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Volvo XC90 SUV



  • Tax rate (FL) 6.5%
    I have been told the state of FL regulates extended warranty's essentially fixing the prices. . . the extended warranty for 7yr/100K total is over $3600 via Volvo.

    So purchasing the 2005 XC90 V8, with 41K miles, for $21K and adding $3600 for a warranty, may not make a fantastic deal anymore.

    MY dealer states a new XC90 body comes out in 2010, and suggested I'd have to take another large depreciation hit trying to sell my 2005 V8, older body, in about 3 years (2011). Not mentioning possible more fuel efficient vehicles (such as disel-hybrids, etc). I had planned to keep the car another 3 yrs and trade it, with estimated 85K miles on it (still under extended warranty).

    The problem is there are so many great deals on new 6Cyl XC90's (leasing from 425-500/mo on 12K/36mo with no cap cost), and it makes the risk of purchasing my 2005 a little greater trying to bet on the future market.

    Any thoughts?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,893
    My first thought is to forego the warranty should you decide to purchase the vehicle.

    2nd thought .... leasing a new one.
    OK, so $500/mo for 36 months with $0 down = $18,000.
    If you buy your $21k XC90 now, do you really think it will be worth less than $3k in 3 years? I'm willing to bet my kidney it will be worth more than that.

    OK. Ok. I guess I'm oversimplifying. I guess you'd finance the buyout, right?

    Sooo... let's look at it this way. A $21k note for 5 years would be ~$410/mo. In 3 years, you'll have paid $14,760 and your remaining balance will be ~$9k. Let's say it depreciates 60% in that time (I'm pulling that number out of the air). That means it will be worth $8400. Right about what you owe. So we could say you break even. Even if you don't, since you've paid $3300 less than you would on a lease, the car could be worth as little as $6k at trade time and you'll still come out even.

    So I guess its a matter of what you want and the deal you can get on a new one. Seems like they may be fairly close in cost over the next 3 years. You MAY have an out of warranty issue, however. BUT, you also may decide to keep this one for the next 6 years and really come out ahead. So now I'd probably be down to tossing a coin in the air. ;)

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • THat's what I"m up to, but the dealers seem to be offering amazing deals on new ones because teh '09 is due out soon, and '10 is a new body style. . . I'm not sure how to estimate the depreciation 3 years from now, with 85,000 miles . . . . but right now I beleive trade in values may be as low as 16-18K (Dealers don't want these, they are lined up at auction).

    interesting that there are far and few V8's around (Mine is a V8) eventhough the gas milage is almost the same as the new 6Clyinder. . . perhasp the V8 may be worth more?

    At the end of the day it may be a coin toss, or a reasonable dealer.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Correction: the new XC90 isn't due until 2012.
  • I love my XC 90. got close to 50k miles on first set of tires and brakes. Engine is clean as a whistle. Does not leak or consume anything but gas. Dealer maintenance was great. Now I moved to Hawaii. One dealer; He charges three times the going rate for everything. Cost over $100 to shake his hand. The brake light just came on Tuesday Brake Failure!!! Stop safely. ABS Check Engine, We're all going to die. No driveability issues. There is 3/16 of an inch on the inside and outside pad both front wheels and about 1/16 of an inch wear on both sides of the Massive rotor. By the way the rotor and pads look like they were machined. Nothing even beginning to look like irregular wear. Don't currently have a mic. the back pads are both over 1/4 inch thick and it would take a mic to determine wear on the rotor. I can buy OME parts off the net for all four wheels less than $599

    It will cost me over $1000 to get my brakes done at the dealer. He wants $189 a rotor. Do I have a snowball's chance in Hades getting the lights to shut off if I change the brakes myself? Sensors: they did not jump out at me while I checking things. Where are they, or does the computer just tell you to redo the brakes at 45K? I'm afraid that putting the parts on my self and going to the deal for OBD will result in,"we can't help unless we do the work our selves with our parts." I planned on putting 200k miles on this thing , but if I have to go to this dealer I'm going to get it fixed and unload it.

    Any comments apprediated.

  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    You haven't made it clear whether it's just that the brake light came on or whether the brakes are actually not stopping the car properly.

    I don't think this could possibly be just a "maintenance due" indication based on mileage, but rather that the diagnostic system detected a fault.

