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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • jb2266jb2266 Posts: 1
    The flashing "service engine soon" light fired on Saturday. Had it towed to my Nissan dealership where the inspected the Altima SE today. Verdict: Cat converter disintegrated and the debris "scored the cylinder wall". The dealership says I need a new engine for $5000. Anyone hear of this problem?
  • Like others, this one is new to me. Since mechanics are able to rebuild racing cars, I would think that there may be some way to machine the "scoring". Nevertheless, if you follow your manual on how to proceed under lemon laws, you may be able to get Nissan's ear on this one. I forget what the warranty is on the cat converter so it seems to me that the failure of of a component like that should fall upon the manufacturer. I have a 2003 so I will discuss this possibility with my shop.
  • Tried to access the link, but it wasn't there.
  • Hi everyone,

    I've got a 2008 altima s sedan. It's been good for 32,000 miles so far. But just recently, I ran into a strange issue. Left the car in a parking lot for a few hours (temperature was 45 degrees outside), came out and tried to start the car.

    It tried to turn over once then everything went dead. No lights in the dash or anything. I could hear a clicking sound (like a relay) behind the dash but had no gauges or anything else lit up. Took my foot off the brake, waited a second and tried again. Nothing. Just the clicking sound behind the dash but nothing lighting up and the engine didn't turn over at all.

    After doing this a few more times, I put the keyfob in the slot next to the steering wheel. I tried a few more times and nothing happened. I reseated the keyfob in the slot and all of a sudden, it started just like normal.

    Since then (about 3-4 trips), it's acted normal. Still bugs me though because this wasn't a brake switch issue. The car/dash was dead. My radio lost all it's presets, etc. so it looks like all power was cut off in the vehicle when this happened. And since it won't recreate itself, I'm waiting to hit the dealer because we know what usually happens there.

    Anyone else seen this? Any ideas? I'm thinking some other electronic control/brain in the dash (ECU, etc) but since it hasn't re-appeared yet, it makes it tough to figure out.

    And yes, my keyfobs do have recent batteries in them and I never got a low battery warning for them prior to this incident.
  • Double-check the battery terminals. Make sure they're tightened down and free of corrosion. Both of these issues could have caused a temporary problem...

    If this doesn't do the trick, there may be a short somewhere that could (again) cause an on-again, off-again issue.
  • my wife's 2000 altima started giving her problems. I replaced battery and she stills sees airbag, brake lights flickering on & off. Other day she needed a buster. What can it be?
  • it is a warning light telling you that you have been driving for over 90 minutes. you can change how long u want it to come on. its for people that drive at night and it tells them they need to stop a rest. thats all it is basically.
  • _kristin__kristin_ Posts: 4
    edited November 2010
    i've never had a problem with my 98 altima runs (ran) great and driving hometonight the service engine light came on and at the very same sec engine just stopped like a switch was turned off, did not putter or anything , now the lights on dash come on and it makes the turn over noise but its like theres nothing there for it to catch on to turn over. any ideas what happend? I am 5 payments tull paid off :(
  • Hi,
    Have a question, whenever I set my AC to the AUTO option after setting the desired temperature, it always points the AC to the feet(Any help to point to my head), and if I change any of the setting to point to my head, it turns off the auto option, any help with that?

  • just notice monday just past . i was stop and move notice that acceleration was high before the gear change.1st and 2nd. also low on acceleration steady and change gear. what do think . please i need help just got lay off. mechanic was not available at this time.
  • av8r78av8r78 Posts: 1
    Hey folks, I'm new to this whole forum and would really like some advice please. I have a 1997 Altima with the 2.4 I-4 engine and an automatic transmission. The car has about 220,000 miles on it. The car started to over-heat last week so I waited til the engine had cooled and then added coolant to the radiator directly and to the over-fill too. The other day, the engine started to shake/vibrate kinda hard and was behaving like it wanted to stall out. As it was shaking/vibrating, there was white smoke coming out of the front of the engine but the temperature gauge was on the cool side. This morning, I tried to start the car and it wouldn't do it at all. Not even with jumper cables. I'm kinda at a loss. I know that I need to do a flush/fill of the radiator and probably an oil change too. I don't know when the spark plugs were last changed, but I should probably do those too. Please help! Like I said, I'm at a loss.
  • sounds like you may have blown a head gasket.
  • ndiboyndiboy Posts: 36
    I believe you have a burnt head gasket too despite the temperature gauge displaying normal. It happened to my 02 Altima and once it was changed everything was alright.
    Check the oil after driving to see if there is a milky film on it which shows that oil is mixing with water.
  • I really disappointed on how hard it is to change the in-cabin filter in the 2010 Nissan Altima 2.5S sedan. I had no luck trying to get the glove box out so I slid the filter in from the bottom.

    Any one have links to photo instructions, videos or anything else that would be helpful? Thanks!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,415
    Remove the glove box assembly.

    Remove the console side finisher RH.

    Disengage the filter cover tab to remove the filter cover.

    Remove the in-cabin microfilter from the blower unit.

    When you open the glove box, there are three screws to take out along the bottom and then it comes out.


  • I dont believe there is much of a difference with how the in cabin filter is replaced from a 2010 model to a 2007. I have a 2007, I took my car to a nissan dealership to have a few services done. Once the car was done, at pick up I asked if they replaced the in-cabin filter since it was part of the service package coupon offer. They did not, so at the spot a tech came walking up with a new filter and a flat screw driver. All he did was enter the passenger side laying face up, reached under the glove box compartment and using the flat screw driver, pulled out the filter through the bottom and slid in the new one again using the screw driver to help with the process. The filter does need to bend in order to be slid into place. It took about a minute to replace. I was laughing inside because the service adviser when explaining to me about the procedure, stated the glove box had to be removed and a bunch of other bolony. The fact is its really easy and they just make it seem complicated so that you dont feel ripped off by the high price they charge. The only difficulty will probably be that you need to lay face up on the passenger side floor. I recommend using a small flash light to help you see under the dash board. Hope this helps.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    I've been told that the cabin air filter is NOT included in all '07 Altimas, but only in the 2.5SL and 3.5SE/SL. Is this true?
  • ndiboyndiboy Posts: 36
    Thats a blatant lie, even my 2002 Altima 2.5S with SL package has not to talk of 07 models. Once the car has A/C be rest assured the filter is there.
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