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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    Have you negotiated the price for an Altima. Can you provide the dealership name and locations? Thanks!

    Here the base 2.5s isat 21000 with dest. included less rebates!
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    We just bought a 2012 Altima 2.5 SL with Conv.pkg, Conv. plus, Prem. Audio pkg. & SL leather pkg. , mats, trunk org. & tinting etc. at $23,500 plus 6.25% sales tax and other state and doc. chgs are about $330 (doc fees=149 inc.). The dealership is Courtesy Nissan, Richardson, TX.
    Used phone and email to nail down the deal but they tried to write it up as 24 k.

    We wanted Nissan's own extended warrant that dealers are selling for 2300 for 84 mths 100k bumper - bumper, which actually is 4yr/64k extended. Its honored by Nissan dealers and is transferable for small fee. Vaden Nissan in Savannah Georgia will sell it for 1286 lump sum or 200 more for 17 mth. financing. It also includes car rental and roadside assitance. There are varying lenght program but it starts from date the new car was placed in service. Here itheir link: ord%20Added
  • MSRP 31,040 / Paid OTD price 26,800.
    With Sport and premium packages, Alumium kick plates, 5 pcs carpet set.
    Does this deal fairly good?
  • Got $20k OTD for Nissan 2012 Altima 2.5 base model, is the deal ok?
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    What was the selling price of the car before rebates and what rebates were applied to final price?

    How much was the TTL and doc. fees and what city, state was it bought in? OTD doesnt help in gauging how good a deal it is?
  • dealership name: Van York Nissan
    city: greensboro, high point
    state: NC
    Car selling: $18,920 including rebate
    Rebate: $1,750
    Tax: $620
    document: $390
    License: $70
    Total: @ 20k
  • 2012 Altima 2.5, SL, Conv, Conv+, Premium Audio, mats, splash guards.

    Msrp 28,680
    Paid 22,863 + tax and tags.
  • Been shopping and working through the internet offers. My question is what should i send as my "i'll come buy it now if you do it for this price" offer?

    2 Choices:
    Altima 2Dr Coupe 2.5s- Conv pkg, premium pkg, 5 piece carpet, rear spoiler- they are offering $23,900 inc 1750 rebates+TTL in Dallas. Thinking 22,500?

    Altima 4Dr Sedan 2.5s- Conv Pkg, Conv Pkg+, Premium Audio, kick plates, splash guards (NO SL leather, etc)- they are offering 23,500 inc rebates+TTL. Thinking 22,000?

    I want to be very aggressive as i'm not in a rush and am pretty flexible in general. Let me know your thoughts, i guess i have nothing to lose by going extra low worst case :)

  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    The total rebates if you qualify are 3150, visit Nissan site. Take invoice less 2000 dealer discount plus 3150 and yes its possible to get 2.5SLsedan with Premium sound pkg w/Bose for about 21.5 or 22k for sure.

    I got mine in Oct. at Courtesy Nissan, RICHARDSON thru Howard Griffin for 23.5 k when rebates were 1500 only. ALSO THEY ONLY TOOK OFF ONLY 1667 when I should have pushed for more.

    Its a great time to buy Altima and it does give us avg. 26 mpg. Wish had waited
  • g_kodg_kod Posts: 2
    I just bought silver 2012 altima 2.5S with floor mats, kick plates, ground lighting, splash guards for 19133+tax and tags. I was wondering is this OK price?? This is with 0% APR financing through NMAC. Also i would like to know what kind of mileage on average everybody is getting??

  • This is a great price. Did you add any packages on top of the base 2.5S?

    I am also looking for the 2.5S base. Can you post details about the rebates you got and also the dealer information?

  • g_kodg_kod Posts: 2
    no packages,
    dealership name: Faulkner Nissan
    city: philadelphia
    Car selling: $19133, including rebate
    Rebate: $1,000 ($500 NMAC rebate, $500 holiday cash, 0% for 60months)
    Tax and tags: $1367
    Total: 20.5k
  • What would be a good price for a 2008 CPO 2.5 S with 40K miles? From what I could tell the car is in great condition. I didn't see any scratches outside. Except for a few minor scratches, and a couple of nooks and crannies the dealer didn't clean, the interior looks almost pristine. They showed me the Carfax report. It's only had 1 owner and was originally purchased in my state.

    They said they'd sell it at $15,000 but that seems too high for a 4 year old car. What's a good price? And what's a good price for for Nissan Security+ warranty? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  • johntenjohnten Posts: 13
    edited December 2011
    This would be for a sedan with a CVT transmission.
  • milolmilol Posts: 3
    Got the 2012 2.5S Anniversary Package (fog, spoiler, alloy wheel, leather steering wheel with audio control, bluetooth). Price was $16850. Also offered us base for $16100. This does not include $760 freight+$200 processing+tag+tax. OTD was ~$19300
  • Where did you buy it. This seems to be way below Invoice.
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    That car should be around 18.5 k with rebates and dealer discounts, so how did you arrive at that price?

    It's not a deal its a steal unless we are missing something here. Can we get dealership name and where is it located?
  • Nissan Sunnyvale is advertising 2012 Altima 2.5 Base (auto transmission) for $16,888 after rebates. I have emailed them to ask for the OTD price incl. TTL - will call them tomorrow morning. Good deal?

  • Which dealership? This is an amazing price!
  • I wouldn't give much hope from that post especially from a new member w/ 1 post.

    Let see... a 2.5S w/ Anniv + a couple normal options (floor mats, splash guards...)

    MSRP = 24,600
    Invoice = 23,239
    His selling price = 16850 + 760 = 17610
    It's 7K under the MSRP or 5.6K under invoice.

    People are happy to fly there to get this deal.
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