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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tmikebtmikeb Posts: 18
    I google 'nissan sales february 2009' or whatever month I want to see. Here is one result: - - - - - - =/www/story/03-03-2009/0004982287&EDATE=

    Some have each model like the link above does. Auto Channel usually only has an overall summary and nothing to specific.

    Nearly all rebates expired at the end of April. May rebates should be released by 3pm central time according to a dealer I spoke to. They are anticipating larger rebates too.

    APRIL 2009 sales numbers Year over Year

    Maxima +62.7% - nice recovery, but still -17% for the year which has to be a huge disappointment in the first year of a model overhaul.
    Altima -46.9% and -37.7% for the year. I am thinking some big rebates are coming on Altima's.
  • kdubyakdubya Posts: 2
    OK folks,

    Last Thursday (April 30) I bought a 2008 Altima 3.5 SE that was still new on the lot. Precision Gray, 276 miles on the odometer. Here are the details...

    MSRP - 27,700
    List - 21,995
    Rebate - 1,000
    Trade-In - 500 (1997 Ford Escort w/186k miles)
    Final Price - 20,495
    TTL - 1510.53

    Financed - $22,005.53

    Thoughts, comments, :confuse: I was happy with the deal.

    Also, will I get any tax advantage for turning a 1997 Escort?

  • gutta_99gutta_99 Posts: 2

    I was quoted 19,000 for a 2009 Altima 2.5 S with Convinience Package. This is in NJ. Does anybody know if this the best deal or if i can get a better deal at a different dealership?

  • Hi...I'm new to this! Here's my problem....out the door price on the altima is 20,316.00 - is it any good. Now I found out that the 2.5 sedan doen't have stereo or such....should I go for the 2.5s because that a standard. how about the price- can I do better....or just wait until July! Help....
  • vortix1vortix1 Posts: 20
    lookn4altima: I got my 2.5 for $17,717 out the door in April ($15,990 before taxes, fees, etc). At the time there was $2,500 cash back (I believe it's less now). Tax where I live is 7.75%, and I was taxed on the amount BEFORE the Nissan cash back. Dealership also charged a $250 doc fee.

    My advice: wait till Nissan offers more cash back on the Altima again. It WILL happen...maybe later this month? Also, e-mail local dealer Internet departments and ask them for their BEST price. Check the paper for advertised deals.

    Are you paying cash or financing? That will play into how much cash back you can get as well. I paid cash.

    The 2.5 is full featured - even comes with the intelligent key w/ keyless entry, etc., air conditioning, ABS. Just doesn't have a radio...though you can get the factory one on eBay for $100 and plug it right in! The car does have speakers in the doors already.

    Good luck!
  • cherylmarycherylmary Posts: 3
    2009 Altima S auto with spoiler and pinstripe for $21,000 OTD. The MSRP was $22,000. So did I get a reasonable deal or could I have save much more??? By the way...I live in Texas

  • Hello All,

    Looking to purchase the 2.5S '09 Coupe this weekend and my lowest price thus far is $22.5k + taxes+DMV fees. Includes Premium and Convienence Packages, mats and kickplates.

    Looking for some input if this is a good deal or not.

    Thanks in advance.
  • birddoginbirddogin Posts: 2
    took a couple of days of work but finally bought a 2.5 altima yesterday here in oregon....where we do not have to pay sales tax......and i ended up paying 16,900 after the $1,500 rebate and locked in at 4.99% interest. I think I got a good deal, and yes i will have to get a stereo installed..............soon!
  • birddoginbirddogin Posts: 2
    I just posted my purchase of the 2.5 @ $16,900. They tried to up sell me to the 2.5S with premium and convienence pkg for $19,000 and i thought about it but they wouldn't go to $18,000 and i didn't care about the seat pockets electric drivers seat, stupid door lock feature etc..... saved $2,100 and will have to pay to install a stereo couple hundred dollars or $500 from the dealership
  • Thanks for the reply. 19k for premium?? not a bad deal at all. Where are you located? I'm in NY and I'm still stuck at 22.5k. They won't budge.
  • feenagledfeenagled Posts: 5
    Sorry that I can't be of any help-I just started negotiating for an Altima Coupe $28,220 MSRP. So far I have them down to $24,112-just started. I am looking for a comparable price to get them down. Can you tell me what the MSRP was of the coupe on which you received the quote?

