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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The 18,519 is a very good deal. Last question, does it include rebates/promo apr and how much and what rate?
  • I bought the 08 identical car with 7% sales tax plus mv fees otd $22,600
  • Looking for an Altima 2.5S with convenience package. Sticker is 24,125, Invoice (with mats and splash guards - these seem to be tacked on to all cars) 22,464, TMV 23,133.

    What number should i be looking for? How much should i aim for? A couple of dealers have quoted me at invoice over the phone (hope theres no other hidden charges ect), can i hope to go lower than that?

    Suggestions for any dealers that are reputable and will cut to the chase with a deal?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  • Mitch you shoukd be able to go under invoice assuming you're taking an 08. My msrp including destination was $24,125 and my net before rebates was $22,155 with an invoice of 22,464. Then you should get the $1,000 -1,250 rebate + 4.9 or less. A tip to use, look for a newspaper ad showing the msrp of any altima and listing the dealer discount, these cars are base models they can't move. Use that $$ discount or even better the % discount and apply it to you're model.
  • The quotes ive been getting are about 300 below invoice (over the phone/net), not much of a dealer discount. they all argue that they cant go down on the car price as i want the interest rate offer @ 2.9%. Still trying and looking. Dealers seem to have held back getting back to me after initial price challenges.. part of their sales strategy? I was already lowballed a couple of times. The dealer i visited,(i want to mention names so that someone else can avoid the aggravation) Gillmans, wouldnt budge below 23,500.. thats 1k over invoice and was nickle and diming me for all the silly dress ups. Manager was absolutely no help, so we walked. (the dealership was empty, we were the only customers there) and they got to keep their precious car which already had 1300 miles on it. Dissapointing. Whats the deal on going back to a dealer that you've walked out on? do folks do that.. ?
  • russ_cruss_c Posts: 3
    Yeah the $18,519 has all the rebates applicable. So with California tax rates and the "fee" I have a written quote for $20,485 OTD. I think I'm going to go for this offer as I haven't found anything that will touch it. The interest rate will depend on my credit histroy (which is very strong), but he said I have 5 days from purchase to find a better loan offer from any bank and they'll except it or I can bring my own loan.

    There is no promo APR because it includes a factory incentives rebate instead. I'm not to worried about APR because I plan on paying the car off very quickly with aggressive payments so now I'm just looking for the best auto loan rate I can get...

    Thanks for your help!
  • Nissan has another 500 off the 1250 offered for 08 altimas = a 1750 rebate.
    @dennis145 - thanks mate, got mine for thereabouts + the 1750 rebate.
  • I went to a local nissan dealer for test driving altima. The dealer quoted me 23,540 for 2009 altima sedan 2.5s. With connection package and convenience package included. Also they have 0%APR + $500 rebate.
    Any suggestion as how much more they will reduce the price.
  • madpistolmadpistol Posts: 126
    Wouldn't that be a 2.5 SL if it has Connection pkg? Or is this a coupe?
  • oh i dont think so . the SL package has more options compared to connection+convenience. this is just 2.5s sedan + conn+convenience.
  • cs1559cs1559 Posts: 7
    I have a quote for a 2009 Altima S with the Convenience, Convenience Plus and Connection package for $22921 (incl. $695 destination). OTD its about $24500. This includes the typical splash guards, mats, etc. This includes the 2 $500 incentives from Nissan, no special API, $300 dealer offer and an extra fee of $150 to obtain the car from another dealer (out of state).

    Is this a good price? I'm thinking it is as they discounted from invoice.

    Also, he indicated this dealership is far behind their traditional monthly sales. From others experience, do you think I can get them to go lower?

  • jmarinojmarino Posts: 19
    We have been searching around Northeast PA and Upstate NY for an Altima coupe .. Today we found 4 in stock at a dealer in Scranton.. The retail was $22,300 and I was offered the car for $19,800 after all rebate etc.. Is this a good price.. This is the base model S 2.5 engine and no packages just basics.. Thanks
  • Looking to see what type of quotes people are getting for a 2.5SL.

    I recently received a quote of $23,673 for the 2.5SL and $20,381 for a 2.5S. This is in the New York Capital District

    What do you guys think of these offers?? Can I go lower? I'm also going to take advantage of the 0%APR...
  • I would go for it grate price grate car keep us updated on what you do have a grate day Marco
  • Hello -
    I am new to the forums. I am going to the dealer to get a 39 month lease on a 2009 Altima 2.5 S Sedan with the SL package - heated leather seats (which I guess means you also have to get the 2 convenience packages F01 and F02 - sunroof etc.) and I was wondering what I might expect the "sale price" of the car to be, as I know the lease will be based on this. Can anyone tell me the other figures used in lease determination such as residual and money factor? I'm curious to find out what kind of monthly payment I might be looking at.
  • Hi All,
    I live in bay area. I am planing to buy a 08 Altima 2.5S with Convenience Package and the dealer has quoted it for $19,000. Is this a good deal? what are the general prices that this car is being sold for?
  • Looks like a good one. I live in bakersfield and I have got a better deal. I bought a new 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5S with the convenience package for $19,100 (after all the rebates and lots of bargaining) and OTD was approximately about 20,600.

    If you get a 09 for just $100 more you can prefer that to 08.
  • Looks like a good one. I live in bakersfield and I have got a better deal. I bought a new 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5S with the convenience package for $19,100 (after all the rebates and lots of bargaining) and OTD was approximately about 20,600.

    I don't know how you did to get about 2K under invoice for a '09, invoice 21801 - 750$ cash = $21051, but it's really a good deal.
  • Hi! I am new here and looking for a good deal on the 2.5 S Altima + Conv. in the Philadelphia Area. Can anyone suggest something ?

    I am also curious to know how steve007 was able to get the 09 for 2k < invoice. Thanks. :surprise:
  • saji1saji1 Posts: 2
    I got a quote for 09 Altima with SL and connection package for $23750. It includes the rebates. Tax not included. I am in st. louis missouri. Is it a good price to buy? I am bargaining for 1k less.
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