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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • dulce2dulce2 Posts: 2
    my alarm is going crazy, it goes off when it likes and its making the locks go crazy too, any advise?? I have a 98 nissan altima gle
  • ilopezilopez Posts: 1
    i just replaced my distributor and crank sensor cause my car keeps cutting off. none of those solved the problem. i have a remote starter that was installed a year and a half ago i was told that may be the problem. i have a 97 altima with 114000 miles. i had it for 5 years and never had major problems. it cuts off when im driving the only warning i have is the car feels like i looses power the it stops. sometimes it will stutter like it is trying to still go but cant. please help if anyone ever had the same problem
  • galt06galt06 Posts: 4
    I recently purchased a new 2006 Altima 2.5S with special edition package. So far I like the car. However, I just received a letter from Nissan stating that the 2.5 engine in my car is prone to possible oil use and fire hazard. They have extended my factory warranty on the engine to 84 months or 100,000 miles. They also said that I would be receiving more info in about 60 days concerning the cause of the problems. Mileage so far is between 23 and 28 mpg with little highway driving. Have just passed the 1000 mile mark. The car is sonoma red with charcoal interior.
  • I have a 05 2.5s. Only been 3 weeks now, but the bad part is it already has 50k+ miles on it, so I realize the vehicle will begin to need parts replaced, however I bought Niaan because of its supposed dependablity.
    Uhh... anywayz... my 05 just recently, today, would not start. I unlocked the door with the remote key, sat down, put the key in, turned it, and it was completley Dead.
    So I thought, hummm, must be the battery. Went to Auto Zone, 60 bucks later, nothing!? The dash wont even light up?
    People have complained that the car alarm is the problem. The electrical system is over complicated. Car alarms do nothing as it is, so I'm cool with disconnecting it and just being able to lock the damn car.
    I'm very dissapointed in the vehicle.
  • I have an 05 Altima 2.5s. 50K+ miles on it already. Geez, I know, put on by previous owner.
    Anyway, today the electrical went out. I walked outside, unlocked the door with the remote key, sat down, turned the key, and nothing. The dash flickered. There was a soft eeeeee sound where the turn over engine sound should be. And the Key is stuck in the ignition! The steering wheel turns but it wont release the key.
    Yep, it must be the battery, so 60 bucks later at Auto Zone, still nothing! I tested both batteries for charge. The original was low, the new was high.
    Taking it back to dealer tomorrow. Thank goodness I bought the extended warrentee! Bought it 40 days ago, so this is a complete dissapointment.
    Question, Is the car alarm the faulty problem in the first place? I could live without it for sure.
  • I have the same problem! Unbelievable! My 05 electrical is faulty. Won't start the car. I replaced the battery and I'm wondering if I should disconnect the alarm. It does nothing the keep your car from being stolen anyway, right? I don't need it.
    Did your problem go away... rather not recently return?
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Nissan's working frantically to discover the cause of these engine's excessive oil consumption issues. But, until you hear further from Nissan for their ultimate corrective action (under warranty), keep a VERY close check on your engine oil level. Top up as necessary to prevent mechanical damage and potential fire hazard. Your owner's manual details checking the engine oil level and topping up. Sadly, owner involvement with basic maintenance skills seems to be an increasingly lost art in the U.S. Nissan, like other Asian car manufacturers, devotes space in their owner's manuals to basic maintenance procedures. GM, on the other hand, treats its domestic product buyers as if they're idiots. Maybe GM's right...
  • smiley10smiley10 Posts: 24
    I recently had my rear windshield replaced however I noticed a small rattling noise coming from the rear of the car (window) which I never heard before. Any idea what is causing this problem or is it because window was just replaced and needs to settle. Should I call glass company to come back out.
  • I have the same problem. 2005 altima 51K+ miles on it by previous owner. Yesterday, I came outside and it was dead, so I went and got a new battery, it got worse? No dash lights, nothing. Like there was no battery.
