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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,743
    I've got a 2003 and can't report any visibility problems. The car has a raked stance, so the back is higher than the front which can make things disappear when backing up but it's never given me a problem once I got used to it and developed instancits for it.


    Just under two years and I'm still happy with mine. I very much like the people at Koeppel Nissan in Jackson Heights, Queens. I previously had a Civic from Paragon Honda up the road from them, and was pretty underwhelmed when I went in there as a returning customer with an expiring lease.


    Everybody raves about Honda dealers but I found Paragon to be arrogant. I think that dealer experience can really vary from site to site so I don't know if you can really get good info on that from an internation message board.
  • i have the same problem as the person who wrote this email. the only difference is my car was parked and the told me that i flooded my engine. it happend before and they replaced the starter saying that that was the cause of my car not starting. so my question is" how do you flood your engine when the car sat overnight" no one was driving it we went out to start it and it didn't for two days. then they called and told us there was nothing wrong and we could pick it up.

    please some one explain it to me.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,743
    With efi, you're not supposed to be able to flood it at all.
  • about 2 weeks ago i had my gas level real low in one of those -14 degree nights. The next day I noticed the check engine light had come on and my car would buck when idling. The bucking occurs randomly but on a daily basis. The auto shop suggested dry gas blah blah blah (which i had already done). Said he couldn't read the codes but that it had something to do with the cam something or other and i should take it to a certified nissan dealer. I'm waiting for my appointment with this guy, but in the meanwhile any ideas what this could be?
  • If this happens to you make sure you get official Nissan squeak free tape. The faux-silver trim around the HVAC has a tendency to shift around near the back (or the top of the CD storage cubby as it were)


    After a month straight of fiddling with it I finally have a rattle free car. Thank goodness, as coming from my '02SE Rattle-trap, this car is like driving a tomb! Love it. Yes, all the reviews are correct in saying there is too much NVH, and it is harsh over bumps, but like one other postee.. if you're coming from a sports sedan, the ride feels plush.


    One other note, with only 850 miles on my odometer, you really still can't feel the 175HP yet. My buddy had the same car in a rental version with 18,000 miles, and for a 4 banger it flew! Even roasted the front tires a bit when stomped on.
  • 2002 Altima - Halogen headlights.


    Is replacing the bulb a weekend mechanic job.

    Or are special tools needed making it job for my dealer
  • i replaced it myself. don't follow the instruction

    in the user manual. just stink your hands behind the light bulb sockets and begin turning.

    if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, buy your bulbs from Pepboys they will install it for free.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,743
    I've got an 03 2.5S. It took until about 5,ooo miles when I noticed that it felt much quicker than when new. I'm up to 21,000 miles and it still feels good. You'll get there.
  • The problem is that the car will not drive over 60+ mph, and I'm quite sure that it has nothing to do with the transmission. I believe it is electral, but I'm not sure what is wrong...please help send all comments to "" thanks in advance.
  • 1652116521 Posts: 11
    Anyone here own a new 3.5SE Altima? I love the car except that it has alot of road noise. The stock tires, Bridgestone Turanzas, really howl at high speeds. Anyone else have the same problem? Thinking of already replacing the tires with quieter ones.
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133
    Don't do email and this may be totally unrelated. But, I had a 1981 Regal bought brand new. Car would not go over 50. Spent two weeks in dealer service and had to call in a field rep who helped design the new electronic ignitions for GM. Somehow a metal washer on the distributor shaft was interacting with the distributor by creating a magnetic field and canceling out the distributor and having it cut out. Put a plastic washer on the shaft and no more problems. Sounds crazy and the technical details may not be 100% accurate, but that is what happened. You may not have the washer problem with the car already being several years old, but it may be distributor related.

