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Ford Excursion Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a creaking noise coming from the forward cab area. I have been told that this may be a body mount issue. Could this also be responsible for the clunking I hear on rough road. I have replaced leafs, upper and low ball joints, outer axle shafts and hubs. Not much left but the trac bar bushing (the clunk?), drag link (which mechanic thought was fine) and or the body mount creak. Need some insight here...

  • How big a job is replacing the body mounts? Should a body shop be used for this?
  • Body mounts easy to replace a lot of it is from water getting in between the rubber and washer. The pain in the butt is taken up the carpet to get to them. Need a floor jack and wooden blocks loosen the two front ones and replace the then do the two rear ones make sure to put block in between frame & body for safety you should not have to disk conect any thing only pick up about an inch good luck
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