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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • doyindoyin Posts: 22
    Hi guys,just got myself a used 97 GXE.Has a new transmission.Here's my problem,i live in Nigeria and car dealerships are REALLY expensive plus i dont have an owner's manual.The check engine light is on and though i suspect it's the fuel tank cap,im wondering if the codes can be checked by the owner and whatever advice or help u guys can render will be greatly appreciated.I HAVE NO IDEAS WHAT AND WHERE THE SENSORS ARE!!
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    A scan tool or code reader is needed to retrieve stored trouble codes.
  • doyindoyin Posts: 22
    Most likely a bearing on the a/c compressor.It's not ur transmission.
  • doyindoyin Posts: 22
    That's gonna be difficult for me to get my hands on here.
  • pbarnardpbarnard Posts: 2
    I have a 99 Altima GLE, the odometer has stopped working properly. It ocasionally turns for a few miles. But mostly nothing. The speedo works fine. I need to repair it and hate paying megabucks to mechanic. Any ideas on my at home options?
  • gabby4gabby4 Posts: 1
    Not sure if you got your problem fixed, but that is how my car started having problems eight months ago. I spent time every month at the dealer. Finally they are putting in a new engine and catalytic converter. From reading others thoughts, it seems to be a faulty converter that breaks apart, melts and sends crap into the engine. keep pushing them.
  • gh7818gh7818 Posts: 3
    I also have noticed the road noise but do not consider it to severe. I have a question for you. The SE is supposed to have a 20 gallon tank but I have never been able to put in more than 15 2/3 gallons when on Empty. I had the dealer replace the sending unit on the gauge to no affect. Are you expereiencing the same with your SE?
  • gh7818gh7818 Posts: 3
    My 2005 Altima SE has the same problem with the gas gauge. Did you ever resolve your problem?
  • gh7818gh7818 Posts: 3
    I noted your complaint about the fuel tank capacity and have the same problem with my 2005 SE so they obviously have not addressed this issue. Did you ever get a resolution to the 20 gallon tank issue?
  • mazda94mazda94 Posts: 2
    I'm starting to have the same problem. It's happened when the car was parked and just this morning, while I was driving. Have you been able to isolate problem?

  • altimanaltiman Posts: 9
    I've never been able to squeeze more than 16.5 in myself. I asked Nissan -- no answer. I'll bet there's a 20 gallon tank with a very conservative gauge, but I'm not risking it!
  • altimanaltiman Posts: 9
    Nope. I lost interest. I only know that I hit the pump about 10 times a year more than I have to because of it!
  • santo1santo1 Posts: 4
    Did you ever resolve this problem??
    I have a 2002 Porsche Boxter...I had the brake pads changed about 5 months ago...since then I've had this weird high-pitched screaming sound coming from the right front starts at about 35-40 mph, and braking has no effect, then as the car decelerates, around 25 mph the sound winds down and stops...the car has had the brake system on that tire relubed, clips and tabs checked, and then the pads changed completely, then the rotor replaced, still the sound persists...I'm going crazy...and what does the dealership say, replace the pads, rotor and brake sensor, $650, please, which my hole-in-the-wall mechanic, whom I trust, says there's no need to change the brake sensor, the calipers are fine and the brake line is releasing fluid correctly...
  • vincewyvincewy Posts: 2
    My 95 Altima was running perfectly this morning, later today when I get home from work, all the sudden the tranny (automatic) is acting up for no reason, on certain spot, the first gear seems gone, but if I keep on driving, 2nd and 3rd gears will get a choke (large increase in RPM) and returns to normal, even the 4th gear is gone with this problem.

    Keep in mind that this problem occurs especially if I make a full stop on the street and try to go again, I'll have to shift to parking and move to D for the car to move, very frustrating, especially when tranny problems are perceived gradual, on certain spot of the transmission, it runs perfectly on all gears.

