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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,

    I bought my car last month :) , July 09, and its loaded with all except the nav system, spoiler, and fog lights at IRA Nissan in Tewksbury, MA. I love the Bose speakers and the sunroof is so sweet. I really like the CVT as I was traded in a 5-speed manual so its a totally different ride. It only took a month to stop trying to shift. I also sprang for the Autobahn as my old car was getting pinged daily by trucks on the highway on my way to work. I thought it worth the money and yes I talked him down in price. The g/m Ed is/was wonderful. :blush:

    My girlfriend liked my car so much and had a 2001 explorer that she traded hers in over the weekend and did the clunker deal. She is getting the Autobahn and the resistall package too. ;)

    My question is this??? Do any of you have any experience with the Resistall? Should I get it too? Its not cheap and I am tapped and trying to justify speading the money on it. I dont want to be the friend with the worse looking of the 2 cars. What should I do? What would you do?
  • Hi Stephonyk,
    Can you please tell me how much you paid of your Altima Coupe?
    (Please give some details about pkg and price paid includes dest or not)

    I am negotiating both Accord nd Altima coupe.
    I am getting Accord EXL V6 $1700 below invoice (if I buy silver and $1500 if I buy gray-my fav) and
    I am getting Altima Coupe with prem pkg + $1500 rebate.
    Which one should I prefer?

    Thanks a lot.
    Cool :shades:
  • I opted for the warranty because I went with 15k miles a year so I would not be covered from 36k-45k. I guess it is more of a piece of mind thing. I am completely happy with my choice to go with the Altima...especially when I see an Accord driving down the road!!! Everyone has one in MN it seems and I have not yet seen one other Altima! As long as we are each happy with our vehicles...that's all that matters!! Oh and you are always required to put money down on a least 2k because it includes the 1st payment and TTL.
  • The MSRP was $29,XXX. It is the 2.5 S with the premium package. I leased it so if you are buying my figures will be completely different. I traded in a vehicle on it, put money down, got the warranty, and extended miles. I had 1k in negitive equity on my vehicle trade so I put 3k down to cover that as well as TTL and first months payment...(and I wanted low monthly payments.)

    I looked at the Accord EX-L as well and there were tons of them at each of the dealerships and I had to look everywhere just to find one Altima. Luckily I found ONE and I got it! And I have received SO many compliments on it. I love the Infiniti G37 (but it's a little out of my price range) and I think the Altima looks like it and other people have told me that too! :)

    I just compared what I would get in each of the vehicles and the Altima came out way ahead. I also like it because it is a little smaller. The more I looked at the Accord the looonger it seemed to get/look. Haha. I mean it's a nice looking vehicle but I think I would get sick of it faster and it lacks a lot that the Altima has....and after having it for a few will be waaay behind in the times and you will be looking for and wanting more.

    I love that my Altima has the Bose stereo system, integrated bluetooth phone, push button start, and simple things like the info monitor that tells you how many miles you have til you are empty on gas. I mean...that's not even standard on the Accord and my sisters 2001 car has that! Just little things like that that you will use every day are a big deal..well to me at least. I guess it also depends on what type of vehicle you are coming from and what it has. I had one with a lot of features and so it was hard to go backwards from that.

    Good luck!!!
  • I have received quote for Altima Coupe 2.5S + Premium pkg + Tech pkg + Dest = $25560.
    Accord EXL V6 Coupe + dest = $25600
    Which one is a good deal?
    Please help me, I am confused :confuse: between Civic Si, Accord EXL, Altima (all coupes) :lemon:
  • I just bought a new 09 Altima to replace my aging 02 Chrysler Concorde LTD.
    I think I did OK on price, but I would welcome a second opinion.
    I went to Browns Nissan in Fairfax and over the course of a week I narrowed the price down to what I thought was acceptable. I also traded in a clunker (96 Grand Caravan) so I was able to get an additional $3500 off the negotiated price. I settled on a "Radiant Silver" Altima S with a gray interior, mats and splashguards but no other extras or packages. (Dealer invoice for the car was $20,044.89) The S gives you a nice radio and CD player, power windows and locks and the cool push button starter.
    My final cost (clunker rebate included) out the door tax, tags, everything, was $15,850.00 plus 3 free oil changes. I also will get another $50 cash back later on the $5000 downpayment on my credit card. I paid the remainder by check the next day.

