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Volvo XC90 SUV



  • I am almost relieved to hear that someone else had this problem with the radio being dead. I went to drive my car after my husband had taken the car for the first time and my Dolby sustem was dead as could be. I was very upset and unfortunately got upset with my husband because I figured he had done "something" to break it. Well I felt like a real fool when he came out to look at the problem and started up the car and all was well. It hasn't happened again and I have had the car almost a month.

    We had a few challenges with the Nav, including getting the voice to work. We have experience with a portable auto GPS (Garmin)and we have been using an aviation GPS for years, so the concept is not new to us. Anyone else having a problem?

    On another note, I will say I love my fully loaded T-6. The only thing I miss from my Lexus RX300 is the storage in the center consol and the extra storage compartments. This car has been worth the wait, although I am a bit cautious and check the board to read about the experiences of other new owners.
  • sharonsharon Posts: 76
    I wish I could offer experience with the navigation, but alas, my disk still hasn't shown up. That has been the only negative experience, so far. The dealer had a little confusion over the delivery of the disk, since mine was the first one. It's been cleared up and the disk is supposed to arrive on Friday.
  • compcomp Posts: 43
    Just occurred to me that the liftgate might be too tall for my garage. Has anyone measured the open door at its highest point? Don't find these numbers in any specs.
  • Mine doesn't hit the garage door when open. There's around 3 inches of clearance. Its a standard door as far as I know (rolling, multi-panel, wooden). The house was built in 1992. I doubt you'll have a problem unless you have a 1-piece swinging door, but I'm not sure if there is a clearance difference associated with those.
  • All of you have been talking about Roundabout carseats and how they fit in the XC 90.. I have 2 Century's and an Evenflo carseat rear facing carrier. How is the space for fitting carseats in that 3rd row? It's nice to hear it's easy to get in and out with that folding seat. Presently I'm driving an Astro with 3 rows and it's like cavalry call trying to get everyone in, in order cause there isn't much room for a child to get into their seat in the last row. I'm hoping the space is a bit better in the XC90? Can anyone tell me? I know anyone over 5'6" isn't going to be comfy but i had planned on the Versality anyway cause we have 3 young children. I can't trust the two olders ones to leave their sister alone so we had planned on the configuration with them in the back row. Has anyone tried it with Century yet?
  • sharonsharon Posts: 76
    I gave the car a work out today. I drove 5 kindergarteners in booster seats on a field trip and lived to tell about it. New Jersey car seat law is 8 years and 80 pounds, so everyone had to supply a seat. I had two Century Brevarras (sp?), a light-weight foam seat, a Britax and the built-in booster.

    Of the seats I used, the Britax fit the best--perfectly, actually. I had purchased it for my ML320 as part of their Baby Smart system--it disabled the airbag when placed in the front passenger seat of a Baby Smart equiped Mercedes. (I wish volvo had offered that feature).

    The Century seats were useable, but I didn't like how they fit.

    The third row worked out well. I didn't realize that the head restraints on the 3rd row seats are fixed; I had hoped to lower them a bit. But with my mirrors adjusted for a wider view, visability was fine.

    Later that day I had to drive around Hoboken, NJ (very congested, narrow streets). The car was a pleasure to drive; it manuvered beautifully around double-parked cars and through heavy traffic.

    I haven't seen an improvement in my gas mileage yet. Around town I'm only seeing 15.5. This is only my second tank of gas. I hope I see some improvement soon.

    Someone had asked which radio had been having problems. I have the upgraded radio and the FM outage has only happened once. I can't figure out what might have triggered it.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Sharon, I suspect the reason Volvo doesn't offer a seat like BabySmart is because they know the inherent danger in trusting the life of a fragile child to a computer chip. You may not be aware, but Mercedes did a major recall on BabySmart seats about 2 years ago when they found they didn't always work. I've not seen much since then so I'm not even sure if Mercedes still offers a redesigned version?


  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    MB still offers BabySmart, in a variety of sizes. They use Britax seats, which of course are terrific.