    Best price that I have seen was at Fitzmall about a month ago-they sold out of Coupe, I believe it about $23-23.5. Considering that the incentives haven't changed much-I think you have a solid deal.
  • Thanks for the input..MSRP is $28,070, but since they are throwing in mats, kick-plates and I believe they mentioned fog lights.. the total MSRP is $28,640. Just tried another dealer and was quoted $24.6k. $23 - 25k seems to be the range, but I just want to double check and ask around especially hearing the $19k deal above if its true. I didn't close the deal yet, so please keep me updated as you get quotes.
  • cafe1cafe1 Posts: 4
    Hello, appreciate the info on this forum. Posting to get comments....
    09 altima 2.5 4cyl,SL, convenience, convenience+ and floormats,moonroof cover and kickplates. Sticker $26,425 and buy price $22200 plus TTL. Not quite matching f**zmall posted price of $21,729. Current rebate of $1500 included in the price. Has anybody been able to beat $21,729 for this package? was looking at camry but drove the altima yesterday and really like it...thanks.
  • rickyd1974rickyd1974 Posts: 10
    I have two cars to choose let me know what you think of this price or how much more negotiating can be done. These prices are OTD including all (rebates, cash back, tax, tag, title, fees).
    Car 1: $22,625
    Silver - 2.5SL Sedan, Auto, SL Pckg, Conv Pckg, Conv Plus Pckg, Splash Gaurds, All Mats.

    Car 2:$23,803
    Blue - 2.5SL Sedan, Auto, SL Pckg, Conv Pckg, Conv Plus Pckg, Splash Gaurds, All Mats, Connection Pckg

    Your input is appreciated!
  • cafe1cafe1 Posts: 4
    Ricky, could you please break down the OTD price that you are listing as some fees (document, tag, title) and taxes vary according to locale. I started yesterday and was given $22200 cost (plus document, tax, tag fees) for your option 1 and thought I could do better (in OH). Thanks as it will help us all looking for similar options.
  • rickyd1974rickyd1974 Posts: 10
    The original quote I got was for: $20,283 & $21,395 as net price. I countered with $19,000 & $20,500 OTD (cash deal). They came back with what I have originally posted as the OTD price, They apparently didn't understand what OTD means in the 1st quote request when I asked, so I am presuming if you do the math the tax (6.5% here), tag, title, fees is the difference between the original quote and what I had originally posted in the breakdown. However; I'm waiting for the dealer to respond back with that information, once I get it I sure will. I have yet to walk into a dealer and negotiate yet, so maybe I can get 500 - 800 maybe a little more off. I hope!

    According to TMW after incentives Car 1 should be $22,800 (plus TTL & Fees); Car 2 should be $23,875 (plus TTL & Fees).
  • rickyd1974rickyd1974 Posts: 10
    The dealer provided this to me..I don't think they can add correctly b/c not only is the price now $100 more per there breakdown but it doesn't come near the original net price they gave me. Let me know if you see something that I don't. I have asked for an explanation..let's see what they say.

    PRICE 22795.00 21683.00
    TAX 1461.53 1394.81

    REBATE (1500) (1500)

    TOTAL 23,802.98 22624.26
  • cafe1cafe1 Posts: 4
    Ricky, I did not get an itemized "administration" fee in my quote for your first option. So if you add the initial quote of $20,283 + $700 admin= $20,983. then add all the usual fees we need to pay (document, tax,title). If you can get it for $20,983 before the other usual fees that sure beats my quote of $22,200 by $1270. I'll use your info to see if I can beat down my local dealer a little more.
  • rickyd1974rickyd1974 Posts: 10
    I'm not sure if the dealer is playing ga,es or what. I can't get a straight answer b/c they say the brakdown quote and the original quote they gave me are pennies apart. My mathe shows an $1K difference. Almost as if they are playing some kind of switch and bait game here.
  • gatlingatlin Posts: 2
    Local dealer has a memory day sale. All Altima has $5500+$500 college grad discount.
    2.5 MSRP $20,620
    prince: 14620
    dealer fee: $499
    paint strip & under coating: $200?

    Look like a crazy price. I am not familiar with Altima. Does the car have any reliability issue?
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