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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • we recently bought a 1995 Altima for our 16 year old and the sunroof won't open and leaks. He would really like to get it fixed. Any ideas on what could be wrong??
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    probably the motor. there realy isn't a whole lot else that can go wrong.

    that is, if your talking about a power sunroof. but first, check and make sure its not just a blown fuse.
  • I'm sorry..yes it is a power sunroof. No we haven't checked the fuses yet. Any idea where the fuse would be? My husband isn't much help. He doesn't see putting a whole lot of money into fixing the car up. He said to forget it and just caulk it back up. We only paid 600.00 for it.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    the fuse will just be in the fuse box somewhere below the steering column. near the hood release is. if its not a fuse, its probably the motor. And to fix that could cost as much as the car.
  • skinsfan3skinsfan3 Posts: 78
    Actually, for $600 you'd better not be expecting a lot of miles.A set of new tires could run you half od you purchase price. Considering a new sunroof lists for over $1,000, I would think that with all of the shops around that install aftermarket sunroofs, you could find sdomeone local who would be reasonable. How about looking at Craigs list for your location?
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    Get an attorney and sue them! they don't sound like reputable people!
  • slavemomslavemom Posts: 3
    I bough the car new last year. Have had it to one dealer DAVID MCDAVID too many times to count they could not find the problem said it was NORMAL to drip water on your right foot due to condensation so they insulated everything. In the winter the problem went away.This dealer said DO NOT COME BACK.they referred me to CLEAR LAKE NISSAN.Hs been there twice they say they CANNOT smell it?? IT makes my kid sick when she gets in the car I was then told to spray LYSOL in the air intake to killthe mold which was probably the cause.IT dripped AGAIN the other day on my foot.WHY CANT THEY FIGURE THIS OUT> anyone else have this issue with the car..WILL NEVER BUY NISSAN AGAIN THIS HAS BEEN A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE
  • The Best way to fix a sunroof on a $600 car:

    Don't open the sunroof, ever. Get up on the roof with a chaulking gun and a tube of silicon seal and run a heavy bead of silcon seal all around the edge of the sunroof. Carefully smooth it out all the way around, and let it dry.
    Wha La! No more leak!
  • skinsfan3skinsfan3 Posts: 78
    Great advice from grumpy. How many times in life have we spend dollars and tried to fix things that we never used again?

    I have a working sun roof and rarely use it. However, unlike many people, I do use my A/C, despite the impact on mileage.
  • taiyutaiyu Posts: 3
    hi guys, i just recently got 2003 Altima 3.5 SE , it starts to have a noisy sound from the wheel when i hit 50km/hr, it gets louder when i drive longer. does anyone of u have any idea what is the problem. leave me the message , thanks
  • The most likely suspect is the wheel bearing. Jack up the car so the wheel is off the ground, then see if you can wiggle the wheel, see if it has any play or looseness in it, compare it to the wheel on the other side. If it has any looseness, the wheel bearing has to be replaced. I worked on a 2.5S, but I would suppose that the 3.5 is the same or similar. On the 2.5S Altima that I worked on, it is a large double ball bearing, cost is about $35, but you will usually have to replace the Wheel Hub also, about $153, as the Wheel Hub is pressed into the bearing and the bearing is pressed into the steering knuckle. You usually can't press the old bearing race off the old wheel hub as they are usually froze together. The Hub and Bearing cost just over $200, but the labor is high unless you do it yourself like I did, but you need to have a 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press to press it apart and to press it back together. To do this, you must remove the wheel and remove the steering Knuckle from the car. You could also take the steering Knuckle down to a Machine shop, they can press out and replace the bearing for about $40, but they won't have the wheel hub in stock, so you should call the dealer first to be sure one is available in case you should need one. You might get lucky and not need to replace the wheel hub, but most of the time it needs to be replaced.

    If the noise is not from the wheel bearing and the wheel bearing is not loose, then check the drive axles for loosness.

    Good Luck,
    E.D. ISF
  • shekharshekhar Posts: 23
    My Altima (94' 160K miles) smelled of gas! One to two minutes of driving would fill the cabin with strong gas fumes. I had to roll down the windows, to stay alive.
    Took it to my trusted mechanic (30 min drive), but he could not pin point from where the gas smell was coming. There was no dripping from any of the lines etc. His recommendation : wait some more for the condition to become worse! (fire in the cabin?).
    Next day morning I opened the hood to find the fuel filter hose was wet with gas! All I had to do was to tighten the hose connector. Problem solved.
    The gas leak was very small. When the engine was hot, it was evaporating very quickly, and therefore remained undetected. Cold engine conditions allowed the wet end of the hose remain and appear wet ;)
  • dbranchdbranch Posts: 3
    My 2007 Altmia 2.5S (about 3800 miles) has had a weird noise coming from under the hood the past 3 weeks. It sounds like something vibrating against a pan...maybe the engine or the fan. The sound only occurs from a cold start and only in reserve and drive. Atfer driving for about 5 minutes the noise goes away. I took it to one dealership last week and left it overnight, they couldn't hear the noise and didn't find anything wrong with the engine and exhaust system when they looked it over. When I got my oil changed today at a different dealership, I mentioned the noise and had them take a look it, and they couldn't find anything wrong either. Has anybody had this problem? If so, what was it and how did you get it solved?

