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Ford Excursion Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2000 Excursion 7.3 psd -- with about 80,000 miles -- tow a 30 ft. Airstream trailer -- also had lots of worped rotor problems -- finally rplaced with Powerslot rotors and Hawk pads -- great -- about 5000 miles later -- also Edlebrock shocks to stop the bouncing after hitting dip in the road. I am in the middle of putting in a 6.0 trans cooler.
  • I own a 2000 excursion 7.3 and I can say the brakes just sucked. My brother in law owns a service center and I trust his work, he turned my rotors a couple of times and the brake cavetating always returned. At around 140,000 I had to do a major front end rebuild (ball joints, 4x4 hub bearing assm, etc.) and decided to replace all the rotors and pads. I did some research and talked to my dad (a true hot rodder from the 50's and 60's) and really didn't think the difference in price warranted the expense, what I did do was order a set of drilled and slotted rotors and pads from an outfit in So. Ca. I paid 299.00 for the entire set (DID YOU READ THAT) off of ebay, no problems since. My brother is a diesel mechanic at a gold mine in Alaska and he's not sure that freezing anything is all that good for it, unless you could keep it frozen most of the time. I love my excursion, yeah its got a lousy electrical system, but after 8 and a half years, I still love driving it, and nothing travels better. Good luck.
  • I have a 01 Ford Excursion v10 4x4 and it wont start. The radio and lights and locks and everything else works but it wont start. It started doing this a week ago. If I pull up on the shifter it would start or if I put it in neutral it would start. Now nothing works. Please help
  • Hello everyone, :shades:
    It's been a long time since I have posted anything on this forum. Sorry..... Anyway, I looked back to kinda catch up on what's going on with the Excursions. Looks like the brakes are still an issue; also the paint flaking off is another. I have had both problems with my 2004 Ex Eddie Bauer. Fortunately I had the paint covered by the dealer. (It helps to have gone to school with the service people) Paint on the front bumper and on the roof and above the back hatch is were I had problems. The brake rotors were cryogenic treated and they are holding up very well. I have 28000 miles on them. and no issues, just great braking and no warping. Most of the miles are towing trailers. Camping and Racing type. So I have put them to the test. Very Happy I had that process done to them, after I had so many problems with the brakes on the previous two Excursions I have owned. Now a new problem has popped up. The back up sensors quit working. When I put the truck in reverse the switch on the dash stays in the off mode and will not switch on. No warning beep anymore. Kind of bummed out with this. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyway if you need more info with your problems, I will be monitoring this forum often again. It's good to be back. Talk to you all soon. Andrew
  • Andrew,
    Thanks for the post. I have an 01 with 135K and I am on my third set of rotors and they are starting to pulse. What brand do you suggest. I am really tired of putting money into replacement OEM rotors. The only thing I can suggest on your back up sensor is to check the circuit, see if there is a fuse out, cut wire, and check each sensor to see if they are all getting current. That is all I have, I have never had an issue with mine. Thanks again for the post...
  • I also have a 01 Excursion Limited with 135K. I had an issue similar to yours and I replaced the cps,(crank position senso) and have not had any issues since. This was a recall last year and Ford actually rembused me for the cost I paid at a non Ford shop to replace it. Good luck have no other suggestions.
  • twtcadtwtcad Posts: 13
    Hello.....I do not remember the brand because I've had them for over 3yrs, but I ordered a set of dimpled, slotted rotors of Ebay for my '03 Limited 4x4 X. I bought my X used @ 45k miles and was one of the first purchases I made, almost immediately. I had purchased a different brand prior from a local speed shop for my Suburban and they worked really well. I looked on Ebay for a cheaper price and I could not be happier with the rotors I have. At first I used Hawk pad, expensive but worked very good. Now I'm using Wagner Severe Duty and wow, they are fantastic and a lot cheaper. Oh....I have never had any rotor warpage using these rotors and I'm an aggressive driver and I have around 60k miles on these rotors.! Just my 2 cents!
  • I to have the same problem with the backup sensors on my 05 limited. I have checked all the wires and fuses I am also hooked the truck on to a programmer to scan for errors and nothing comes up. Please let me know if you find a solution.