    As far as I know from what you have said this might not be pads/rotors at all, but might be one of the computers that operates the ABS/dynamic stability control. If you just need pads, why not go to an independent garage. They can probably reset the light. They will also mic the rotors and if they are thick enough then you might get them to just change the pads and not replace or turn the rotors.
  • Car stops fine. Independent garages in Hawaii do not want to work on volvos. I've asked three. Parts are not available? I have to order them. One independent dealer said he could not read codes and was afraid he could not reset the light or determine the problem. Nice guy he works on my ford and VW when they need it and I don't have time. charged me just $20 and said go to the dealer.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    There is an independent garage in Dallas (Southwest Auto) which specializes in Volvo and you could possibly have them advise an independent garage in Hawaii, or advise you. I have used them and the nearby dealer, and they are both good. When our Volvos were still in warranty I have gone to the dealer, but I used Southwest for repairs on a 1996 850 (855) wagon. The rear hatch lift cartridges on my 2004 V70 went out in 2007 and I went to Southwest to buy them thinking they would supply longer lastingt and less expensive aftermarket cartridges, and they would give me tips on installation (cartridges are hidden behind plastic trim). When I got there to get my parts they told me that it was a little tricky to get that trim off without damage, but that my 2004 was still under warranty and directed me to the dealer who did it under warranty at no charge.

    An owner of an independent garage in Dallas told me that he didn't work on any European cars because the mfgrs would not sell them parts at discounted prices as with American and Japanese manufacturers. Repair facilities expect to make a profit on the parts they install, not just on the labor.

    It's frustrating to have a dealer charge so much, but you may have to use them. This could well be a computer failure, and they could well have special expertise in diagnosing this. This could just be an instance of the high cost of living in Hawaii, but it sure is beautiful. Years ago I lived on Molokai and did practice teaching at Molokai High School.

    I assume that you have checked the level of the fluid in the master cylinder reservoir, and it's not that. Does the ABS work? Can you feel the pulsation of the pedal when you stop hard under conditions where the ABS would be active?
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    Small auto shops warn costs could 'skyrocket'


    The Canadian Press

    September 1, 2008 at 2:27 PM EDT

    EDMONTON — Canada's small auto shops are warning that the cost of getting newer vehicles serviced could “skyrocket” because they say some auto makers are restricting access to vital diagnostic software.

    Without the software, smaller shops are forced to send some repairs to dealerships, and the volume of this dealers-only work will increase as more computer systems are added to new models.
  • I broke down and took it to the dealer. Brake modulation computer is shot. Big money still under warrenty for 4K miles. Funny they didn't try to sell me a brake job this time. They tried to sell me a brake job at the last routine service and I knew the pads and rotors were ok. That is the main reason I didn't want to go back. Any idea why limiting access to diagnostics doesn't violate some kind of anti trust law?
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    Where is the brake modulation computer? Could they give any reason why yours failed, e.g. temperature, vibration? Or is it just statistics, a distribution of lifetimes for a population of apparently identically made units?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    . Any idea why limiting access to diagnostics doesn't violate some kind of anti trust law?

    For one thing, it's proprietary information.
    The only reference the law makes is that diagnostics relating to the Emissions system must be universal.
    Second, the manufacturers don't "limit" access. They charge for it.
    Most small shops either can't afford, or don't want to pay the access fees.
    Volvo's diagnostic system is web based. Your vehicles operating system can be downloaded and sent to Sweden for analysis.
    Finally, these cars are way to complex for your average independent garage to deal with anyway. Dealers are constantly sending their techs to school to learn about the latest auto electronics.
  • Am i mistaken or is there no compass in the rear view mirror of the XC90? Is there a compass anywhere in the vehicle? Somewhere on the instrument panel? Thanks!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Compass is part of the Convenience pkg.
  • Hello
    I have a 2005 XC90 AWD premium edition
    For some stange reason my sunroof will not open anymore.
    I have checked the manual and have been following it but still cannot get the sunroof to work.
    I climbed up the roof to check it out, nothing is blocking the sun roof.
    I am able to push the knob inside to allow the roof to tilt/opn/close, but the roof does not respond.
    I want any suggestions/tips before I take to it to the dealer for ridiculous charges.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Aside from checking the fuse there isn't anything you can do.
    Take it to your dealer and hope they don't surf Edmunds and read what you think of them.
  • wzhao68wzhao68 Posts: 15
    Hi there,

    Does anyone have experience getting a bike rack for XC90? I was told that Yakima and Thule's trunk mount bike rack won't fit on XC90, because the trunk door on XC90 is not strong enough. What are the alternatives? My XC90 is a leased one, not sure if adding a hitch is allowed.
    Could I get some pointers here?

    Thanks in advance!

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    You can add a hitch,but it probably have to remain on the car.
  • wzhao68wzhao68 Posts: 15
    thanks for the reply, i read some about putting on the hitch (hidden hitch), people also mentioned wiring and electrical system. Do I need to do the wiring even if my need is to just carry the bikes?

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Not if you are just putting a bike rack on. Unless the rack has lights.
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