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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • < ...Did you ever get the codes read again after installing the crank position sensor?...>

    No, I did not. But I do have an appointment with my mechanic on Fri. He told me - he could not scan the codes, but he could cancell/delete them.

    For now I am driving to empty the tank filled with "Octane Booster" "Fuel Injector Cleaner" and gasoline of 91 octane.

    I really thank you for your help.

    I will share my experience as soon as the light goes out - hopefully soon.

    Thank you
  • Just passing it on, I took the car to the dealer for a complimentary oil change, and they caught that the radiator was leaking. Replaced it under warranty.

    04 Altima 2.5S with just over 5000 miles since Feb.

    I never noticed any fluid. It by no means was a gusher. Never any abnormal temp indications or puddles, or big loss of fluid. They pointed it out to me. If you look around the "lip" of the radiator all around the top, it had a crusty line on it. It was some sort of seam/seal at the top bad.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,744
    I'm still going around in circles with Nissan Corporate on the warranty coverage for this belt. Calling them is no better than calling the cable company. Their reps don't know anything about cars and have no in depth understanding of their warranty.

    My belt had to be replaced after a year and a half and 15,800 miles. The dealer indicated that this is covered for one year or 12,000 miles. The warranty that is available on their website does not indicate this exclusion.

    Nissan's stance so far is that it is completely routine for this belt to need to be replaced at this point. I've had cars where the serpentine belt has lasted 80k or 90k miles no problem. As a matter of fact, I haven't talked to anyone who had to replace this belt so early.

    I feel that the belt wore prematurely due to either an alignment problem or poor materials. If anyone out there has had an experience where this part wearing out this quickly is routine, please share your experience with me. Since the warranty does not list this exception, I feel that this should be covered under the 5/60 warranty.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 4,007
    Unless you have an extended warranty, the bumper-to-bumper is 3 years, 36,000 miles. 5/60 is the powertrain only - generally, only internally lubricated parts of the engine and transmission. I know the 3/36 doesn't cover things like brake pads or light bulbs.
  • Can someone compare how quiet is the new 2002-2004 Altima to Toyota Camry (of same years)
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 4,007
    Quietness is very subjective. Although you can put decibel numbers on sound, the frequency or resonance of the sound can be what makes it noticeable. There are owners who believe the 3rd generation Altima could or should be quieter. Some of these owners, myself included, have installed additional noise damping (like Dynamat). Tire choice seems to be another factor. My Michelins are very quiet. I would hazard a guess that the Camry will be quieter under almost all conditions, however, the Altima can come reasonably close with a few modifications. Neither is a penalty box. The Camry is more luxurious, the Altima is more sporting. Buy and drive what you like!
  • Today, I test drove Altima 2003 2.5 SL, Camry 2003, Civic 2003 (I know Civic is in different category). IMO, Altima beats them all - I guess, I prefer sporty handling. Camry's brakes did not feel right, there is also a slight lean on curves.
    This is how I test the "peppiness" of the engine - I accelerate to 45 mph, then apply the brakes to about 10 mph - then hit the accelerator and see how car pulls out. Camry is sluggish, although on a straight road pulls O.K.
    Altima takes it all.
  • Corvette
    2 Things. Where do you buy Dynamat, and where did you put the Dynamat to damper some of the engine noise?
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 4,007
    I bought Dynamat from a seller on eBay. I installed $300-400 worth in the door sills, trunk, under the back seat, and on the roof of the car. It's no Lexus, but it's very quiet with that and the Michelin Hydroedge tires I put on it.
  • The new a/c system turns on the compressor when you select defrost but you cannot turn off the compressor unless you shut of the engine and restart. (It is in the operating manual) Confirmed by my service manager that this is way system is designed!
    Worse yet all air passes heater core and produces 12-15 deg above outside air temp at all time. No way to turn heat off.
    On 70 deg day incoming air is h4eated to 85 deg so you have to turn a/c on!!!
    Nissan engineering sucks!!!
  • Altima 97

    Today, my mechanic replaced the "Knock" sensor. Darn expensive part. The "Check Engine" light is still "ON". Darn ....

    Went to Nissan dealer, showed them their diagnosis, parts were bought from them - (my mechanic in across Nissan dealer), and they told me that the car needs to be driven 3-4 days before the code "clears itself out".

