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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • david7david7 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a '98 Altima SE for my daughter and am having trouble activating a new remote control she purchased on line. The existing remote that came with the car is burnt and cracked so we want to replace it even though it worked with new batteries. I followed the instructions that came with the new remote and ended up deactivating the old one. Now I have two remotes but still cannot get them to operate. Both have new batteries.

    Another point to mention is that the old remote takes 2 batteries (CR2016) but the new one takes only one (CR2025). Does that make a difference? Can anyone assist me so I don't have to pay the high hourly rate at the dealership?

    There are several TSB's on this year Altima and I've experienced some of these issues. Is the dealership obligated to correct these at their cost?

    Thank you.
  • boyandboyand Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem right now. Worse still, I have to pass the IL emission test soon and this "check emission control system" lamp is what they are looking for. I had to change my catalytic converter 1 or 2 years ago, but since the Nissan dealer wanted $700, I went with a local repair shop that used a generic converter in which they placed a Nissan original oxygen sensor. Now I don't know if I take the car to Nissan, if they will blame it on the generic part, and even if I change the catalytic converter again, can I be sure the light will go off?
  • gjeangjean Posts: 3
    Get some polarized sun glasses, you will be amazed. No more reflections, that is what the polarized glasses do, remove reflected light.
  • I get the same swooshing noise in my 2002 2.5 SL when the car accelerates. It sounds like liquid moving rapidly and the sound does come through the right vent. I hope someone can help explain this one.
  • Is this true?

    I just took my 2002 2.5 SL to the Nissan Dealer for a myriad of issues (including the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light issue AGAIN, random car stalling, shocks leaking).

    The AC & Heater don't seem to "kick in" (so to speak) until I accelerate in the car. Once the engine idles (while driving or stationary) the AC & Heater seem to just shut off completely while the fan continues to blow air, and the car warms up (when the AC is on) or gets colder (when the Heater is on).

    The dealer informed me that for this particular make and model of the Altima, the thermostat is the problem, and that the thermostat needs to be replaced every 50,000 miles. Replacement of this (which is NOT covered under my extended warranty apparently) will cost near $600.00. Needless to say, I declined this work, and since I thankfully live in a mild climate, I can live with the AC/Heater not working at full force for a while until I can figure out what all of my options are.

    $600.00 every 50K miles for a THERMOSTAT? This seems ridiculous to me. Any thoughts or related experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 4,002
    Poor heater performance in these cars is usually due to air bubbles in the heater core. There is a TSB with procedure to bleed the bubbles out. There is another TSB on poor A/C performance. Heater performance will decrease at idle but if the car is warmed up it shouldn't blow cold air.
  • FYI- I have no advice what so ever, but I wanted to share with you.
    Your post sounds a little bit familiar!! My serpentine belt went on my '96 and I had it replaced; since then I am too embarrassed to even turn on my air conditioner, because I turn so many heads with the screeching coming from under the hood. Someone has told me, it's because the folks at the Nissan dealer replaced it with a cheap belt?
    My last day to drive my '96 will be this Friday the 13th; I upgraded to a newer model. Other than that, for the 5 years that I drove it, I had NO problems what so ever. My husband has a 2000 and I am a new owner of a 2002.
    Good luck. :)
  • You've probably figured it out by now, but...

    Congrats on your purchase. I have owned a 98 Altima SE since new and it continues to serve me well. Other than oil changes and 30/60k services, a battery and belts are all the repairs i've made in 78k miles. Car has been from WA state to Louisiana and back twice and I'd take it again tomorrow.

    Regarding the remotes and otherwise, check which is full of Altima-specific forums which usually have the programming instructions. You do have to program both remotes at the same time, which may be the source of your problems, plus programming two different remote models may be a problem. Factory remote is a CR2025; mine is still going strong on its original single battery.

    TSBs, as far as I understand, are basically solutions given by the factory to dealers for problems that recur commonly in its cars. The dealer is only obligated to correct the problem gratis if the car is still under warranty. If the car is recalled (which AFAIK the 98 Altima never has) then repairs are gratis.

    If you don't mind, would you post the details of your purchase (miles/color/options/condition of car, location, purchase price) as I am entertaining the thought of selling mine and wondering what it's worth.
  • rholtrholt Posts: 1
    I just recently purchased an '03 Nissan Altima 2.5 S also. It had 24k when we bought it a month ago. I've run 3 tanks of gas through it and got 27, 30, 28 mpg with each respective tank.

    In Utah, we use the air conditioning quite a bit and I run it up a few canyon roads here locally so I'm not complaining.

    I've also found the using premium gas helps with the mileage.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Hi Everybody,

    Since I moved and went to college my gas mileage has gotten much better.

    Here at Clemson, there are far more hilly areas and what not but there is far more highway driving as well.

