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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Very helpful, thank you for posting this!!

    Alt08sl, let us know how it works out for you.
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 241
    have to do my first oil change on my altima v6 coupe. any tips, on how to get under the car and what to remove to get to the oil filter. on my 03 murano, it was pretty easy, only had to turn the wheels to the right to get access to the filter. thanks, rr70
  • skinsfan3skinsfan3 Posts: 78
    You have got to be kidding us! Doing your own oil change in 2008! Most dealers have promo coupons for under $30.00 I, however, don't like waiting around and my local gas station does good work and gets me in and out faster. :P That is worth the 10 or more so dollars they might charge me over and above dealer. At the same time, I am building a business relationship with a competent garage that might have to save my donkey at some future time for a major problem. My next question you is, if you do your own oil change, how are you going to dispose of the old oil?
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I have the shop manual for the 2008 Altima, and the process to change the oil is very straight forward. You should not have any problems if you have changed the oil on other vehicles...

    You have got to be kidding us! Doing your own oil change in 2008!

    So, what's wrong with changing your own oil? I do it on all my vehicles, except my BMW (its included for free in the first 4 years of ownership). Its a great way to "stay in touch" with your car, and to keep an eye on the mechanics, tires, CV joints/boots, etc...Of course, you have to be somewhat mechanically inclined to do the work.

    My next question you is, if you do your own oil change, how are you going to dispose of the old oil?

    I don't know where you live, but in South Carolina, any auto parts store is required by law to accept used motor oil/ might even be a federal requirement. In addition, the county landfills accept used oil/filters as well. In both cases, there is no charge.
  • skinsfan3skinsfan3 Posts: 78
    Obviously you are retired. It is hard to justify as cost effective and the time and effort probably could be used productively by visitng residents of senior citizen and independent living facilities, many of whom don't get visits except from family members on holidays such as christmas. As a life time do it yourselfer, I would caution you to be wary whenever you go under your car to do work. Hydraulic jacks are not to be trusted. Ideally, owning a home with a pit is wonderful.
  • karpediemkarpediem Posts: 46
    Just to let you guys know, you can access the bulbs just by turning the wheels (left if you are changing the passenger side, turn them right to do the drivers side) and pop out the plastic rivets of the wheel well, and pull it need to remove the bumper.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    As a matter of fact, I do own a hydraulic lift and a 4-bay garage. And, as you guessed, I am 53 and retired, but I have always performed the general maintenance on all of my vehicles.

    In my earlier days, I restored several cars, including a 1939 Chevy Master 2-door coupe and a 1941 Dodge D-19 3-window business coupe to their original factory showroom conditions.

    Some folks golf for pleasure...I work on cars.
  • winsanwinsan Posts: 35
    There's nothing wrong changing oil ourselves. I do that, and I'm not retired. I like doing it.
    Here in OH, I dump the used oil and filter to the shop I bought them. No charge.
  • levinlllevinll Posts: 2
    Upon taking my 1997 Altima in to get an oil change the mechanic shows me that there is oil in one of my spark plug cylinders. The other three cylinders have no oil in them.

    He says this can be repaired by simply replacing the valve cover gasket ?

    I read another post that says a leaking value cover gasket will not cause oil to accomulate in a spark plug cylinder.

    I would appreciate if other members would chime in with their comments.

  • skinsfan3skinsfan3 Posts: 78
    I envy your position. As a matter of fact I had always hoped that I could get a house with a built in bay. I am sorry if I pissed you off and you have my deep apology.

    For a while there I did my own stuff and was something of an expert working on Morris Oxfords. A very pretty car, but unrelaible. Imagine, an English car whose windshield would leak during the rain! It's best feature, a hand crank to start er up when all else failed. People were amazed to see a crank in circa 1950.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490

    Ist of all, you didn't piss me off. I learned a long time ago that its sometimes difficult to get your true intent expressed in 1 or 2 paragraphs. So, no problem there...

    Old Btritish cars were off limits to me...other than an old Triumph Spitfire. That's when I decided British cars were no fun for me.

    What's the old joke about why the British like their beer served warm? Its because Lucas (the electrical parts manufacturer for British cars) also made all the refrigerators in England. If you have worked on British cars, I am sure you understand the joke...

    Take it easy, Dude!
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    If you have oil in a cylinder, replacing the valve cover gasket will NOT fix the problem.

    Are you sure he didn't say replacing the valve guides/seals?

    Now, if you simply have oil accumulating around the outside of the sparkplug, replacing the gasket may indeed solve that issue.
  • levinlllevinll Posts: 2
    I may have indeed mispoke when I indicated what repair the mechanic said my car needed

    He showed me the oil when he removed the spark plug cover and oil was dripping from it.

    The repair was to cost me $100.
  • bob212bob212 Posts: 1
    I get these codes off the blinks with the service engine light 3 long and 4 short which comes up as knock sensor and 10 long 5 short which comes up as egr solenoid valve and EVAP canister purge control solenoid valvue circut is open or shorted. Does anyone know what I should do to correct the above or how to test them.
  • u might have 2 get them out like its done on the 04-08 maximas that is taking the inner fender wall loose dropping the front bumper cover about 3 inches then remove the air filter box also take all screws bolting the actual headlight down loose i know it sounds like a lot but thats how they're actually removed i used to work at a nissan dealer here in new orleans most of all the new model nissans are made like that something simple as changing a light bulb is a pain in the butt good luck with changing your bulbs
  • i worked at a nissan dealer(eric hill nissan in new orleans east) for a long time i always owned GMs and i hate the fact that people always are so quick to uplift imports like they are bulletproof i saw so many nissans come in and out the shop with the same problems american cars have or worst that goes to show u aint no car import or american is built like fort knox the nissan altima has about 7 recalls visit your dealer dont be surprised at what u discover
  • It sounds like you're driving my car. Check for a fuel leak. I have a 1994 Altima and was experiencing the same problem. I finally found a small but significant, intermitting stream of fuel coming from underneath the car...behind the passenger side front wheel. So I knew it was in the area. I traced the line (was underneath the car...never fun), and made my own repair. Car runs great again. And I am no longer losing gas!!!
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Last week, I received a recall notice on the Altima 2.5 08 models, regarding the improper torque settings on the bolts that secure the serpentine belt idler arm. Took it in today, and the dealer replaced the bolts and torqued them properly (I hope). Took 2 hours total.

    Can't help but think this was related to your problem...
  • jft26jft26 Posts: 35
    Does anyone know where I can get something like a Chilton's Complete Repair Manual or a Shop Manual for my 2006 Altima? Thank you.
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