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Dodge Ram: Problems & Solutions



  • what state do you live in, if your close you can come by my shop and we can hookj a smoke machine to the engine and it will show us the leake, it sound like you might have an exaust manifold leake thats why you hear it when it shuts off, buy a mechanics stethoscope and listen to all hoses manifolds and engine manifolds
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  • wfullerwfuller Posts: 22
    Oh kae, so i'll do the fuel gage thing this week sense i'm on spring break.. i'm in the fort worth texas area, and how much does a stethoscope cost? do you think it's really that big a deal though if i dont find the leak because it's been doing it for over a year and the truck has been fine (until now)..
  • wfullerwfuller Posts: 22
    hey Ramman, do you think it could possibly be my IAC valve? i was just reading through my chiltons and it tells me to do these test on the IAC such as place a load and listen to the idle and if it changes to replace it. well when i turn on my A/C and radio it doesnt do much, but when i rev the engine in park to around 2000rpm's and let off the trucks RPM drops sometimes all the way to 0 and the engine stiumbles alot, sometimes shutting itself off. i was just wondering, though i've replaced the IAC about a year ago. I'm still going to try the fuel gage thing and take my truck up to my school autoshop and see if i cant get more help from my less than adequet shop teacher.
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    It is possible that the tech changing the oil filter "accidentally" unhooked the EGR sensor that plugs into the cat. This will immediately cause acceleration and performance problems and wil illuminate the check engine light at once.

    Check near where the exhaust leads from the engine and there may be an unhooked sensor dangling.
  • I have a 2003 ram 2500 4x4. I have the lamp out light that keeps coming on with the chime. I talked to dodge and they said that a bulb is out i checked the bulbs and they are all working what else could be causing the problem
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    Thanks for the info Ramman124. I passed the info on to my dealership service and they're going to check the tsb's. You wouldn't happen to know the TSB number? The rumble seems to be getting worse at the 40 mph speed. The rumble feels like it's right under my seat. But again if I let off the gas pedal rumble goes away. Thanks for your help.
  • i have a 2002 1500 4 by 4. i had same problem. dealer could not find nothing wrong. i found the problem my self. one time when the lamp out & chime was on i check all my lights right then & found my drivers head light out for about 5 seconds & it came back on. i found plug on back of head light half melted. put on new plug no more lamp out or chimes. i hope this will help that chime will drive you crazy :D
  • had the c.e.l come on took it back to the dealer 3 times they replaced the o2 sensor,vaccum leak detector pump, and the pcm board finaaly they confessed and told me they put the wrong sensor in the first time????? dealer experts. well now i got the vehicle back and it seems i dont have the power that i had before ... i suspect that when i bought the truck the previous owner had a chip installed and when they changed the pcm board it was taken out ???? sound like a possibility ??? any suggestions would be helpful thanx
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    I have a 2001 1500 with 318 in it that seems to 'surge' when first started and later will do same while driving. Happens on small hills and on flat ground. When holding steady speed of 50 to 65, the tac shows the engine speeding up from 1500 to 2000"> and back down again. Will do this repeatedly for miles sometimes and not do it at all on other times. Heat factor makes no difference. No codes showing. Hi mileage truck of 218000+ with service @ 25000 to 30000 miles on the tranny. Not an oil leak anywhere. Solid truck. [Average 250 to 350 mile a daily here in Houston, TX.]
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Can somebody tell me if the '06 Dodge heavy duty trucks still have the NV5600 6 speed transmission (Getrag commercial truck transmission?), or are they using something else now? If this one is this used, is it used in both the HEMI 5.7 and Cummins Diesel versions?
  • Thanks for the info talked to dodge and they told me to check the light bar for the tail lights found out the light bar had melted one of the sockets bought knew one and that fixed the problem. I was going crazy with the chime thanks
  • glad i could help. we have to many crazy people out there allready :shades:
  • mpeltzermpeltzer Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 2500 Diesel that I have to double foot so it won't stall when I slow and come to a stop. I checked the EGR, and that did not resolve the problem. Ideas?? I want to sell the truck bc we bought an Excursion and need to get rid of it, but afraid to sell it due to the stalling problem.
  • craigh30craigh30 Posts: 3
    have a 2002 dodge ram 4.7 my truck is running hot . When I turn on the heater the temperature goes back to normal I wanted to start with my thermostat first but i can't find it on my motor can anyone help me out?
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    Lower drivers side of block where the radiator hose connects
  • bonez59lbonez59l Posts: 4
    I am Pretty new to this Forum thing... Took me a while to figure out how to post one.
    I am 32 yrs old and just got my first New truck... Never had a new vehicle...I got myself a pretty good one I think... Its a 2500 Dodge Quad/Screaming Yellow,With the High out put 5.9 Liter Cummins and Manual 6 Speed Trans.
    OK Here is my question...I got this truck for a steal... Only paid 28,000 for it at Lithia Dodge In Grapevine,Tx...I wanted a Dually But wasnt in the cards I guess...I dont need the One Ton Hauling or Towing capacity...I just wanted the Dually look and Stability that the extra wheels give when hauling a Fifth wheel or goosekneck.
    I have seen the Dually Conversion Kits and They seem Pretty Simple to Install...
    If I was to get one Would It cause any problems with my differentials? Would My current Axle be able to spin those 2 extra wheels and not destroy anything in the process?

    Any one willing to help me on this would be a saint in my book...I am not however asking if I should do it...I am going to if it will not tear anything up.
    I just want to know what the Rammifacations would be...Fuel Economy...Mechanical damage and so forth.

    I would also like to say...I own a company Here in Bedford TX in which I Relocate R/Vs Autos & Boats...So I will be using this Quite often as it is why I purchased this powerful truck.
    Thank you in advance.
  • bonez59lbonez59l Posts: 4
    This may sound nuts coming from a Delivery guy and not a mechanic... But I had a 1500 with the Small V-8 in it also...I found the same problem only mine only had 90,000 miles on it..I checked under the hood one day to finnaly have it out with the cause of the issue and found it to be where the Air intake attached to the top of I guess The Throttle Body of some sorts at the top of the engine had some how came loose and was only half way tightened down which was causing Mass amounts of Air to escape thus leaving me very irritated at the problem.
    I just simply tightened the band up after making sure it was secure...I then had no more problems.
  • kilsterkilster Posts: 55
    Scott, I think you will be okay with your conversion. Depending on the options of the truck, I think I may be the same axle the dually's use only a single wheel version. The Diesel come with 2 axle options, a 10 1/2 American Axle or the 11 1/2 American Axle. Some 2500 have the 10 1/2 but I have seen some with the 11 1/2 axle, All 3500 come with the 11 1/2 axle. The real difference between the two is the 3500 are using helper springs. I have a '05 3500 Single Wheel Quad Cab, and I pull boats all day long with it, I do the same thing you do only part time. The only down side I can come up with, is the dealer will be funny about warranty on a modify vehicle.
    Hope this will be helpful.
  • bonez59lbonez59l Posts: 4
    So true about the warranty Issue... But to be honest as long as I can prove that adding the extra wheels didn't hurt or CAUSE any Damage if something were to happen to any other part of the drive train I am in hopes it will still be covered.

    I am not quite sure what my axle is ...I have the slt 2500 with 5.9 High Output 6 speed manual trans 2 wheel drive ...
    Other than the fact that it pulls 7,000 like its nothing at 63 mph with 16.9 MPG.

    I believe you have been very helpful with your information.
    I really appreciate that..
    Any other useful info on better intake set ups and eguahst systems for better mpgs and of course nice sound and look...?
    If So please let me know.

    Thanks again,
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