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Dodge Ram: Problems & Solutions



  • neojockneojock Posts: 2
    I hear a whistling noise in my 2003 Dodge Ram 1500, standard transmission. Some people say it could be an air leak. it is driving me crazy, and it feels like I have lost some power in my truck, maybe it is just in my head cause I think it is an air leak.

    The noise only happens when i am accelerating, it is loud, and it is driving me crazy.

    Can annyone help me? Vacuum leak?

    What is the play in the clutch fan?

  • dodgeman1dodgeman1 Posts: 2
    I am also having this same problem with my 1999 1500 and I am really lost on what the problem is? Any ideals will be helpful.
  • dodgeman1dodgeman1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for this information! This is the best lead I have had in my NO BUS problem yet!
  • rfrd189rfrd189 Posts: 1
    Driving to work my brake and ABS light appeared on the dash. At the same time my speedometer went to zero. I heard no noise or felt any problem. I tested my brakes. I traveled on to work and called my dealer first thing that morning. He suggested for service to check out the problem. The brake and ABS light was attributed to the ABS magnetic sensor ring in the rear end disintegrating. My truck only has 43,200 miles. Estimate cost for the rear end repair is $1800.00 this is hard to swallow since I have been an avid owner of GM trucks. How extensive is this problem? The problem with the speedometer is a sensor, or so they tell me. I would appreciate any info or help on this. Is there any warranty help on this matter? What is the warranty for a 2002?
  • njobenjobe Posts: 1
    my 2004 Quad Cab 1500 definately has a mind of it's own. The steering has gone out on me 5 times in 15,000 miles. Last time it happened going about 55. I have to stop turn my car off and then on again. I have brought it to dodge twice. They replaced the steering column but they said that wasn't the problem. They can't figure out the problem, so they told me to just come grab my truck. Since they can't dublicate the problem there is no problem. I refuse to pick up my truck becasue I feel it is unsafe to drive, if anyone has any solutions that would be helpful
  • cpasqualicpasquali Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 dodge puick up which had new heads placed on it at 6000 miles. Dodge requested the dealership do the work. They said there was an improper fit between the valve stem and guide. The engine is just as noisy after the work was performed and the dealership stated that a service bulletin was issued for this problem. My only words to you is DO NOT purchase the truck with 05 hemi engine. Dodge doesn't stand behind what they sell.
  • fxdl2003fxdl2003 Posts: 1
    this has just happened to me. I have a 2003 1500 4X4. I too have noticed the lamp out coming on and off with the chime. It also chimes for no apparent reason w/o the lamp out light coming on. I too would like to know why this is so and if anyone has a solution to the problem
  • eldenejeldenej Posts: 7
    About a year ago, my '96 1500 started exhibiting a transmission shifting problem when the truck was initially started each day; that is, it shifted from second into third only at engine speeds above 2500 rpm. The colder the day, the longer it refuses to make the shift. It is getting progressively worse; today I drove for nearly a mile before the shift occurred. Once the engine/transmission are warm, however, all is normal, with shifts taking place around 1900 rpm. I've had the truck into the local Dodge dealer, who both acknowledges the problem and admits to having no clue regarding a solution except: "We need to open up the transmission and see what is going on." Estimated cost: "$2600." !! Before I let those guys go on a fishing expedition, I'd like very much to know if anyone out there can shed light on this disappointing development. The truck still seems nearly new, having been driven just over 50,000.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Before they do an "exploratory", have them do a simple leak check. My 96 3500 began hard shifting and losing trans fluid but I never had parking-space spots. Turned out the cooling lines (between the trans and rad/aux cooler) were the culprits, and fluid only flows through them when the vehicle is running. Replaced the lines (not cheap, but not 26 C-notes either) and shifting problem solved.

