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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lj827lj827 Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    Just bought 2012 Altima 2.5S

    very basic option (No packages)+Carpeted Floor and Trunk Mats ($180) Total msrp $23670 (Freight fee of $780 included)

    Total OTD price after the negotiation : $21850 (include freight fee $780,tax 3%,processing fee $349,licence and tag fee $200)

    After the rebates (which includes $1500 (altima)+$500(resent grad)+$400(president day special)+$750(Standard apr with Nissan)= $3150

    My total OTD price: $18700, Invoice price :$22,216 $3516 below invoice price.
    Msrp price :$23,670 $4970 below msrp price.

    Total savings: bout $7000

    The salesperson told us we literary stole the car. I left the dealership with big smile :)

    Didn't take 0% special or 1.9% because we paid bout 50% upfront and got a good apr % Nissan can offer for 48months (bout $200 per month).

    If u guys need or wanna know more about my deal, please let me know.
  • What did you show for your grad discount?
  • What did you show for your grad discount?
  • I just showed them my degree. Actually Nissan do a degree verification before giving you the discount.

    Hope this helps
  • Are you guessing or you know for fact?
  • Hey everyone, this is a GREAT forum. As all of you I am trying to get the best deal for my wife and currently have 3 dealers throwing everything at me.

    The first dealer we went to this past Saturday was local and we were there about 4 hours trying to hammer out a was a bust so we left. I then went on true car and from there it has been a crazy day with three dealers trying to earn my business.

    I would like to see what everyone thinks, because I kinda feel one of the deals is too good to be true and it's also the farthest away but at the same time a way bigger dealer ship in a heavy metro area.

    The car with options is:
    2012 Nissan Altima 2.5s
    convience package
    conveience plus package
    dark slate with frost interior

    Local deal is

    Retail : 25,975.00
    Savings: 3,350.14
    Selling Price : 22,624.86
    Rebate: 750.00
    Sub total: 21,874.86
    Fees: 725.50
    Sales Tax: 1,399.64
    Net Sales: 24,000

    we are putting down $4000, and financing $20,000 @ 0% interest.
    -We originally spent 4 hours in this dealership and they were not willing to even come this close until I contact 2 other dealers who were willing to negotiate.

    The two other dealers have been hitting me hard all day, but both originally gave us the current price you see before the local dealer finally called and said that they would do it.

    I already informed them that 2 other dealers have given me what I wanted without burning 4 hours of my time, and they said they would split the cost of the fog lights to make the deal better and free oil changes and tire rotations for as long as we own the car.

    The furthest dealer came back and just offered up

    Net sales price: $23,300
    minus the $4000 down to $19,300 @ 0 %, plus moon roof deflector and foglights free of charge, and they will fill up the tank of whatever we drive to go get their car.

    is this price too good to be true? because both the other dealers are telling me that it's impossible they are selling that far below invoice and that I'm going to get hit with all sorts of crazy fees once we make the drive.
  • Just leased Fully Loaded 2012 Altima SL
    MRSP - 31610
    Includes: Convenience Package, Convenience Plus Package, Premium Audio, Technology Package, Splash Guards, Rear Spoiler, Fog Lights, Aluminum Kick Plates, Trunk Sub Floor Organizer, Floor Mats.

    Rebates - $850(lease rebate) +$500(new grad)

    24 month 12k lease for 300 per month(includes all MN tax+ fees). Yes, first payment and full tank gas on them.

    I would like to thanks Edmunds and Car_man for the great site and forum.
    Truecar was excellent help too.

    Let me know if anyone is looking for any details on this. I will be glad to help.
  • sdmy123sdmy123 Posts: 2

    I bought this week 2012 Altima Base model (Auto) with floor mats/SplashGuard, Paint/sealant fabric guard package with 2yrs free maintenance with Nitro fill tires for 16000 (out the door) (Sales tax not included). Is this a good price?

