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Ford Excursion Maintenance and Repair



  • I had a simular problem in a old Lincoln Town car and I spent alot of money on this problem until I found out what it was. If you have suspension parts that have to be torqued down, this could be the problem. If you have urathane bushings which I did have, in time they might have to be torqued down again. If you look at your passenger side--the back bushing of arm suspension, I believe it needs to be torque up. My old town car was at 400 lb of torque. Good luck!
  • n3qdzn3qdz Posts: 1
    I have a V10 with the standard 3.73 rear. Comming to find out that the 3.73 rear towing capacity is 9600lbs. The 4.30 will tow 11.000lbs. We are buying a travel trailer it should be around 10.500lbs.That won't work! I am thinking about changing the gears from 3.73 to 4.30. I am worried about even if it is rated (4.30) for 11.000lbs is it going to be too much for the V10. If anyone has had to do this or know anyone who has had to do this I would like to know. Looking forward to your posts
  • aimnhyraimnhyr Posts: 1
    does anyone know how to find out the door codes? I was told the dealer needs $100. to connect to computer to reset the numbers.
  • expatexpat Posts: 1
    well well . It sucks I'm not the only one, I Have a ford Excursion (2000) With rotor problems @33.000 miles ,I had them changed Ford said it was my driving . I do trailer a lot so I let it go . But now @ 59.000 I had them done again At firestone and they completely messed it up . I now have shudder, squeeky and excessive dust. It also pulls to the left and right intermitenly. What the hell is going on .
  • I have a 2000 Excursion 7.3L w/ 80000 miles and no rotor probs but I have to work at it. I was told to insure the lug nuts are always torqued to 165 lbs. EVERY time I've had work done that involves the tires I loosen all the lug nuts and torque them myself to EXACTLY 165 ft lbs and no rotor problems. I tow heavy trailers and drive frequently in the mountains with horrible grades. No, I can't explain it but it does seem to work.
  • tthellerttheller Posts: 1
    We have a 2003 Excursion.Only 24,000 miles.Is now back at the dealer for the third time to replace brains of power lock system.They keep replacing brain but it still never works right.Sometimes work when you least expect it.Now has affected other areas...power points, instrument cluster, auto headlights.Anyone else have these types of problems?
  • marilyn4marilyn4 Posts: 1
    Andrew, can you tell me where I can get this "Cyro" process done to my rotors? I've never heard of this but am desperate to try something. Do you know how long the rotors will last without warping with this process? I have been replacing rotors and pads on my 2000 Excursion every 2-3 months. They actually begin to warp after 4 weeks with either new rotors or having the rotors turned, the pulsation then turns into a heavy vibration after about 8 weeks. Does anyone know if Ford has paid out on any claims on what appears to be a mechanical design flaw with the break sytems on the Excursions? Does any know if FORD re-designed or re-engineered the breaking system on the newer excursions? I appreciate any input/advice, I love my excurison but at my the end of my rope with having rotors serviced and/or replaced every 2-3 months.
    Thanks! Marilyn
  • agoodwinagoodwin Posts: 16
    Well, another Excursion with braking problems, imagine that? marilyn4 I offer a set of rotors that have been treated. These are stock replacements from Ford. If you are interested and want more information on the process and the rotors please give me a e-mail at I'll be glad to help you out the best I can because it really sucks when your brakes don't work very well. C/ya later Andrew
  • blackxblackx Posts: 2
    can anyone tell me where the vin is on the frame on a 2001 excursion.
  • almajikalmajik Posts: 1
    Has anybody from ny state had any problems with the new OBD emissions test??
    i own a 2001 excursion ltd with the V10 with veh. weight on reg. as 6972 lbs from ford and now with the new inspection test it would not pass due to incorrect weight.i had to get an exception and test was done with old machine.any body else with this prob?? looking to avoid problem next year. thanx
  • Hello, all - new member here.

    Have a 2001 Dsl Ltd 4x4. Had the 45k service done at end of March - noticed some stiffness when shifting that I hadn't seen before, but didn't think too much about it since it didn't seem to affect performance.

    Went on extended road trip last week, drove from Seattle to Bozeman, MT and back. Upon return, first gear died in tranny and 2-3 shift sometimes doesn't work either. Dealer says, "checking w/ext. warranty co." to make sure whether it's covered or not.

    I was very surprised by this development; but then, my last Ford was a '65 F250 2x4 long-bed automatic that I drove until it literally rusted apart (about 300k miles). With regular service, it never had any problems. None. Most reliable vehicle I've ever had, and I've owned a few (including Mercy's and Beamers and other supposedly "high-end" cars). Up 'til now, I there had been no problems with the X so I figured I was doing OK.

    Recent surfing revealed a rumor that some of the earlier X's (maybe 20%) have had serious tranny problems at or before 40k. Anyone had similar experience, or is this just more baseless noise?

    cheers all
  • cliff4cliff4 Posts: 1

    Wow, how glad to see you have the same thing that I just out my Excursion in the shop for yesterday. I love my Excursion, no big problems till resently.

    Same thing...service is always done well in advance and above recommendations. My rig is an 01 dsl 4x4 lmt. with 67,000 miles. About 15,00 or so I started to notice a higher rpm when driving have a fultter or hesitation. Took it to the shop and they replaced a sensor on the engine which help the futter....Now my tranny needs to be replaced beacuse it is slipping at 2-3 gear point. What's funny I am in Seattle as well maybe it's just our area.

    What are you doing to fix yours? I am getting a rebult installed at the tune of about $3,000....

