out a TSB on it. Also the other tool companys, Cal-Van and Lisle, would not have came out with a kit made just for this application unless it was more then just a small number of Ford engine (V-10s & V-8s) with this problem. Any ways I hope Ford comes back with the $2500 bonuse cash because I want to trade it in on a new ranger.
  • :cry: I am new to the forum so bear with me. I own a 2001 Excursion Limited 4X4 diesel
    with 126,000 miles on it. My 4X4 does not enguage the front axle. I do not trust and do not know anyone or dealer that I feel I can go to. When I switch the 4X4 switch the lights come on but the axle does not enguage and niether does the transfer case. I heard it could be the PCM module but before I go that route I want more opinions. The PCM is very expensive. Please help as you can, thanks in advance.
  • Check the vacuum... for possible leak... bad hose.
  • Would this affexct both the front axle and the transfer case? Thanks for the help.
  • My problem was different than yours... my excursion would go into 4 wheel drive on its own... and my problem turned out to be bad hubs and bearings (1500 bucks later). In researching my problem i saw problems like yours and vacuum apperared to be an issue... other things also. Search the blogs. Good luck
  • Thanks for the response. I had my hubs replaced last year. Where should I look for a vacuum leak? I thought if it was a vacuum leak there would be other symptoms of performance in the engine. Maybe I am wrong. Thanks anyway.
  • I might be wrong but i thought your front 4 wheel drive is activated from a vacuum through your interior switch? Vacuum hose to your front wheel(s), Research your problem in this forum and you should find some info? There are other ford forums here also... not just excursion so check other Ford truck and 4x4 also. let me know how you make out?... Good luck.
  • Hi, I have a 2002 EX with the 7.3 litre Turbo Diesel. At 66,000 miles, it suddenly started smoking (blue oil smoke). Has anyone had this happen. Any suggestions as to the cause. I have always thought Diesel engines were longer lasting than that.

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