  • Nissan will not replace my pre-catalytic converter under
    warranty. I thought this part was covered for 80,000 miles.
    > I had this part checked 5/12/2004. I took it to them again on
    Now its bad.
    > This is the recall check they had to perform.
    > Repair Order 410936 - 5/12/2004 ENGINE EXHAUST PIPE HANGER PIN AND
  • try reprograming the remote i think you can get the procedgure on line some were it shouldnt be hard . for the bcm's fob to forget the remote you must have deepcycled that battery good if all else fails call the nissan shop and ask the person in the parts dept if they can help
  • dballdball Posts: 15
    YES, YES, YEEESSSSSS!!! I have my tires road force balanced at four different places including two Nissan dealers and FINALLY they will be replacing them tomorrow. Nissan refused to replace them so I went to Discount Tire, had them road force again, which didn't solve the problem, and now they will replace all four tomorrow. The tires are the Continental Contitouring with about 6K miles on them. The car is an 02 alti with 28800 on it. Bought it pre-owner with 23k on it and the tires were brand new.
  • dballdball Posts: 15
    UPDATE** The tires only have 5500 miles on them. When I called Continental, (because my sorry Nissan dealer wouldn't) they told me they would replace the tires and gave me a file number. They asked what tire store I wanted to use and I had them call Discount tire. I called Discount and they told me Continental only wanted to pay for 77% of the replacement cost! I called Continental back and told them that I was "disappointed" with that since the tires only have 5500 miles on them. They agreed to do a full replacement AND pay for the labor. I will NOT be putting more contis on due to all I have read and I'll probably go with goodyear or michelins instead. After all I've read here, I'm nervous as to whether or not these tire will solve the problem. Even if they do, it looks like this car (02 altima) has some sort of suspension problem that causes this issue to reappear. Mine also seems to use a little bit of oil and I figure I might as well sell it instead of putting up with a piece of junk. Sad thing is, I LOVE this car! Here is a list of all that has been fixed or replaced in the three months I've owned it.
    1. crank position sensor
    2. muffler clip
    3. drivers side seatbelt that squeaked
    4. Manual gearshift boot
    5. one wheel/rim (with maybe three more to come)
    6. all four tires

    That's a long list for a car I've had three months that had 22000K on it when I bought it.
  • pawlik1pawlik1 Posts: 1
    I have the 2003 altima and I am having a very similar problem where the car will not start on the first try and I am also experiencing some cutting out while driving does this sound the same?
  • 1legend1legend Posts: 2
    Over the last two months I have had the following problems with my 2002 Altima (has 49,000 miles and has been well maintained since being both in 2002):

    1. Car stalled or shut off on cold starts starting in around November 2004 (this happens when the temperature drops below 40 degrees or so). Also, rusty noise (noise goes away after about 10 minutes) comes from the drive belt/alternator area shortly after being bought in 2002.
    2. In December 2004, battery/electrical system went dead after a long drive. Battery boosted to start the engine.
    3. One month after the battery dies again.
    4. New battery bought, however, cold start stalling problem/shut-off continued.
    5. New battery completely dead after one week. Could not be jump-started.
    6. New alternator put in. Cold start stalling/shut-off and rusty noise from the belt/alternator area continued.
    7. I am told the stalling problem my be the Idle Air Control Valve.

    I will have to take it in to the dealer to have it checked out. Before I do, however, has anyone experienced any of these problems with your newer brand Altima (2002 onwards)? If yes, how were the problems corrected. Please reply ASAP.
  • 1legend1legend Posts: 2
    Definitely. On cold starts the car doesn't start and at times struggles then shuts off. In terms of "cutting out while driving" what do you mean?
  • I just bought a 3.5 SE a week and a half ago and I am having that same problem. There is a TSB out from May 6,2003 Ref. No. NTB03-048 showing the only way to turn it off is by turning off the fan and the ignition. The region 10 representative contacted me, his name is Aaron and said that the owner's manual 14-4 shows that the A/C automatically goes on if the temp. is greater than 36-37 deg. F, which I said is a poor and stupid design. But, I asked, the manual doesn't say how to turn it off does it(I didn't have the manual with me when he called me)? And, he didn't respond. But, the way to turn it off is in this TSB and I wouldn't have bought the car if I knew that. So he said, would I have wanted to see all the TSB's for the car? And, I said, but this is a really stupid feature that Nissan put in the car. Anyway, I have bought tints, ordered front seat covers and a dashboard cover. I think I want my money back for the car and all the stuff I bought for this stupid "Design" Hawaii's temp. only goes down to 36 deg. F on two of it's islands at about 9000 ft. during the winter!!! That's just BS if you ask me. I said Nissan should inform it's customers of this. I'm very upset about this!!!
  • nifty6nifty6 Posts: 21
    The following from the sales boucher 2005 Altima 2.5S with the SL pkg.

    "Automatic Climate Control"
    Set it at 80 degree F when your cold, or 68 degree F when you are hot. Altima's available Automatic Climate Control will maintain the temperature you select by adjusting fan speed and redirecting the vents to the appropriate location inside the vehicle.
    The 2.5S shows just Air Conditioning. Manual as far as I know.

    No mention of coming on only when the temperature reaches 36 to 37 deg.F
    As for turning it off, no idea, don't own one, but looking at the moment.
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