    Misc stuff:

    squeaky brake pedal.

    audio system not picking up much of the signal from my MP3 player when using the AUX IN port.

    rattling coming from the center console storage in front of the gear shift.

    Any solutions to these problems would be apperciated also.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    if you live in california, it may be this

    link title

    just print that out, and take it to the stealership with you. they just have to make a change to the ecm. shouldn't take more than 15 minutes
  • mm99mm99 Posts: 25
    An update on the "driving through wind gusts" feeling on a 07 Altima 3.5SL at high speeds. The mechanic did not find any fault with the car's suspension, alignment or steering (they also did not see what I'm complaining about when they tried the car on a highway, but that was expected). So I've replaced the stock tires with V-rated Michelin Exhaltos (same size). They are much better in every other respect - stiffer, better cornering, wet road feel, high speed feel - but the "wind gusts" problem did not go away, although it did become tolerable. I cannot decide though if it got better because of the new tires or because of the summer, it seemed like it was more pronounced in cold air - will see in winter.

    I wouldn't buy this car again if I knew of this problem. (Should have test-driven it at higher speeds, too bad the dealerships are not open at night :( Also, should have test-driven an SL that I ended up with, not an SE that they had on the lot, but didn't think that there is a significant handling difference.

    Will get rid of this car as soon as something else as attractive and with better handling comes out.
  • I also had O2sensor and catalytic converter problem w/ my 2000 Altima GXE. Good luck trying to get Nissan to cover problems post-warranty. O2 sensor went 2,000 mi. before warranty expired, and I was told it was not a covered part under warranty by dealership. I paid for it, and was told that my cat. was fine. Two weeks later my check engine light came back on, and they reset it, and ran a diagnositc test. They said it was fine, and sometimes it comes on for small reasons, like gas cap not being on properly. (Which is in the Owners Manual.) It came back on a few weeks later, and I went back to dealership again, who said it was the Cat converter, which would NOT be covered, because I was now 10 miles past warranty. When I complained, and explained to Nissan what had happened, they WOULD NOT cover the repair, and stated that the Cat was fine only one month prior. I WILL not buy a Nissan again (including an Infiniti)because of this. Let me know if the class action comes to fruition.
  • Has anyone else gone through a lot of front pads and rotors on their Altima? I drive often, but I am replacing pads approximately every 13,000 miles? I have tried many different types, and I have had to replace rotors twice due to cracks, and bluing. (Not the technical term, I know.)
  • Search the internet for Carbon Metallic Brake Pads. That is what you want to buy for your car. They will last a very long time, are good enough for racing and they aren't too expensive, maybe $45 to $50 an axle set plus shipping, a very good deal. Google Carbon Metallic Brake Pads. I get all mine mail order. Be sure the rotors are good, replace any cracked or worn ones with new stock rotors. You don't need fancy expensive rotors like drilled or slotted rotors. Save your money and buy good stock rotors and Carbon Metallic Brake Shoes, and you won't be sorry. The CM's will actually make the rotors last longer. My CM's last 65,000 miles on my Explorer, and the rotors are still in good shape. I put CM's on the front of my daughters 2002 Altima at 65,000 miles, it's now at 95,000 miles, the pad linings wore from 11/32" thick to 7/32" thick, which is 7,500 miles of wear for each 1/32" of lining. The usable amount of lining is on new pads are at least 8/32". That means the the calculated and expected life of the linings should be 8 x 7,500 miles = 60,000 miles!
    Try those pads on for size.
    Good Luck,
    E.D. ISF
  • mdjmdj Posts: 1
    Need info, anyone?
  • autojavaautojava Posts: 3
    HI, Guys:
    My car is 1997 Nissan Altima. Does any one know how to disconnect the lever that connect throttle body and accelerator cable brace? This lever has two ball-shaped staff at both ends. I can not figure out how to disconnect it. Since the throttle body gasket has a little leak, it needs to disconnect this lever. Thanks.
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