    I guess it was a black eye for MB, but the BabySmart issue apparently only occurred when the parent incorrectly installed the seat, or installed it with the seatback forward of the vertical position (which is technically an incorrect installation too). In that case, the "airbag off" indicator on the dash would not go on because the airbag was not deactivated. That should have been a clue to parents that they had the seat incorrectly positioned. It wasn't as if the attentive parent was driving around thinking the bag was deactivated when it was not (so long as they checked for the "airbag off" indicator -- which they should always do with any system that deactivates an airbag!).

    When MB replaced the seat (with a seat that would deactivate the airbag even when the seat was incorrectly installed!), they also provided a video on proper seat installation.

    The preference of course is to keep the seats in the second row, but at least BabySmart offers a solution for front-row placement for those who absolutely need it.

    Does the XC90 offer a way for the user to turn off the front passenger airbag?

    I'm still surprised that Volvo discourages the use of child seats in the third row, but tacitly approves them. They should make a stance one way or another.

    I do love the integrated booster feature, though. More SUV manufacturers should offer some type of integrated booster option.

    Seems like quite a few people here have Roundabouts. Another good seat mentioned here previously would be the new Britax Marathon -- basically a Roundabout that goes to 65 lbs (though most kids will outgrow it in height before reaching that weight). However, it's larger than Roundabout and will pose more fit challenges. If you want a seat-fit challenge, though, try the new Britax Husky, which is a massive, forwarding-facing-only seat that keeps a child up to 80 lbs in a five-point harness. But it's so wide that I'm sure that three won't fit in one row.

    However, a Starriser Comfy (belt-positioning booster up to 80 lbs) isn't particularly wide and should fit well into the second row, for kids who are large enough for such a booster? I believe its maximum width is 15.5" (in the seatback). The cushion itself is width-adjustable for the child's comfort and maxes out at 12.5".
  • sharonsharon Posts: 76

    Yes, there was a recall, my seat wasn't part of that and wmquan is correct that the issue was incorrectly installed seats. My Mercedes dealer has large wanted posters up in the service area to alert customers. Baby Smart is a very useful feature. It was not a feature I used often, but when needed, it was invaluable.

    Very few parents actually think about how the car seat fits the car. The police departments in my area offer car-seat clinics every once in a while, where they will check you seat's installation and help you reinstall it correctly (Babies R US has sponsered some). I happened to be at Babies R Us when a clinic was wrapping up and spoke with the policeman who had been checking seats. He said that the majority of the seats he checks are installed incorrectly or do not properly fit in the car. Most people seem to buy seats because they like a feature or the color. They don't realize that not every car seat fits every car and an incorrectly installed car seat, no matter how well designed, can be deadly in an accident.

    I highly recommend visiting one of these clinics. Hahacky (probably spelled that wrong!) tried just about every car seat in the store to find the right configuration for his car. I don't think most people know you can do that.

  • dos511dos511 Posts: 8
    Sharon - You have a 2.5T, right? You are getting 15.5 in the city? That is well below the stats posted by Volvo, isn't it? Please keep us posted on any improvements as I am still waivering b/w the T6 and the 2.5T.

    Anyone out there with a T6 that can comment on their experience with gas milage and total miles driven per tank?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Excellent advice Sharon. I wish more people would read and participate in the Child Seats That Fit discussion too.

    Steve, Host

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • hahackyhahacky Posts: 23
    I would appreciate any more info on the frustrating issue of the XC90 and Volvo's ambiguous statements regarding whether there should be any car seat in the third row (given the size of the people they are recommending back there, the row is nearly useless unless car seats with children can be put back there). Is there any way that they can be pinned down to say exactly what the third row is safe for? The lack of tethers and LATCH back there is also a puzzling given they they insist the thrid row is "safe" for children.
  • I'm getting 14.5 - 15 MPG through my second tank w/ mostly city stop and go traffic. My driving style is somewhat sedate.
  • sharonsharon Posts: 76
    Car seats-
    Hahacky-I've been going through the manual to see if there is an answer to your question, but I'm coming up empty. I've looked at both the printed manual and the CD version (manual in motion). The second row has ISOFIX fasteners, top tether anchorages, and automatic locking seat-belt retractors (does away with the stupid locking clip I always had to use when my guys were in car seats) for securing car seats. The manual on CD, which is very good btw, has a video showing a car seat being secured using all of these devices. But I have found no references to using car seats in the third row. I thought I had seen it somewhere; I'll keep looking.

