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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • Altima 2001 GXE with 30,000 miles - getting trim noises from the driver's door - hard to tell if it's from top or bottom, front or back and is intermittent so it goes away at times after slamming door shut but returns. Can't hear anything loose when swinging door open and shut.

    Any ideas ? - maybe speaker wires tapping against door panel or something loose inside power window rails or runners.

    Doesn't always rattle but sometimes over bumps and is driving me nuts enough to trade for another Accord which has more solid trim.
  • I lost both my sets of aoutomatic locks for my 02 Nissan Altima (year old), even when I did have them it didn't Beep anymore when I tried to lock it from a distance and the lights didn't flicker when I unlocked it - anyone else with such ordeals and how much do those automatic locks run!! ???
  • The horn/beeper can be turned on & off - read the owner's manual or see the back of the remote.

    If you push the lock button and the unlock button on the remote at the same time and hold them in for a couple of seconds it will activate/de-activate the beeper. If you hold the lock button down too long it will activate the horn alarm. You turned off your beeper by being clumsy with your fingers or perhaps you sat on it.

    The lights flash twice on my 2001 when I lock it ONLY. Unlocking does not flash the parking lights and never did. Yours is probably the same. The dealer will have to set up the remote for you as they are coded to each individual car.

    And with all due respect if you can't afford to buy a remote you can't afford what you are driving plus this is not an "ordeal". Losing remotes, keys etc and not reading the owner's manual would fall under the category of driver error.
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    By the way (from your screen name), what kind of "rig" ya playing through and what kind of music are ya into?
  • I have a '95 Nissan Altima GXE/Auto, with about 92K miles on it. It has/had the following problem last week:

    I started the car and put it on reverse gear, the car moved a few feet and then the engine died. I could not start the car on that day again.

    The next day I could start the car, but as soon as I started it, the engine started to stumble. I did put gas and the engine came to normal operating condition. When I was pressing the accelerator, it felt as if the engine was hesitating to rev up. I kept the car running and in about 10 minutes the engine died again. I could not start the engine again on that day.

    I was able to repeat the same sequence one more time (i. e.: start --> stumble-->die-->won't start).

    Before trying to start the car on the 2nd day, I did change the distributor cap, rotor, spark plug, spark plug wire.

    The next thing I suspect would the fuel pump and then the distributor itself.

    I would really appreciate feedback regarding probable cause of the engine failure.
  • While backing out of my driveway last week, I got too close to the trash can (the larger ones picked up by the city) and my side mirror on the drivers side came off. There are screws on the inside and holes on one side. It looks as though one of those holes has a broken side.

    Any advice on getting this fixed? Should I take it to a Nissan dealership? I purchased this car last year at Car Max. Any idea about the cost involved?
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    Influences are Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Morse, Neal Schon, and others in that genre.

    Ok... Enough music talk -- back to car stuff.

  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,744
    I did the same thing on my 99 Civic. Any decent body shop can do it and will probably be less than the dealer. A new mirror will probably be color matched. You can look for used or after-market but you know what they say about "you get what you pay for". For the Civic, for a new power mirrow, I think that it ran me $180.
  • Check your distributor first. They usually fail at around 100k. Mine did and I had the same symptoms.
  • I had a leaking CV boot and the dealer replaced the axle under the powertrain warranty. Since that repair, the car's ride seems noticeably more harsh. The tires are not overinflated. Is there something the dealer could have done to cause this? Thanks.
  • My 97 Altima has about 92K miles (32K on the engine itself-- different story). My struts are bad, but my mechanic says that won't cause any mechanical problems, only a rough ride. Over the weekend, my wife went a bit fast over a speed bump and the engine light came on. Now, when I start the car, it's a bit rough (i.e., it used to just start right up, now there I can hear a little struggle to start). Any thoughts on this-- whether the starting issue is related to the engine light? As to the speed bump, my wife said she wasn't going that fast (5 mph or less). I read about the distributor items noted in separate messages and wondered if maybe I have some problem in that area. Thanks for any advice.
  • Any suggestion on how/what to check for distributor malfunction?

    Thanks in advance.
  • What a difference a day makes. I made the mistake of driving the car to work; so, of course, it wouldn't start when it was time to go home. I had it towed to my mechanic and was told they had to put a starter in before they could even see if there was anything else wrong.

    So, a car with 92K miles has had: 1. New engine at 59.5K miles (supposedly a crushed oil pan-- no, I haven't run over any boulders); 2. New starter at 92K miles. There is a black cloud hanging over this thing. Anyone have starter problems on their Altima-- is this normal?
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    whether you or someone who borrowed your car crushed a boulder and smashed the oil doesn't matter.

    Engine replacement at 60K due to damage and a starter at nearly 100K - them's small beans, and one could have been prevented.
  • andy2470 (Thomas A McLelland) thanks for your advice.

    I have changed the distributor on my own, and the car is OK now.
  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    Have 97 GXE, 98K , sounds like a case of neglect, My alitma has almost been flawless, but I do a lot of prevent maint.

    1st I would never drive with the engine light on!!!

    If you have a CEL or engine light, take it to Autozone, they will pull the code for free, tell you what you need etc... If you want to clear the light after a repair has been made, disconnect the battery cable "positive" for 24HRS

    2nd Why a new engine?

    3rd, I would replace the struts, Excessive tire wear?
  • hi mashmad and someone knows it: I got the same problem with my nissan altima 1995, and the garage diagonized and told me the exact same problem as yours, they want to charge me $750 for that, since I think it is too much and decide to do by myself. could you please give me some suggestion how to do it, looks not hard. some suggestion like,
    where to buy distributor, spark plug, wire, cap and how much do you spend?
    the sympton of my car is stumble, stumble again, three days later, it died.

  • rxurxu Posts: 5
    My 99 fuel tank has exactly same problem (difficulty to fill it up). I heard somebody called in to click and clack brothers' car talk show to report same thing on his altima. I feel nissan has abnormally high failure rate on this fuel tank and should recall it.
  • I am the owner of a 96 Nissan Altima with the automatic transmission. I bought it used in 1998 and I now have 201k on the odometer. If anyone with lower mileage has any questions on repairs or problems post it here. If I have any knowledge of it I will reply to you. Chances are that I have been there and done that and could provide info on symptoms and repair costs. By the way, I am not running on the original transmission. It died at 195k.
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