    Corvette, can you advise if this is how it's happening ?

    Thank you
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 4,007
    Your mechanic should have the appropriate tool to clear the codes, failing that, you could disconnect the battery for 10 minutes or so to try to clear the car's memory. It may take a while after clearing the car's memory before it drives "normally" again, most cars have to recalibrate some settings after a power loss. Write down your radio presets, and be sure you have the unlock code if it has a theft lock. Good luck...
  • daveed-- I also bought a 2005 altima. I noticed the reception problem quickly myself. The cd sounds great, and being a car audio buff for years, am very surprised of the stock sound from the cd. But unhappy with the quality of radio sound!!
  • Does the stock radio have rca outputs to build an amplified system? If not, can I upgrade to a high end head unit and maintain the integrity of the steering wheel controls?
  • Glad you were able to resolve the problem. Great you got a new car. I'm still waiting to see a nissan rep. Also I am now hearing a clanking noise, like when you use bad fuel. I always use Shell (87) use to use 93 but got too expensive. The service department told me to use a different gas to see if it would quit, if it doesn't he wants me to bring it in. Still like my Nissan, just want to get rid of the whining and clanking.
  • Hi guys, I'm a new owner of a '99 altima GXE. I need to know how big this fuel tank is. I've searched around but I have been unable to find any detailed information on this vehicle (The dealership was so kind to have not included an owners manual). I am getting around 21 MPG City and I'm unsure what to expect on the road. I'm going to Alaska (4k miles away) and I need to know how much gas I can use without damaging the car. *Bonus points available if you can get a .jpg of a dead empty gas gauge* I have a 6 gallon gas tank in the trunk, which I intend to fill, but I'm worried about what I'll need to do if I do so happen to run out of gas along the way. Has anyone ever run their car into the super "E" region and run out of gas? Do you need to take off anything and put gas into it in order to get it started again or if I just put more gas in it will it start again? Ideally I won't run out of gas so... Any solutions? Also, is 21 mpg city the best this thing can do?

  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,744
    Do you have a read on if the gas guage is accurate? Do not take chances getting stuck and especially do not take chances with 6 gallons of gas in your trunk! Even if you get twently miles to the gallon and have a fifteen gallon tank, you're looking at filling up 13 times. Honestly, how much time are you going to save by stopping twelve times instead of 13? Over the course of a trip to Alaska, the difference is negligible.
  • I have just took the car in for maintenance at the dealership to look at what the mpg was doing.... They ran some electronic tests of some sort on it and I think the gauge is pretty accurate from al that I can tell. In airplanes FAA regulations state that the gas gauge only has to be correct on Full and Empty. Scary huh! I have no problems filling up multiple times so that I don't run out of gas, the problem is, the # of gas stations between point A and point B. You get a last chance to fill up sign and 450 miles later you still don't see a damn gas station.
  • Just bought an 04 Altima with 26K on it. Thought I'd share some info. Had the radiator replaced under warranty as there was a leak at the top seam I discovered after smelling coolant. Being a car guy and very picky, I found the factory Continental tires to be too noisy for my liking.I had a set of Toyo's installed and an alignment and the car is noise free and extremely smooth. The Toyo's provide far better handling also.I have found the fuel mileage to be 28mpg combined and the 4cyl engine has adequate power. Not real pleased with the flimsy designed center pop-up armrest. Radio reception in particular on AM is only fair. One item I'm not happy with is a tear in the front carpet by the dead pedal area that is obviously not from abuse but due to either a flaw in assembly or poor material. I did notice a hollow area behind the carpet in that area that provides no support for the carpet. I'm trying to get Nissan to replace the carpet. The engine is somewhat buzzy however superior to many four cylinder vehicles I've had experience with. Didn't mean to bore anyone with these details but thought I'd pass them on. Anyone had a problem with the carpet tearing like mine?
  • I bought a 3.5 SE 2 weeks ago. The car started leaking oil from day one. Almost all the oil leaked out. When I contacted the dealer they gave me real hard time as if it was my fault.

    My car is still at the dealer. They tell me that some bolt at the oil gully was loose and the copper washer wasn't set properly. So, the car has been at the dealership for last 3 days. They also tell me that they are fixing it.

    My question is how long does it take to put a 30 cent copper washer back? Or is there any other problem that they are not telling me about?
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