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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • milolmilol Posts: 3
    edited December 2011
    I was actually searching online to see if I got a good deal on our car and came upon this thread. We thought we overpaid because in 2004 we bought our 04 Altima S Base from the same dealership for ~$15,000 OTD. However, it seems like this was a good deal so here's the details:

    The dealership is Darcars Nissan. Two locations: Rockville,MD and College Park,MD. If you go on and search for new altima in zip code 20814 and filter from lowest to highest, it will come up under "Darcars College Park $16,100". Did 0 negotiating as they wanted the business (Badly it seemed). Here's what I did:

    Called up Darcars Rockville and told them I saw 2012 Altima S Base for $16,100 on for Darcars College Park. Wondered if they would match if I go there instead. Was told yes and to come in. Went in, test drove, looked at a few colors, and was immediately told I would be given the advertised price. Tried to haggle even lower and was told they would not move a penny. Asked to negotiate the Anniv Edition we saw because we liked the color better (slate); was informed by manager that Anniv edition would be $750 more. Figured the alloy wheels itself was worth that much so we took the deal.

    When paperwork came, it was listed as $19,000ish retail - $3,000ish in rebates(don't have paperwork in front of me). Please note I qualified for $500 recent college grad discount (must graduate within last 2 years). However, for another car we bought I was 6 months away from graduating and they just took my word for it.

    Hope this helps. Good hunting all.
  • Great deal! Congrats on the new car. Here in the Bay Area, prices are competitive, but not as low as the deal you got. The best offer I received for the base 2.5 trim was 16888 before ttl+delivery. OTD prices are around 20k for base 2.5.
  • Can you post the link to the "filter from lowest to highest"? It seems I don't see that option. I saw a "special" button and lowest special I saw that is $17,268 for BASE 2.5 (No S).

    Also, 14k + TTL for a new 2004 Altima. My brother in law just traded in his base '05 Altima for 9.5k. I don't remember anyone here got that kind of deal in 2004.
  • I say this is BS either to bash the Altima or to advertise Darcars dealer.

    1. 16,100 + 750 != 19,000 - 3,000 I know you don't have the paperwork in front of you but...)

    2. 15K OTD for a new 2004 Altima? A dealer in PA gave my friend 12K cash for his 2003 base Altima w/ about 30k miles in 2005. He didn't get a new car b/c he moved back to his country.
  • milolmilol Posts: 3
    edited December 2011
    $16,100+750 for anniv package upgrade + 760 freight + 200 processing fee + ttl + 6% tax.

    Here's the link, gooddeal2

    Just looked at our old purchase agreement with the dealer in 2004. It was negotiated down to ~$13500 for 2004 Altima S Base including protective paint coating and lifetime oil changes from the dealer, freight was split 50/50 with dealer and processing waived. We had 5% tax at the time. The game changer might've been that we paid for it in cash. However, we did end up financing our 2012.

    I don't work for Darcars or know anyone that's related in some way to the car sales industry. The only connection I have with them is we bought our previous altima there. Please don't flame me and say my purchase is BS because your experience was different. We all have our own experiences and that's why this thread exist. I post here so that others might be able to save some money themselves or at least know how low dealers are willing to sell their cars for.
  • walletlesswalletless Posts: 40
    edited December 2011
    How is this deal for a new 2.5 S? I do not need the add-ons like carpeted floor, splash guard, etc - but the dealer is unwilling to remove them - this is the best and lowest price he can offer.

    Sale Price 22,570
    Carpeted Floor 180
    Splash Guard 140
    Freight Charge 760
    Stevens Creek Nissan discount (2,900)
    Nissan Customer Cash (1,250)
    December Bonus cash (500)
    NMAC Bonus Cash (500)
    Internet Price 18400 + Tax + license

    OTD price comes to ~20,500. Caveat is that I need to get financing from them in order to qualify for some of the cash bonuses.. but I am already pre-approved from nwfcu for 1.49% APR, so I am hoping that the dealer can beat that.

    Also, when accepting delivery of the car, what things should I look out for before signing the paperwork.. I did a quick-and-dirty list here... anything else to add to the list?

    • Owner’s Manual
    • Jack, Spare tire, Floor Mats included
    • Radio, CD, Aux Input, all work
    • Verify exterior color, interior color, Trim, and all options. Wipers, wheel hubcap included
    • Ensure Headlight, tail light, parking light, hazard light, horn, brake lights, direction indicators function properly
    • Gas tank is full, gas cap is included
    • Check Odometer to verify new
    • Check car condition – no scratches, dents, etc. Ask them for a car wash to ensure you are not seeing dirt instead of scratches
    • Car keys, extra/spare keys, etc are included
    • All Seat’s adjustment working properly
    • Verify correct tire pressure
    • Pop hood, ask where washer fluid, coolant, etc go
    • VIN matches on car and paperwork
    • Power windows, doors, side mirrors work properly
    • Alarm system arm/disarms properly
    • Financing – early payment clause?
    • Financing - Verify that interest rate is final – ask for payment coupon book
    • Warranty Certificate included
  • HNY to all. I bought the 2.5S base with floor mats and splash guard for 18250+tax. OTD in Santa Clara was 20200.
  • Congratulations on your new car.

    Did you take the nissan finance to get the rebates? I am seeing newspaper ads with quotes from 17,500 to 18,000. What's the catch there?
  • No.. Nissan finance would have taken another $500 off that price, but the lowest rates they offered were 3.49%, so I passed on it since I had NWFCU approval for 1.49%
  • There were two rebates I did not use:
    1) New grad rebate ($500) : This requires that you either have graduated within the last 2 years, or are currently enrolled in grad school. I did not qualify for this.
    2) NMAC Rebate ($500): This requires financing through Nissan. The rates were too high (they advertise 0% APR, but the finance guy told me the lowest will be 3.49% - this was even before he ran any credit checks.. so I told him not to hard pull since I have better rates anyway).