    On a side note...what knd or fuel milage are you getting with yours? I get right at 14.7 gpm
  • cliff4:

    Very interesting - thanks for your response.

    I am now very very glad I did something I usually don't do, namely, bought the extended warranty when I bought the car. In short: dealer (Harris Ford in Lynnwood - can I say that?) is replacing entire unit with a new 4R100-B transmission unit. Warranty covers everything except the trans fluid inline filter that Harris says they have to install; after hearing about how flushing the line may not get out all the bits of metal from the exploding clutch plates, I'm cool with that - you should make sure your mechanic does the same thing.

    In short, out of pocket: $500 deductible plus maybe $200 for the filter, other ancillary parts and excess labor. Considering the ext. warranty cost me about $1500 at purchase time, it has definitely paid for itself with this one.

    The flutter you mention - I had that @ appx 1400-1500 rpm also, but it sort-of went away on its own, so didn't think more about it.

    Just before my transmission exploded, I was getting about 18 mpg freeway and 14-15 mpg combined mileage.

    And I am highly annoyed with how expensive diesel is in this state!! Prices in Montana for #2 are about $2.45/gal and here they're almost $3/gal. Any conditions that cause diesel to be more expensive than premium gas are either very fishy or just plain wrong, IMHO.

    Good luck with your X, hope the repair goes well.

  • blackxblackx Posts: 2

    i have a 2001 excursion
    the backup sensor goes to off each time i put it in revers.
    and i can not get it to work when i push the bottom.
    any help on this?
    thanks for any help
  • hey folks! It's been a while since I have been on here, I guess that is good news- huh- since we mostly use this for problem identification.
    I just turned 60,000 miles on my 2000 Ex. Limited, V10, 4wd. The back brakes finally needed replacing. In search of something better, I found NAPA carries a Cermic composite material pad. It should provide better braking, less heat and MUCH less (little to no) dust. They were not cheap at $69 a set, but are complete with hardware which is a plus. I figured I would replace the front pads, even though they still looked great. The front pads had been replaced several times along with rotors (warped) at 12k, 24k and 33k miles- but have been fine since. When replacing the front pads I was SHOCKED to find the passenger side caliper slide pins was RUSTED and frozen. I am not sure, but I would suspect when the dealer serviced the brakes, they neglected to grease the pins. It is all together today and stops great. Probably a combination of better pads and fully working front brakes! I still have a noise underneath (I was hoping the frozen caliper was the culprit) so further investigation is needed. When I apply the brakes, I still get a small *clunk* noise. I think it may be the rear driveshaft slip-joint. It seems to have play in it. It does not have a zerk fitting for lubrication, so dropping the whole shaft is my only option. Not good or fun.
    On a better note, I did install Sirius satellite radio! I hardly use the CD player anymore as there is always something great to listen to. I bought the Streamer GT model and can take it from car to car to home, where ever.
    I am also looking into getting a clear bug deflector. I had a smoke colored one, but I didn't like it on the white truck.
    Other than this brief update, everything else is doing well.
  • OH CRAP!!!!!
    I found the *clunk* culprit. Ok, the inspection station found the problem. As I mentioned, the truck is a 2000 with only 60,300 miles. As it turns out it needs FOUR ball joints!! :sick: YIKES. At first, my heart stopped realizing that replacing four ball joints just might be a $800 job. Sure, I do all my own work, but replacing these is a major :mad: PITA. Luckily, I did buy the ESP with this and they are covered!! YEAH. Now, I made an appointment at the dealer to get those done, the right rear door lock actuator replaced and the rear driveshaft checked. The moral is, buy the extended warranty folks if you plan on keeping the truck.
    I was leary when I did, however I knew this would be last Excursion I would buy. Even if you sell or trade your vehicle in, you may be eligible to get a pro-rated refund. I did receive a refund when we traded in our Explorer.
    Next update......??????
  • fordflyfordfly Posts: 2
    Hi, I am writing for my hubby, he was driving along had some problems, took the 2000 dsl, 4x4, excursion into the shop.

    $4000 later, apparently we have a broken front axle assembly on the left side???? Bearings went bad, tore the housing, and broke a "pumpkin"???

    All I know is this is exstreamly out of sorts to happen. He drove the truck 150miles back to the shop. The dealer ship thought this is weird, and 2 mechanic friends, think is weird.

    Has anyone heard of this?? Should this happen?
  • I have a 2000 for excursion and when the vehicle is off but the key is on the ON position the odometer will start to roll I have sat here for ten minutes and it has put 40 miles on any suggestions?
  • agoodwinagoodwin Posts: 16
    Do you rock climb your vehicle? This sounds weird also. That is a Dana 60 front axle and is very strong. Something catistrofic must have happen. If you haven't been abusing or maintaining it. Personaly I would question the problem. My Excursion did a crazy thing with only 8500 miles (Eddie Bauer, V-10, 4X4) My AC completely leeked out of the system. The dealership checked out for leekes, with no indication of any bad connections or holes in the lines. So they refilled the system and it seems to work just fine as before??????? As for the brake rotors the Cryogentics Company that I deal with are not very timely with delivering a processed set of rotors. So with that said. My Company will not be offering them for replacemment. My reputation is on the line. I don't want to be unrealible because of them. Don't get me wrong their Cryo Process is very good. But the service takes forever.
    Here is a web site to check out This is not the place that did mine. But it looked pretty good to me if you want Cryo Rotors. Sounds as if I better buy the extended warentee for the 04 Excursion (Full coverage) One thing after another. But it could be worse if it was a GM product Ha Ha good stuff right?
    C/Ya Later Andrew
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