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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • aniusiekaniusiek Posts: 1
    ok this started not that long ago, I know i have to change my cv joint on the left axle, because it's almost broken into half...but the car was doing fine for a week than it started to squeak, but only when i turn the car on, for few minutes it does it than it stops..whats wrong ???? maybe its the breaks, but they look good ??? PLease help !!!
  • ldoggvtldoggvt Posts: 1
    I am in the process of changing the brake pads on my 2005 Altima, although I have never changed pads before. It appears the calipers can be removed with two bolts and the brakes can be removed with a flat-head. Is this correct? Has anyone had trouble replacing pads on an Altima?
  • taiyutaiyu Posts: 3
    Hi all, i recently just bought a 2003 Nissan Altima and i have noticed that there is some noise from the tire, so i took it back to the dealership, they told me that the tires are actully making the noise and nothing is wrong. then i took it to some mechanical shop, they also couldnt find the problem, they said everything is fine, the bearing is fine and the brake is good. so i am wondering if anyone had experiences like this , thanks
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    it could just be what kind of tires are on the car.. some are deffinitly louder than others. I don't think its a cheap/expensive thing, more with the handling ability. If its just noise (no vibration or pull or anything) then its probaly just the tires that are one it. not that their defective or anything, some tires just make more road noise than others.
  • taiyutaiyu Posts: 3
    Thanks for the advise, the other thing that i noticed that when i go harder on the brake, the steering tend to turn right or left at once position, i am wondering if it has anything to do with the tires noise?
  • tcrawley1tcrawley1 Posts: 18
    I have owned quite a few cars and this one takes the cake for being noisy. The clutch pedal for one has a squeak to it that sounds like a grind, took to the dealership they said it just needs lubrication. The lubrication didn't help so the second time they replaced a spring and lubricated still noise not gone, will keep you posted on what happens this time. The other thing is brakes that are brand new and at 3200mi started sounding like I need to replace them so again back to the dealership, they told me this common on the 2007 Altima and will soon go away it hasn't and now the vehicle has 4500mi. I don't like the fact I have a new car that makes more noise than old cars when coming to a stop. The last problem is one more common the radio reception is fuzzy plus the aux input puts out a weak sound. This is my first and last Nissan I don't like going to the dealership every week to get warranty work done. Anyone else going through this?
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    Anyone else going through this?

    nope. my altima has been absolutely flawless. an Ipod on the aux port actually sounds better than the the radio/cd.
  • bill135bill135 Posts: 1
    Is the 95 nissan altima an OBDII or OBDI? Mine has 2 O2 sensors I have read that OBDI uses 1 sensor and OBDII uses 2,But when you look the scan tool in the store or on line it says for 1996 and up. My car was made 11/94.

    Thank you
  • griffe24griffe24 Posts: 1
    As I'm driving, the engine will shut off. If you try to start it up right away, it will turn over, but it wont fire. After a couple attempts, the engine will start, but I have to give it gas in order for it to idle. Then I can drive like there is no problem. Engine light is on though. Once it sits for a while, it will start up again as normal, until the engine dies again. This has happened about 3 times. Does anyone know what would cause this?
  • jack_suvjack_suv Posts: 9
    Hi all,

    Solved the problem. Seems like it was a electronic component thermal regulator or thermo gauge ( a small piece of electronics) which measures temperature to turn the AC on or off. The dealer had the part in his warehouse so seems to be happening quite often. No problems so far after getting fixed.

    good luck to all.
  • latashalatasha Posts: 2
    There are numberous owners of 2002-2003 Altima owners that are having problems with oil consumption. The Sentra that uses the same 2.5 litter engine is also experiencing problems.

    We are trying to get a list of people willing to complain to Nissan about the problem. And yes, the dealerships and the corporate office are aware of the problem.

    Here is an email address if you are interested:
  • jsalz638jsalz638 Posts: 3
    I've been having those exact problems can you tell me if you were able to get them fixed? Specifically the "vibrating against the pan" noise. Thanks.
  • alekpalekp Posts: 1
    It only happens when my fan is on. It may last a split second or 2-3 seconds. The longer duration noises happen on hot and humid day, psssssssst. The sorter on a dryer, cooler day, its more like pss. A noise happens always when starting to move, after the car stood off for a few hours. It always happens when I either press gas pedal or release it. When car is standing no noise is happening. Does anyone have an idea why it's happening?
  • dbranchdbranch Posts: 3
    I've been to two dealerships and they can't "duplicate" the noise. They check everything out and say it looks fine. I'm going to another on Friday, I'll keep you posted.
  • skinsfan3skinsfan3 Posts: 78
    Boy, does all this about nissan make me worried. I had an MR2 which went about 1/4 million miles and hated to get rid of it.(Body rust) I now own a 2003 Altima. I am pleased, so far. I discovered, just like the old days, going to the dealer is generally a waste of time. I recently had a starting problem and my own diagnosis was a faulty generator. 3 different dealers "could not find anything", except when I told them. I was right. One of the dealers, in New Jersey, even told me I needed a new radiator (ye Gods, a potential miracle) and he replaced it under the Nissan warranty, hence he beat them out of money. For your problem, the only random thought I have is to check out your floor mat and make sure that it isn't the culprit sat the pedal. And then, there is always good old WD-40.
  • jsalz638jsalz638 Posts: 3
    Thanks dbranch, I will have my dealership also check it out and keep you posted as well.


    Is the engine suppose to MOVE when you change from Park to Drive or park to Reverse?

    This weekend when I was trying to find that noise and I had someone drive it slowly with the hood opened while I tried to locate the noise because the grinding noise tends to happen at around 1-1.5 RMPs. What I noticed what that the whole engine moves when you change what gear it's in. Is this normal?
  • I found your reply when looking for anyone with this problem and was wondering if you had any other advice since I have checked the switch and have disconnected it and the lights are still staying on. The only thing I can do to keep it from killing the battery right now is to keep it disconnected when it is parked. Any advise or do you think I am going to have to bite the bullet and go to a dealer? I have always done most of my own car work but this is beyond me... oh it is an altima gxe 97 with 102K
    any input would be greatly appreciated
  • Here is one for the books. When the back door behind the driver's side is open for a few minutes, all the doors lock.
    Meaning I had better not forget to take my keys out of the car. Dealer advice, replace an actuator in the door. But, since my car looks showroom clean, I am not letting nyone remove door panels. When that happens, things usually don't fit back together without problems.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    Door panels are not a big issue if removed and replaced. Dashboards OTOH...

    I'd get it fixed.
  • thanks. I am not drunk enough to try to replace a dashboard.
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