    The reason I got bad gas mileage in the first place was my heavy lead foot. I laid it off the gas pedal and now I at least get 27.7 mpg. Better than the 23 and below that I was getting.
  • silver58,
    I was just checking to see if you are still having stalling and stumpling problems since you fixed the air mass sensor in your 97 Altima?
    I am having the same type of problem. Maybe I should fire my repair shop and have someone else look at the air mass sensor.
    Let me know how things worked out.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Hi everybody, I was wondering if any of the Altima owners, mainly 05 Alti Owners had the following issues...

    1) My glove box is misaligned....the thing has been uneven since the day I bought it.

    2) I have a front passenger seat rattle that developed because the screws that hold the seats down have come up and are GONE...

    3) My power window switches come up out of there socket whenever I go over bumps and rough roads.

    4) My speakers sound busted and I DON'T play my music loud. Especially the front speakers

    5) The automatic tranmsission sometimes has a loss of power...Like when I take off the car will hesitate then TAKE OFF like a bat out of hell.

    6) The radio reception SUCKS...major sucks.

    7) The carpet actually comes up from the floor board when I vacuum the car.

    Have any of you guys had these issues?

    I sometimes wish I had just bought the Accord instead...the Altima is a better looking car, but clearly inferior to the Accord IMO.

    I am beginning to really dislike the damn thing.

    Thanks in advance
  • I am a week old owner of an '02 (notice earlier post) and I too have notice the hesitance (when compared to my '96). Other than that, I am a very happy girl - so far, so good!!
  • Hi, newbie here!

    I have a 2002 2.5S, and I notice when the engine is cold, I hear valve clatter. Once the engine warms up, it goes away. Dealer said it is normal. Do they all do this?
  • Max--

    I've had a 1998 Altima since new, and it required quite a few trips to the dealer in its first year with me. Various squeaks and rattles, plus both front struts, and a clutch bearing were fixed, but all under warranty.

    Make a list of: what when where how for each problem. Take it with you to the dealer. Ask that a technician ride with you (not the service writer) and use the list to make the problems appear for the tech. My car made a noise going over a certain speed bump at a certain parking lot, so I took the tech to that parking lot and it made the noise. It is not unreasonable to ask a tech to ride with you, and most techs are happy to have a stab at actually fixing your problem with you, rather than trying to go off the work order which says "customer reports passenger seat rattles" which usually leads to "could not reproduce problem" on the receipt.

    On the inside, Nissans aren't usually known for their exquisite interior materials, but I think you'll find that the carpet in most cars (and houses) pulls up a bit when vacuuming, and the glove box is probably an easy fix.

    The good news is that once you get the problems ironed out, you should have smooth sailing. 6.5 years and 78k later, i've only had to do routine maintenance, and replace the battery and belts once. I'm even on original brake pads. Plus, even the most die-hard Honda fan has to admit that the Nissan has quite a bit more soul, and you might have gotten one of the many new Honda/Acuras that have dropped their transmissions.

    Besides, you're into the car now and you'll get soaked trying to get rid of it, so make the best of it and enjoy.
  • Question that needs answering please....

    Recently purchased 2002 3.5 SE. Was wondering if there is a problem with the trip computer? When pressing the "trip" button, I am only able to get trip "A" and "B" to display?? Manual indicates that I should be able to get Outside temp, DTE, MPG, and trip time display...etc. Can someone explain why I am not able to get these other options to display? I have tried resetting the trip and it only changes the mileage on the computer back to 0. Thank you!
  • artyarty Posts: 3
    yes, it is a complete waste of time. so a search for BBB autoline and look for my post to see what I discovered.
  • joycejoyce Posts: 1
    Re/water on door sills after washing, I noticed same. I have a 2004 Altima. Never had it w/my Camry. ??
  • bcumminsbcummins Posts: 16
    Ultima, I've been using synthetic in my 2000 Impala since I bought it with 28K miles on it. I used to drive alot and hated to get oil changes so frequently.

    I just bought my wife a 2005 3.5SE and was wondering about moving to synthetic. Can you elaborate on the reasoning behind the repeated regular oil changes in short intervals before the first synthetic change? I assume it has to do with removing debris knocked loose while the engine breaks in?

    Also, any idea how this impacts the warranty? Ultimately I think synthetic is just superior since it doesn't break down as much, but I'd hate to have a failure put back in my face b\c I broke the recommended regimen... Any thoughts?
  • bcumminsbcummins Posts: 16
    Hi guys, just looking to find out there are some common problems or TSBs that I should be looking out for with our 2005 Altima.

    I have been noticing a creaking noise that sounds like it's coming from the passenger side of the dash whenever the car rises and then sinks (almost like I'm hearing the strut). Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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