    If I were you I would drag my car seats down to the dealer, install them in the third row and drive around. I'm not sure you will have visual contact with your little ones back there--and that used to make me crazy. It's a mom thing, I guess. You also want to make sure that getting them in and out of the car seats back there is going to be relatively easy--or it WILL drive you nuts after a while.

    Steve: I didn't realize there was a child-seat discussion. I'll have to take a look.

    For the person who was asking about the navigation voice: I received my disk today and gave it a try. I'm not noticing any problems--can you be more specific about what you were experiencing? Did it occur right away or after some use?

    It's pretty cool! This is my first experience with navigation in a car, so I have nothing to compare it to. I like the location of the screen--it makes it easy to keep an eye on the road. The pop-up design makes me a little nervous (just something to break down the road) but I do like the location. I drove around areas I know today to get a feel for the device. It had my son's nursery school in the facilities section and quite a few local restaurants, gas stations... I purposely ignored directions to see what it would do and it seemed to recover nicely. My kids expected the voice to start yelling at me: "mom, it said to turn left not right; he's going to be mad!"

  • I've had T2.5 since December 24. Have never reset MPG calculator. One 270 mile round trip, otherwise all city (town) mileage. At 720 miles on odometer, I'm at exactly 16.0. My cumulative average speed is 22.0 mph, so that tells you the kind of driving I do.

    I live in Boston suburbs, so there's lots of snow. And I'm in kind of a hilly area, so that hurts too (see earlier post on this forum explaining things that can affect mpg calcs).

    Hope this info is useful.
  • dos511dos511 Posts: 8
    To all who posted on gas mileage.
  • All volvo owners -- please help me with your experience. We have ordered the XC90 which is due in March. Lately I have begun hearing not so great feedback on volvo service. Volvo obviously does good things, yet with 3 kids under the age of 9, I can not afford to be at the service dept. We called our dealer and were bluntly told that no loaners are given out even for warranty work. The service manager was NOT helpful to my husband in relieving his concerns about the costs and inconveniences we may face as volvo owners. I am going out tomorrow to retest the Toyota Sequoia and the new Lexus GX because their local service is better. What can you tell me about your experience as a volvo owner?
  • I would recommend another dealer. I owned an S80 and always had very good service experiences at my dealer and always got a loaner, regardless if the car went in for warranty work or scheduled maintenance. It just sounds to me like the dealer you are talking to does not have a good service department.
  • hov34hov34 Posts: 1
    I thought I read somewhere that there would be a DVD enternatinment system for the XC90 later in the year, but now I can't seem to find this anywhere. Anyone have any info on this?

  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    what2do, your experience and satisfaction with ANY brand is directly related to your experience and satisfaction level with your dealership. All brands have some good and some bad dealers (of course some like Lexus have far fewer bad dealers than good whereas others are a crap shoot).

    To be frank, I've been through a slew of Volvo dealers in the Northeast (Boston area) and California over the last 5 years and have NEVER heard of a dealership that doesn't give a loaner car to it's own customers (almost always a new Volvo to boot). The exception MAY be the case where you get the car serviced at a dealership different from where you purchased your car (in my case I've never had a problem getting a loaner after moving from one area of the country to another but I suspect that simply buying at one local dealer and trying to get a loaner for service at another local dealer would be problematic in some cases.)

    Either way, I would encourage you to speak to a salesperson at the dealership and ask them if a lack of a loaner car is their understanding. I can't say it's impossible but I've never seen it. If it is the case I would highly recommend you skip this dealership completely. Out of curiousity, where are you located? I suspect members here on this board may be able to steer you to the best local dealership if you have more than one option.

    Good luck.

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