  • Hello fphilli1,
    I wanted to give you some info on the rotors. Sorry to say that the rotors I had cryogentic treated are OEM rotors. But they are great after I had them done. The company that did the process was a local cryogenics shop,. They have since went out of business because of bad management, can you believe that??? You may try a goggle search and see who will offer the Cryo. treatment and see how much they will charge you for the process. I bought new Ford rotors and had them done before I installed them. Back in 2004 the cryo process cost me $250.00 for all four rotors. I did notice that "twtcad" post #340 had purchased some dimpled, slotted rotors off e-bay and had some good success with them. Just watch out for the China crap. The rotors may cost more for some good USA aftermarket ones. But the China stuff is not so good from what I hear. :lemon: About the back up sensors I'm going to check the fuses and the wire circuits and see what I find out when I get a minute. Thanks for some suggestions for starters. If I find anything useful on my diagnostic testing, I will be sure to post the results. C/ya later Andrew
  • Hey thanks for the quick response. Do you know if you can have the cryo process done on rotors that have miles on them? I have read a couple of answers that said the process worked but no one said they had it done on the warped rotors they had on the truck. I have never heard of this process for rotors. I understand it we used a similar process to buff scratches off fascias when I worked at Ford. I will look for a local source. Did I mention that I had cyramic pads put on last time? The pulseating just started a couple of weeks ago. Thanks.
  • Andrew,
    Thanks for the reply. Did you have the cryo process done on the same rotors you were having problems with? This is my 3rd set and I have about 20K on these and the pulse just started about 200 miles ago. Thanks.
  • Hello fphilli1,
    About using the old rotors, I would not recommend it. If your going to spend the money on the cryo process, start with new rotors. Mine were Ford OEM rotors with no miles on them, Straight out of the box and to the cryo. shop for the treatment. I put them on my truck right after that. My Excursion only had 500 miles on it. I didn't even wait for anything to happen. If you are interested I have the old rotors with 500 miles on them and I'll make you a good deal on them. All 4 rotors for $450.00. I have them listed on a local selling site Classified ads under Auto Parts and Accessories category or wheels and tires category. Take a look if you want. C/ya later Andrew
  • I also had an issue with my 2001 Ex Diesel cutting out. I had the CPS replaced and never had an issue again. I got the tip from the Edmonds forum and also found out Ford has a recall for this. I took the reciept for the CPS replacement I had done at a non Ford shop and was reimbursed the entire bill. Look into this as it is a $200.00 repair if you have someone else do it.
  • Andrew,
    Thanks for the note back. I will not be buying your rotors but thanks for the offer. I am also looking into a different brand and type of rotor that are drilled and slotted.
  • after buying and installing a front brake package of treated new rotors, calipers & pads, the rotors are once again bad at only 4500 miles....what move should be next? slotted or drilled? (2000 excursion)

  • twtcadtwtcad Posts: 13
    wow.....#1, do not buy drilled rotors for your X! The X is to heavy.....either slotted or slotted & dimpled only! Also, please don't take this the wrong way; just trying to get info.....does anybody that drives the X ride the brake, or drive w/ both feet, or maybe a "panic" stopper (if you know what I mean)? Because the X is extremely heavy and any of those things mentioned will put excess wear (heat) on your rotors. But even that said 4500 miles is ridicules. Where did you get the rotors from? I've had my slotted/dimpled rotors for around 60k and the only thing I've done to my brakes since installing them is changing the pads and I am a very aggressive driver! So it's not making any sense as to why yours keep warping. Have you checked your calipers so see if they are working correctly?
  • i am a 2 foot driver & have been for many years (police technique) however do not ride the brakes...rotors, pads & calipers from FROZEN ROTORS....calipers are fine....a bad caliper would cause pulling.....i live in a mountainous area which could affect it some...i've written to FROZEN ROTORS and am awaiting their reply...thanks for the input

  • Man, that sucks that your rotors have gone to the dog's again. I really know how you feel. I went through 2 pair of rotors and one set of calipers on my 2000 Ex. It only had 7700 miles on it before someone crashed into it and totaled it out. Mabey a ABS problem? I wonder if that year is a :lemon: ? Although my 2001 Ex. did the same thing, but only once.
    I was lucky, my Excursions were still under warentee and Ford fixed them. Then I traded in my 2001 with 21000 miles on it, for a 2004 Ex. Eddie Bauer. The first thing I did was the brakes. The Cryo brakes have been working great with 28000 miles and I don't baby them by no means. I did not use FROZEN ROTORS so I can't compare them to the ones I have. I wish that yours had been reliable as mine. You may try twtcads fix with the slotted and dimpled rotors. He has 60K on them and no problems. I would look at the calipers real close and make sure that the pins move very easy without any slop in the bushing. This is a typical Ford caliper hang up. I wish I could suggest another solution for this braking problem. Good luck and I hope you get this fixed without a major headache. :sick: C/ya Later Andrew
  • I have a 2001 Excursion, same problem, same attempted fix, same problem. Any luck finding out what the problem is/was?
  • FROZEN ROTORS just sent me a new pair which I have just installed. They paid frt. both ways and were very cooperative. Stay tuned.
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