    I know this will be expensive to fix, should I take it to dealer or have a good private dealer to fix it?
  • Hello All -- Am brand new to this kind of thang; hoping someone out there has some helpful info to share. About 4 months ago i bought a 98 Altima from a private party. It's run fine until a few weeks ago. Sometime after having a tune up and the fuel injectors cleaned (the plugs were gunky and the mechanic suggested this), the engine started bucking. First just a couple of lurches, then some days later the same thing. Then, last week, the bucking started and would not stop. It began after i had driven about 15 miles. I brought it to a highly recommended shop - they tried but could not reproduce it in the shop as it's a standard and needs to be under a load to show the prob. So i towed it to the Nissan place where they charged me nearly $100 to tell me the distributor was failing. Brought it back to the neighborhood shop, they put in a refurb distributor and it ran fine for 2 days. It started up again after i'd been on the road last Friday, in a snow storm, in slow moving traffic, in the left lane! I just bucked all the way along the 10 miles or so of the 20 mile trip -- it waited til i was good and stuck in traffic. Now i'm 50 miles from the mechanics, the service engine light is on all the time -- before it only came on when the bucking started; and the bucking starts at cold and seems to go away as the engine warms up but it's not running right. Ok so this is a thesis. Sorry. Anybody out there have any ideas???? Thanks
  • alt94alt94 Posts: 1
    I have a 94 Nissan Altima. The problem is that sometimes my car will not start. When I put in my key it won't turn over or make any kind of noise at all. It is as if the battery is completely dead. However, it is not the battery. I have lights and the battery is brand new. I replaced the distributor and distributor cap. I had both the alternator and starter checked and they were fine. I had an engine diagnostic test and that came back fine. Two weeks ago I had an engine tune-up. I am convinced that there has to be a bad connection somewhere electrical. I think it may be the ignition switch because sometimes my car is very hard to push. When the car won't start I can't even move the gear out of park. After several tries sometimes only twice the car will start. Please help so I don't have to keep wasting money?
  • vincewyvincewy Posts: 2
    It might be the transmission cable too short, when you do some types of repair, it might knock off the cable a little bit, just wiggle the transmission and see if the car will start, this happen to my car where I had transmission work done and sometimes it won't start, turns out earlier Altima models have very short transmission cables.
  • cgallocgallo Posts: 1
    I just purchased a used 2005 Altima 2.5S - it has just under 21,000 miles, with an automatic transmission and still has factory warranty. Just days after buying I noticed that whenever I came to a stop I heard a clicking noise coming from the dashboard. It sounded like something I had in the little storage area was moving forward when I stopped. I removed anything that could move (cell phone, cds) and started trying to isolate the noise - per chance, I had my hand on the gear shift and could feel (and hear) that the noise was coming from that area.
    I took the car to the dealer and the mechanic said that it was the gear locks (?) engaging so that when I reached a very slow speed (under 8 mph), I would then be able to shift to park or reverse. He said that he (and his co-workers) had never heard the noise before, but this was normal. Okay, if they've never encountered this before, how can they be sure it is normal? Why would a car manufacturer put out a vechicle that makes a descernible noise every time the car stops? Any insights would be appreciated!
  • nifty6nifty6 Posts: 21
    Been test driving 2005s with the 2.5 and 3.5
    I have noticed that the 2.5 has a slight rough idle. One that I drove was a salesman car with only 7,500 miles on it. When idling in drive the idle was rough enough that you can feel the vibration on the floor and into the seats. I found this to be annoying and not exceptable to me.
    Also tried new ones about 3 of them with zero mileage and found the rough idle in drive. The new ones were not as apparent, no vibration to the floor or seats but still slightly rough. Is this common for the 4 cylinder? The 6 cylinders is smooth as silk, don't even notice the engine is running. I have a 4 banger Cavalier with 50,000 miles on it and this so called crappy GM product, idles in drive like the 6 cylinder Altima.
    So will the rough idle get worse as the car ages?
    Anybody notice the same with their car?
    Have tried other brands with 4 cylinders and no rough idle or vibration.
  • tdiemertdiemer Posts: 2
    I have the same exact problem, have you gotten any responses? If so can you please let me know at I seriously appreciate it.
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