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  • vbrownvbrown Posts: 1
    Strange My 1999 Ram 1500 4X4 Did The Same Thing.Both Lights Are On And the Speedo Works After you Atain 25 Miles Per Hour. Did You Get Yours Fixed And How Thanks Vic Brown
  • I have a '99 Ram 1500 that I bought with 37,500 miles on the clock. It's a typical Dodge: track bar replaced when I bought it; steering box replaced at 44,000; still wanders all over the road like a Yugo in a tornado. Overall, I'm happy with the truck, but I'm wondering if anyone else out there has had trouble with the tail lights? Right after I bought the truck, the driver's side rear tail lamp blew, so I replaced it and everything was fine. Now, at 45,00 miles, it's not working again, but the bulb isn't blown. I replaced the bulb anyway, but it still does not work. The brake light/turn signal works fine, but the running lamp is doing nothing. Someone at work told me that these trucks use some type of circuit board to control the lighting and that this could be my problem. I've never heard of this, but that's not to say he's wrong. Either way, I need it fixed. Can anyone help?

    Also, I have a question about the tranny (big surprise). The stock 318 is a total slug and when I use the O/D, it kills what's left of my power. Am I doing harm by not using the O/D? The only time I can stand to use the O/D is on level roads and there aren't any of those around here. As soon as I get into a climb of any grade, it drops down into passing gear and at 12.5 mpg, I'm not willing to give up much more to lack of power. So I end up driving everywhere without O/D and it seems fine. Plenty of power, responsive and not lugging. Any comments?
  • psrampsram Posts: 7
    Regarding the Light Out and chime, I also have the same problem. When I took it in to the dealer, they said it was a bulb. Which they replaced and it was all good for a bout 2, 000 miles, then the chime started again, I figure it has to be some type of wire that is lose and when there is a certian type of vibration that causes the light to chime, for I looked at the bulbs and they are all working fine. Some one on this forum stated it could be the bulb holder that melted on the rear tail lights, but took those off and they are fine. So your guess is as good as mine. It is annoying though. Other than that my truck works fine.

    One question though, I use Mobil 1 and I am wondering how long do you have to wait to change it. I mean the oil itself seems to be in one color off brown, meaning not too dark and not too light. I have put about 5 thousand miles on it, should I change it. My brother was telling me I should wait till it reachs 7-9 thousand miles before I should change it. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  • dwest1dwest1 Posts: 3
    I had the same problem with my 2001 ram. The dealer replaced the gas cap and the problem went away. Try putting on a new gas cap. It sounds odd but thats what the dealer did on my truck.
  • dwest1dwest1 Posts: 3
    I had my 5.9L tranny fluid changed last week. I never had a single problem with it. Right after it was changed I have a shutter in it or something. I have 42000 miles. Not sure what is going to happen next.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    This is the classic symptom of having the incorrect automatic transmission fluid installed!!

    After 2001 all Dodge truck transmissions must use ATF+4 (not ATF+3). I'm suspicious that Dexron-Mercon was used instead. Don't wait to resolve this. Continued driving on the wrong fluid will end up with a transmission failure.

    Good luck,
  • dwest1dwest1 Posts: 3
    I did bring it back to the dealer right away when I noticed the problem. They had overfilled it. I agree that it might be the wrong fluid.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    This is the classic symptom of having the incorrect automatic transmission fluid installed!!

    You beat me to it! Such a common problem. You must have it flushed with ATF+4, not just drained and refilled. Treat this very seriously.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Yes, and after all these years I still hear reports of Dexron-Mercon being installed into Chrysler products. I wish I could say I hear less today than I did ten years ago, but it's not the case.

    I will say that one local independent has a sign visibly displayed at their shop advising people of the special fluid for Mopars.

    Best regards,
  • ginacginac Posts: 7
    Ours is a 1999 1500/360 60,000miles
    What did you find out...I do not see any answers to your issues. We have the same issue and are absolutely baffled! Both of our most excellent mechanics can find nothing wrong. I drive this van with 4 kids in it and we love it. When this happens freaks us out. It is completely arbitrary. May happen one day and then not for 3 weeks. May happen two days in a row. It usually starts again within 15 minutes but last time it took overnight. We are deperate for answers. Happens when driving 40 mph or sitting at a stoplight. Have you discovered any answers?????
  • ginacginac Posts: 7
    Did you find out any information?
    We have a 1999 ram 1500 w/60,000 miles. Runs great but dies periodically without warning. Will restart after 10-15 minutes. Not fuel pump issue, our mechanics can find nothing wrong. May happen one day and then not again for 2 weeks. We are baffled as well and desperate for answers.
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