    It seems to me that the problem is electrical and bad fuses. I have only just made my first payment, very dissapointing and embarrising.
    Is your problem intermittent still? What did your dealer say?
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,637
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  • dulce2dulce2 Posts: 2
    I have a simliar problem, I try to hit the remote the lights used to flicker but nothing, i hear the locks clicking, and sometimes it won't even lock with the remote I replace the battery in the remote but still the same !! any advise helllllp!! I have a 98 nissan altima gle
  • toynissantoynissan Posts: 1
    For the past 3 weeks I have been battling with nissan about the cat problem in my 02 altima. They replaced my engine but want me to pay for the cat. Is there really a recall because they are telling me that they are replacing it because I'm a good customer? If so, where can I get the info? I've been looking for a week now.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Catalytic converters are covered under the Federal Emissions Warranty for 8 yrs./80,000 miles. If you're under the time/mileage limit, contact the EPA. They'd like to hear from you about Nissan's balking.
  • chris65chris65 Posts: 2
    My factory-installed alarm has started sounding for no reason whenever it feels like it. Dealer has checked doors, hood and trunk actuators, but now wants $250+ to check all the wiring to maybe find the problem. Is there any way to just disconnect the thing? They say no becuase its all tied in to the whole electrical system. I can't afford big bucks to fix this, would rather live without alarm and automatic locks!
  • axheataxheat Posts: 1
    Sometimes the horn of my Altima stays activated like for 5 seconds or more when I try to put the alarm. Sometimes the problems is severe, it stays 20 seconds or more. It also happened once while I was driving and I tried to use the horn; Why is this happening?? :surprise:
  • Recently my check engine light came on in my 2000 Altima GXE. After taking to a local Nissan dealer, I was told there was a vacuum leak causing the car to run lean, and that I needed a new intake gasket.. The gasket was inexpensive, (seems like around $10) However, the labor to install was over $550. I was rather surprised I was having this issue (since foreign cars are often touted for their reliability and low maintenance) and since the car had less than 60,000 miles and had always been maintained very well. I took it to my shade tree mechanic for 1/2 the cost, however, he forgot to reset my Check Engine light. Since then I've also had to replace my thermostat. Is this a common problem with this car? Also, is it possible to reset the Check Engine light w/o the OBD II scanner?? Thanks in advance!
  • shailbshailb Posts: 1
    Lopez, i too am facing this problem with my 1996 altima with 12000 miles. Were you able to fix this issue ?
    I was told to replace the crank sensor but like you noted this may not fix the problem.. Could you please let me know on this ?

  • wasa02wasa02 Posts: 3
    I see you are all talking about Altima's but I had an '02 Maxima with the exact same problems, check engine light, horrible noise during acceleration, dealer claiming there wasn't enough oil so it was my fault. I had extended warranty up to 100k and the problems started around 68k. I had to fight extra hard with the dealership because I am a female :mad: but once I found a good service department (3 dealerships later + 10 months), they determined it needed a new engine. If the car is consuming oil to quickly there is absolutely NOTHING that will fix it except to replace the engine. Demand a new engine. They will need to do some compression tests to submit to corporate. I also demanded to be reimbursed for anything beyond an oil change that had been done to the car in the last 10 months since it all related to a warranty covered issue. I was getting my new engine last Tuesday but the car was totalled (not my fault) on Saturday. :cry: Go figure! GET UR NEW ENGINES PEOPLE!!!! :) ;)
  • wasa02wasa02 Posts: 3
    The problem doesn't typically start until 60k plus miles. I had on 02 Maxima and the engine had to be replaced at 80k because it was consuming oil to quickly. Nothing fixs the problem except to replace the engine. The engines have also caught fire but very rarely. You will put alot of miles on the car before the problem arises. Just keep very good records as to all the services that are done to the car. Don't trust the dealership to do it.
  • richtexrichtex Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Altima and am experiencing the same thing. It sputters like it's going to stall but doesn't. Did you get it resolved?
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