  • skyfan1skyfan1 Posts: 37
    I have had my 2010 Altima for about 20 months and loved every minute of it. It is a joy to drive and extremely comfortable. My only two minor complaints are: 22.3 mpg for city driving and high pitched sound during highway driving, especially during acceleration. With these two minor complaints, I am enthusiastic and happy about my Altima, so far.
  • sss11sss11 Posts: 1

    which dealer was this? It seems like a pretty good deal. Congratz on ur purchase!
  • Premier Nissan of San Jose - it said "one day only" but you know how that goes - it often shows up a week later.

    new 2012 Altima 2.5S sedan automatic $17,588
    here's the breakdown of the discounts:

    dealer discount: $3,977
    factory rebate: $1,500
    NMAC Cash: $ 750
    College grad rbt $ 500

    3 at this price: this tells me that there is over $6,000 you can take off MSRP - if you know how to negotiate. Any dealer who values high volume would likely do this at the end of the month.
    By searching dealer inventory and arming yourself with this, I don't see why anyone couldn't find the exact car they want, get on the phone with the internet sales manager and get this deal. Just be certain of what you want and let them know you're serious and ready.

    no one wants to throw out an aggressive price to someone just kicking the tires - but they will if they think you're ready to buy and are willing to go to another dealer who you've already contacted.

    I have no reservations being cut throat with car salesmen - there are endless stories on these boards of people being taken advantage of. I love hearing the stories of people who driver a bargain and hearing the lame exit line from the salesman "you stole this car" - give me a break.

    The Altima is going to be revised later this year and it means you should be driving a hard bargain for the tail end of the out going model.
  • Hi everyone,

    I've narrowed my car choices down to the Altima and have heard there are some great deals available for the 2012s due to March being the end of Nissan's fiscal year. I've made some phone calls and emails just to test to waters, however, what kind of numbers should I be expecting when I get ready to pull the trigger? The car I built is about $24,200 MSRP. Also, if anyone is from Northern/Central NJ, which dealers are the best/worst to do business with?

  • I think you should be able to take $6k off MSRP as long as you aren't fixed on a particualr car that is only available on one lot. Find it on two or three lots using the internet and then play all three against one another.
  • I have also nailed down my choice to an Altima 2.5s w/20th anniversary package and am also planning to add the 2.5S Premium Audio package. Do you know what is the best price to pay in Edison Area in NJ.
  • I was quoted $5500 off from one local dealer, expiring on 3/31 however it might be a whole bunch of rebates that you need to qualify for in order to get the full amount. $5500 would be pretty nice though. Slightly off topic, does anyone know if Nissan offers any kind of military incentives/discounts?
  • if you were quoted $5,500 off without having to stand on your head, then waiting till the end of the month and identifying two or more dealers in your area with the car you want will definitely make $6k off or more doable.

    before you head off to the dealer with cash in hand, make sure you get an OTD price that spells out all the fees and and make sure they aren't including rebates that you may or may not qualify for (get the breakdown in an e-mail and come well before closing so you can threaten to walk to the other dealer). The rules to these rebates are totally flexible to the dealer - there's no way they send a copy of your degree into someone who validates the thing - it's BS really.
  • zfoxzfox Posts: 3
    Should i take this deal??

    2012 Altima 2.5S with value package (bluetooth, fog lights, rear spoiler, rearview mirror dimmer and steering wheel controls). 39 months and 18K miles per year. I needed the extra miles.

    Monthly payment: $309 per month. I only paid DMV and first month upfront.
  • with zero down and the added miles it sounds pretty good.

    what's the residual or cap. cost?
  • I'm definitely waiting till the end of the month and about 4-5 local dealers. If they're all blowing smoke, I have no problem travelling a little to get the right deal.
  • The biggest trap most fall into, is wanting that one car and falling in love with it. The dealer can see that look in your eye and feel your excitement. If you can't leave your emotional side behind, it will hurt your ability to negotiate.

    be flexible, be prepared to leave. Being buddies with the salesperson isn't going to get you very far.

    Most people only think they're good at negotiating. Using a broker and allowing him to make a couple hundred on the deal works well for those who truely know they're not up for the grind that takes place with the sales process.
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