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Ford Excursion Maintenance and Repair



  • We have the same problem with our 2001 excursion bouncing. What did you get from Ford to correct the problem?
  • i own a '01 V-10 4x4 excursion with 80 k miles. on a short trip to texas, only 350 miles, my tranny gave out, only gear left was reverse. during the trip, i noticed the gears shifting in real hard, tranny fluid was full, and red, but smelled burnt, service was always kept up on this thing. called dealer ship to see if they had any similar problems. there answer, "just one of those things i guess" i thought of taking it to a dealership in texas, but instead took it to a tranny specialist. turns out, he had two other trannys, from two other v-10 4x4 excursions sitting in his shop. one '01 and the other an '02. both with significantly less miles. what are the odds?? just one of those things i guess. has anyone else had any similar problems??
  • My 01 V8 4X2 had the tranny go at 30,000. It was replaced under warranty. It started to slip going into OD and when I took it in they told me it had to be replaced.
  • THis is my 2nd EX and I have the same problem with both. The back glass door rubs on the 2 lower doors and leaves a scratch mark. Myh other EX was repaired and they repainted the rear doors. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • i have a 2001 excursion 7.5 diesel that wants to stall out usually at startup. it happened once before and dealer says it was low on oil? after $100 oil change it ran perfect. but six months later its doing it again.i have 50,000 miles on it.. its still under warranty.i can see how oil can afect injectors but oil is ok. anybody?
  • Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your posting of the CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR. I had our 2002 Excursion 7.3 towed to a shop because it would cut out. When they test drove it there was no problem, brought it back home and right away it started again (I was starting to think it was me). Then I found this forum and your posting and told my husband, "This is it, this is our problem." The next day he went to the dealership, came home installed the CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR and things have been good ever since. Thanks again. Lakeside, CA :)
  • has anybody done propane? or any other mods to help with the gas. I have a 2002 xlt V-10. K&N air intake, flowmaster exhaust. i bought june 9, 2005 with only 32k on it i have already put about 13k mi on it. I love my X. haven't had any probs yet. it has 8" lift with 35" bfg at's, mickey thompson rims, A/V system with 3 7" screens. i would like to know about propane or another alternative to gas. and if anybody on here has propane the pros and cons to converting to an alternative fuel. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance. i know arizona gives a brk on licensing for alternative fueled vehicles
  • I also have an 2002 X 7.3 Power Stroke, well actual I pay for it and my wife drives it
    I was going through rotors like crazy, the dealership cut them twice around every 5000 to 7000 miles but they warped again, I was greasing pins every 4000 miles with amsoil synthetic grease but they still warped. Finally they replaced the rotors
    and guess what it happened again.
    The truck was out of warrenty now and I purchased new rotors from a place in (I think) Rockchester NY They suggested to go with sloted rotors not the ones with holes in it and that fixed the problem, They didn't give me ceramic brakes but metalic brakes.
    So I hope this helps you.
    Does anyone no which transline is the return line the one in the front or rear of transmission or the one closer to the motor or closer to rear, I need to fully flush the transmission and I dont want to pull both lines off to find out so I dont make to big of a mess.
  • Hi all newbie here, i have an 00' Excursion w the V-10, recently i ran the gas down to near empty or 16 mile left on the read out, went to start her up and she would not fire up, it will turn over but no starty!!! So went and replaced fuel filter, reset the fuel pump switch, and it will still not start. Any ideas on what else to do, before i hit the dealership?

    Thanks MikeVG in Sunny Smokey So Cal
  • To begin with, I am not a technition just a guy who has a 00' 7.3 diesel with a power chip and K&N filter in my Excursion, I pull a 7000 lb camper and occasionaly a Bobcat that is alot of weight also. I was pulling the bobcat and the trailor breaks went out so my truck was dooing all of the stopping for the trip. Shortly after that incident I noticed a slight shake in the stearing wheel and it got consistently worse as time went on. I am very familiar with the term "Warped rotors" and "having them turned as I have owned several other big SUV, Expedition, same thing. Taho, Same thing, Suburban Same thing and I got sick of "turning rotors". I did some research and "googled" warped rotors, and found out that what most of us think is that the actual rotor gets a warp or a wave to it and that causes the vibration. But what it seams actually happens is from the extreme heat that is built up between the pads and the rotors the molecules in the metal actually change and cause "I can't remember the exact term" a kind of hard spot "in" the rotor, kind of like a planters wart. and the pads don't grip the rotor at the same rate as it does the rest of the surface. So when the machine shop "turns" the rotors they have to grind the whole surface of the rotor down to eliminate that spot in the rotor that has hardened. Why does it happen in the first place, pads and rotors have to be matched to each other, in other words softer break pads will heat up and get spongy but they don't heat your rotor to the point of "warping" but you loose stopping power. Hard break pads will feel firm, but will heat up the standard rotor to the point of "warping" because a sold "non-slotted or no holes" does not disapate enough heat. So to end this, I went to the local auto store and got high end pads and rotors that were slotted and drilled and some caliper grease. I greased the bejeausus out of the pins and worked them back and forth several times until they slid nice and loose (they were very sticky and that does not allow the pad to separate from the rotor enough and causes heat build up then "warping") I now have about 5,000 miles on the new set up and am very happy, the truck stops very nicley, firm and quick with no vibration. As for the chip and the K&N filter, what a differance, I get 17-18 MPG in the city and 22-23 on the freeway and the power and excelleration is awsome (for a 7800lb truck) and I do not have a light foot. this thing is like a 4 tone rocket, that can now stop. I also put 285/75 R 16 Bridgestone Revos (2nd set) and it handles 10 times better then the junk firstone steeltex. So properly set up this is an excellent all around truck.
  • I know the plug is on for the engine heating during winters. I want to leave the Excursion for long periods of time without driving, is there anyway to rig the plug in to trickle the battery? Since I will be leaving it outside and in the elements, I dont think putting your run of the mill trickle charger on it would be good. I use the vehicle pretty much only for towing.
  • I was thinking about switching from the 6 ski jacker set up back to stock, I have some kick [non-permissible content removed] wheels and Toyo tires with the set up. I bought the truck used, and enjoy all the other add ons but would like to drop it down to normal. Anyone interested?

    tulsa, OK

  • well havent been on site lately.and you have probably found the problem..but i found that you need at least 100 miles on read out and on even surface or it wont start what did you find out?
  • can you elaborate on how you dealt with cam shaft sensor? settings? does it run smooth now? thanks striper
  • I am not sure if anyone else has seen this, but I thought I would ask the forum folks before seeing the dealer. I am getting some paint delamination on the roof. It is along the long recesses on the roof (paralell to roof rack). It has been flaking off for about a year now and getting worse. :mad:
    Is it just me?
  • I'm having same problem. Where exactly are the door sensors? Is that the latch? Thanks so much for responding.
  • matt21matt21 Posts: 1
    when i start my 2000 excursion v 10 it does not want to stay running. it use to happen 3/4 times over 6 months but now it is happening more often, could it because of the cooler weather?

    any help?
  • rmejiarmejia Posts: 8
    what are you looking for($$$) as far as the trade. hows the tread on the tires? how big are they?
  • I have a 2001 Excursion and I recently had a similar problem. The dealer replaced some sort of Air Bypass Valve. I had several other things fixed while in the shop but if I remember correctly you may be looking at a few hundred dollars for parts/labor.
  • I realize that this message is several months old but I can relate. I have the same problem. I have a huge rub mark, paint worn off right down to the metal on the right side. Did you find a solution?
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