    I like the car alot, though milage is not quite what I expected and the engine noise is pretty loud I am quite satisfied. I think I did about as well as I could on price, but I will leave that to others to judge, could I have done better?.
  • I am kind of partial...but I would totally go with the Altima!!!!! Read all the reviews you can on formus, TSBs on the vehicles, complaints owners have about each of them, etc etc. Do your research and you will make the right decision :)
  • haze09haze09 Posts: 1
    Purchased a precision grey 2.5S on Saturday.
    Nice car. Only put about 80 miles on her so far.
    Still not used to the push button Start/Stop.

  • NICE!!! You will love it! Yeah it was a little weird getting used to the push button for me as well...mostly because I kept forgetting I needed my remote to get in and start my car. It will become normal soon though I'm sure. I have just over 500 on mine and it's perfect! Just had the windows tinted on Saturday too...looks sooooooooooooo nice now!!!!!
  • ...anyone bought 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5S + Convenience Package in New Jersey?

    the best price i got is:

    $20891 car after $1500 rebate
    $1462.37 sales tax
    $7.5 tire tax
    $295 doc fee

    total $22655.87 i feel this price still too high, but i can't make them lower the price. ...........if anyone get a lower price than this recently, please advise.

    you can sent me email also:

  • I am not sure abt Jersey but in CA I got a good deal today which I will finalize 2moro.
    Altima coupe 2.5s + Conv pkg + Moon roof = $21250 + Fees (This includes dest. and Floor Mat and includes -$1500 rebate as wel).

    I think I will buy this car 2moro :shades:
  • Hi njsummer,
    In what part of CA are you in? Cause I am about to purchase, actually I am gonna lease a Altima Coupe 2.5s. with about any extra pkg ($300/m) do you think is a good deal? The price that you got it sound pretty good. Do you think price changes between purchasing and leasing? I am around LA area.
    I will appreciate your response.
    Thank you.
  • Most of dealer in the Northwest already have their 2010 on the floor now.
  • Most of dealer in the Northwest already have their 2010 on the floor now.

    Can you give me a couple links to those dealer so that I can take a look at the pictures? I try to search w/ several dealers in WA and Oregon area and I couldn't find a 2010 Altima. I found some website w/ the 2010 hybrid but I don't think the picture is for the 2010 Altima.
  • 2009 Altima 2.5S with the following options:
    * Splash Guards
    * Convenience Package
    * Convenience Plus Package
    * 2.5 SL Package
    * Connection Package

    * Floor Mats and Trunk Mat with Trunk Floor Hooks
    * Aluminum Kick Plates

    MSRP $27,590

    Sales price was $22,732 (after $1500 rebate) + TTL + dealer fees. Got it for $24,500 out the door. :)

    Came with a full tank of fuel, coupon for a 2nd full fill up, Nitrogen in the tires, 1st oil change free, and my father-in-law got a $100 finder's fee from the dealer for bringing us in. He did the leg work for us since we did not have the time to go around to the 3 dealers in town.

    Dealer was Round Rock Nissan in TX. Was our first new car buying experience and it went very smoothly, especially since my father-in-law did all the negotiating up front and had the deal ready when we walked in.
  • TMV shows $23,014, but the best I can do is $23,200, which includes the $1500 rebate.

    Still good?
  • What's the base MSRP of the car? And what's the MSRP of the options?
  • Got my new 2.5S with Convenience, Convenience Plus, splashguards, emergency kit, aluminum sill plates and carpets, MSRP $25,030, for $21,500 + state tax+state fees (after $1500 rebate). A little under invoice, and no bs dealer fees - feel happy with the deal :)

    This was in Boston, MA area
  • I'm looking to buy a new 2009 Altima and take advantage of dealers wanting to move inventory in NYC metro. I want a blue or super black Altima 2.5 S with absolutely no packages or options. I also want to get 60 months financing at 0% and get the $1000 cash back offer for buying the '09 model.

    What price (including charges but before taxes and cash back) do you guys think is a good price to stand my ground on? What can I get away with demanding and how should I go about this

  • Just as a starting point, here's some info for you. The best price I was offered (and at which I purchased the vehicle) for a 2.5S with only splash guards and aluminum kick plates was $17,500 +TTL AFTER all rebates and incentives. At that time, there was a $1500 rebate which was applied in my case. So, the pre-rebate price was $19,000.

    This was on June 30 when they were desperate to meet end-of-quarter quotas, so you may not be able to get this now.
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