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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • hey altimadude00 i had the same problem. i have a 05 as well and i went to the dealer to find out the clicking noise. the dealer said the clicking is a part that releases the joy stick to allow you to shift gear, for example: if you have the car in park and you try to put the car in drive you cant because the gear is locked. now once you step on the brake pedal you release the gear and thats when you hear the clicking noise. the dealer say its normal,
  • Most Nissan models do not need a tune up until 105,000 miles - that's most of the newer ones for the last few years , and is the same with most newer imports, and some domestics ... most cars today have direct ignition and platinum-tipped spark plugs and no longer have the rotor, points, and distributor cap that necessitated the tune up at 30K or 60K miles ... hard to tell with brakes as brake usage and wear, like clutch wear, varies with the driver - some people are just naturally harder on brakes ( I drive a mountain road with 91 turns in a 7-mile stretch - that's hard on brakes when you drive it the way I do ) ... usually brakes are inspected at oil changes and if less than 15-20% left on the pads the customer is advised of that and a brake job is recommended; that's usually the pads and turning the rotors ... unless you have a "Z" and they recommend replacing the rotors - I know because I'm needing my fourth set at 90K miles, but, as mentioned, I am harder on brakes than most ... be well ...
  • just had same problem with 2002 3.5se v6. Took it to dealer and they sanded area around gas cap. They also told me I had to replace cruise and brake switches. They had to order the switches. After they sanded area around gas cap the check engine light went out. I doubt the brake and cruise switchs were bad.
  • FTobFTob Posts: 1
    I also had the same problem. Had to make a fuss at the dealership because they had it 3 months ago and "could'nt recreate the squeak", but it continued and I was just under 12,000. They finally replaced the front calipers (said it was a Nissan technical concern) fixed the problem and the brakes feel right and NO squeaking anymore.
  • Agreed on the front calipers being replaced on my car, also. They said they couldn't hear the squeak either but I looked very serious and said I knew they could drive it til they heard it....they also looked and had developed a new kit with different material composition for the rear brakes so they replaced those too. It did fix the problem and the brakes do feel better, no squeak. I must commend Nissan for constantly coming up with new kits to fix problems, though I'd prefer not having to be the test guinea pig on the problem with the belt torsioning bolt snapping before the recall and the squeaky brakes before someone tells me to come in for new kits. this time they asked for my e-mail so Nissan can keep me posted. Hmm....2 more years to go on this lease....700 days.
  • Hey,
    I have noticed that my Bose stereo sytem in my 2005 Altima tends to adjust the volume on it's own. Has anyone encountered this problem?
  • I have a 2005 Altima which has recently started to pop or click in the front end. The happens while turning the wheel at a stand still. It only has 61 K on the car. Any idea what it might be?
    Quick Silva
  • I have a 2005 Nissan Altima 3.5 and, have noticed that since it was new has a tendency to plum white smoke at the start up. This has happened onlt four times to my knowledge and, stops once started. I have been told that Nissan didn't do a good job with the rings in this engine and, the dealer when it was under warrenty could find no problem as it is intermittant.. Any solutions?
  • I have an Altima with a sunroof. This cars roof has been making an annoying rattle since 30K. I note that it is coming from a plastic piece that is across the front when opened. Is this plastic part needed?
  • I have had an issue with cup holder cover. I imagine that they had to remove the arm rest in my 05 altima to replace the door spring. My issue is that they left a screw under the arm rest that when it moves drives me crazy. Anyone know how to remove the arm rest to get to it?
  • Car is overheating and will not produce hot air when car's heat is on. Problem has happened on two other occasions over the past year for which repairs were made. First time we took to dealership....they refilled the coolant and replaced rear brakes....they wanted to replace a purge control canister but we opted not too. Second time car died on highway....dealership replaced thermostat, radiator cap, and bleed system. Now it seems we are back to the same problems. What should I do? Replace the purge control canister....would like to try to do myself. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have a 2005 Nissan Altima 3.5 with a VQde35 engine. It blew a puff of white smoke once when new and, I paid it no mind but, since then it has done this about six times. Once recently after changing oil. The dealer could find no problem. I note smoke also when getting into it during acelleration but, only at first. The car has had regular oil changes. What could this be?
  • I want to put copper header gaskets on my VQ35DE Altima 3.5 when putting on my headers but, can't seem to find any. HELP??
  • I have an aggravating roof rattle coming from the plastic cross member above the sunroof. Is it possible to cut this plastic off w/o causing any problems? It seems to be useless.
  • Can anyone tell me if its easy or not to attempt changing my cabin filter on my 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5 lt ? I understand it thru the glove compartment. :confuse:
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    most of the time white smoke is caused by antifreeze getting burned in the cylinders.
  • I cannot imagine that the brakes have anything to do with this problem. My guess is that you have a bad radiator. Did you have enough anti-freeze and was it exposed to extremely cold weather? It may pay to check to see if the hoses are connected tightly. Maybe they are leaking?
  • It is located behind the glove box and, it is really easy. Remove the door look for the compartment housing with a few screws. It should not need to be changed until 30,000.00 miles unless you live in a dusty envoirnment.
  • I don't know if this paints a perfect picture, but my new 2009 Altima 2.5 SL feels like it is letting loose at slow speeds when coming to a stop. At less than 15 mph when braking to a stop, the transmission lets out of gear and I need to brake a bit more than prior to the slippage. Not a big problem, but this is more pronounced on this car than any other I have ever driven. Does anyone else experience this?
  • Thanks for your response.

    The dealer also said that it was normal. It is the resetting of the brake-interlock. I hardly think that an audible resetting of the interlock is normal operation. However, the click hasn't gotten louder nor hasn't interfered with the operation of the transmission. Looks like I'll have to suffer through having that click. :(
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