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  • Hello
    I have a 1995 Nissan Altima, 195000 miles, it has gone from an ave of 22mpg to 48 miles per quarter tank, this started about 2 months ago, last month, i changed the air and fuel filter, plugs and wires, and the engine doesn't miss... no change, I've had the codes shot, ignition on, and running, the only code is a knock sensor, I would appreciate any help

  • Good day,

    Another issue, electrical, 1995 Altima, when i start my car, the marker lights and taillights come on, with my headlights on, if i cut the car off, the stereo, lights, windshield wipers all stay on until i turn the headlights off, could someone tell me which wires to look for

  • I am happy to be a Nissan owner again, I just purchased a new Altima. I have had sentras but have had a Hyundai in between. Any tips or tricks anyone can suggest? Some of the things I am looking for are kinda like features that are not enabled unless you ask the service department to turn them on or off. An example is (this car already does it) I asked the dealer on a earlier car to automatically set the doors to lock at 10mph, this was not enabled buy the factory you just had to know to ask- cost was zero. One thing I would like to know if can be changed is the color of the console/radio buttons. over the years I have had radios that have an option to change the colors, not sure if this one can or not.
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