    The math for my car was:
    MSRP: 23,xxx
    Negotiated down to: 20,000 (incl. $760 freight/destination charge)
    Nissan Rebate: (1750)
    Price: 18,250 + tax, license, doc fee
    OTD: 20,219 (Santa Clara County in North California)
  • newbie2carsnewbie2cars Posts: 15
    edited January 2012
    The price offered by an independent used car dealership is 17K but they don't negotiate at all and they don't finance. I checked with the bank and with the down payment and all, the interest rate would be 6.9% (which I think is really high for someone with an excellent credit)... Anyway, the real question is that with the interest, is the car worth buying? It is loaded with heated leather seats, keyless ignition, and all the cool stuff but I just don't know if it's worth it... On the other hand, I'm getting a new 2012 Sentra SL (leather seats, no navigation) for $19K OTD with 0% financing for 34 months... Which is a better deal if I make a 5K downpayment? Thanks, everyone!

    EDIT: I read that some people used other sources than bank to finance their car... could someone tell me what they used? The bank rate is ridic!! :cry:
  • Banks will almost always have high rate than credit unions. Try penfed & nwfcu. If you have excellent credit, you should qualify for either at 1.99 and 1.49% respectively.
  • srigosrigo Posts: 1
    I think i paid the Lowest price ever for a New Nissan Altima,

    This is in March 2011, i Purchased a Nissan Altima Base 2.5 (Model without stereo) no accessories included

    15,400 (Cost of car including Destination) + 599 (Dealer Fee) + Tax (3%) + Title

    I got this deal in Team Nissan in Atlanta GA, i got this deal from Truecar. i kept on searching this kind of price but couldn't find it again,

    Yesterday i went to Nissan of Stafford to buy a base Altima for my Cousin and Price he purchased is 15,600(Car cost not including destination)+750(Destination)+ 599 (Dealer fee) + tax.

    good thing is the car included kick plates, 5 piece floor mats, under car lighting practically nullifying the 750 destination he paid extra (Comparing to my deal)

    Note: Both of us don't qualify for Military Discount but are Eligible for Graduate Discount of $500

    milol -- do you qualify for Military discount? Because when we called DAR Card he said to get ur Pricing we need to qualify for Military Discount
  • Thanks, will try that. As far as '09 Altima or '12 Sentra goes, which one is a better pick?
  • Can't go wrong with either.. but really depends on what you want it for.. They are cars from two different categories.

    Altima: Larger, more roomy, bigger trunk space, but lower mileage
    Sentra: Smaller/compact, but pretty good mileage

    Decide the size, then compare the price between a used and new car for the same car..
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,626
    Better to buy a new car than a used one if price is the same. New car comes with the warranty...a good thing to have. Used have other drivers who might not treat a car the way you do. Go for the new Sentra SL...I really like 'em, especially the red one I sat in at the dealer last month.

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

  • ohlodeohlode Posts: 4
    edited January 2012
    Bought yesterday. Slate exterior; frost interior. MSRP was $22,570.00, plus splash guards, floor & trunk mats and destination charge ($760. to Boise, ID) for a total window sticker retail price of $23,650.00. The dealer's no hassle, no haggle price was $17999.00. (not including Tax, Title, Tags.) I added their similiar after market alloys and Nissan all weather mats for another $600.00, plus tax. I actually liked the look of the after market alloys (Vision Wheel) better than OEM alloys. After comparing the Camry, Sonata, Optima, and the Accord this vehicle won hands down in overall value. The Altima is my second Nissan (2008 Pathfinder) and I highly recommend this manufacturer and Dennis Dillion Nissan on Fairview in Boise.
    **note: Nissan's $750 rebate was contingent on Nissan financing (3.29 % APR for 60 months) That was .04 % higher than my Credit union rate.
    Summation: Couldn't get the other 4 dealers below $21K for a comparably equipped vehicle. Toyota dealer was even higher and the other Nissan dealer wouldn't match this price. Hope this is helpful!
  • ohlodeohlode Posts: 4
    This dealer had the base 2.5 Altima during Xmas vacation for $15888.00. Sold all four in a few days. Just driving around the city the last two days I'm getting 27.7 to 28.0 mpg. Very impressed with the CVT transmission with manual shifting and the intelligent key. This is a lot of car for $18K... Not a "soft ride" but solid and responsive.
  • That's a great deal indeed! I agree, Altima is a very smooth drive - I am talking after test driving Accord, Camry, Sonata, and this on the same road which includes some speed bumps, rough roads, and freeway. The car was atleast on par with Accord in smoothness, and way better than Camry. Sonata was the last in my rank, although it was good value for money overall. The only question with Altima is the long-term reliability (i.e. will it go to 200k miles without major problems like the Accord and Camry.. but that's a gamble I am willing to take right now).

    In retrospect, I think I could have gone for the 2.5 Base model instead of 2.5S, and bought my own audio player with bluetooth built-in (the add-on package on 2.5S that includes Bluetooth is expensive IMO). The base model comes with 4 speakers (2.5S comes with 6), but that would have been enough for me. The base model has all the wiring in place to quickly install an after-market audio player.

    Anyone has suggestions for good in-car bluetooth that are not too expensive on the wallet (and no monthly fees like onstar)?
  • I paid 15999+tax (Calif) for 2012 base altima 2.5
    Thats it, no extra charges.
    Also I got the new color - dark slate !!
    This was a dealer adv price in Bay area.
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