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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • zfoxzfox Posts: 3
    Residual is listed as $11,571 and Cap Cost reduction is listed $1,830.
    The msrp is $24,944. Adjusted cap cost after reduction is 23,114
  • i'd say the adjusted cap cost shows the dealer is getting the best of the deal

    he's allowing you to get in with nothing down which is great for you, but he's getting it all back and more on the back end. You might be able to get the monthly down if he'll at least kick in the factory discount. I'm not sure if his hands are tied with a higher milege lease - I would guess not.

    I think that adjusted cost should be at least 3,000 under msrp.
  • Hi,

    I am badly looking for a Nissan 2.5 S w/20th Anniversary package and am in the Edison area. Could you tell me which is the dealer who was able to give you these deals? I would love to make a deal today itself!
  • gmosesgmoses Posts: 3
    So I did a lot of research and I got a lot of quotes on line from NJ dealers and narrowed it down to a few... I was trying to get a 2012 Altima coupe 2.5 with no frills... After some back and forth and my wife falling in love with the Bose upgrade. I went back and forth but decided to get the car they were pushing on me that they had on the lot. It was the coupe with 2.5 and the premium package and the convenience package. It also has a few small extras like windproof moonroof and exterior puddle lights whatever they are worth.. Any way MSRP was 28886. I ended getting the price down to about 22750. The payment are 360 a month with 3000 down and that included motor vehicle and all other tax and fees. But i have no idea if it is a good price because i mostly was comparing the no frills deal and in the end went for it because one other dealer said that same deal was what he would give me the no frills no add ons so i thought it was a good deal...
  • leggyleggy Posts: 7
    Looks like a good price for me.

    I got a quotation for basic 4dr Altima v6, out of the door 23.5k and the other 24.5k or NY but did not buy any because the dealer with 23.5k had black only, I do not like that color, and the one with 24.5k offered 24k but I went to the store then said 24.5 so I walked away. The prices are without 1500 rebates. Although the dealer of 23.5k said no rebate used but I was not sure if they meant that or would have changed their mind when signing the paper.
    Still looking.
  • I got a quote. Is this a good one? Thanks.

    2012 Altima 2.5S Sedan
    Super Black with Black leather
    All standard factory equipment plus these options:
    -wheel locks
    -Nitrogen filled tires
    -window tint
    -convience package
    -convience package plus
    -premium audio package
    -SL package
    -aluminum/Illuminated kick plates
    - Floor and trunk mats
    - Splash guards
    MSRP: $29,045
    Nissan Rebate:
    College Grad:
    Dealer discount:
    Total savings:
    Your price: $23,473 +ttl
  • leggyleggy Posts: 7
    Looks good to me. Which state your dealer is in?
  • tga01tga01 Posts: 30
    Can you tell me what dealer you got that price from in NJ ? I am looking for a 2.5S with 20th Anniversary pkg.

    thanks !!!
  • longtermlongterm Posts: 3
    First a note to all who post. Thank you for sharing your information.
    PLEASE be aware that -especially- out the door prices, and prices that don't detail the rebates and incentives and MSRP/packages options are not very useful.

    Please note that dealer fees vary by dealers and states. Taxes, tags licensing, etc., the DMV fees vary by state.

    Please present:
    1. MSRP sticker price including destination charge
    2. invoice price if known
    3. price agreed upon before trade-in, cash down, rebates, incentives, dealer fees, DMV fees taxes.
    4. rebates and incentives used
    5. final price before trade-in, cash down payments,
    6. Trade-in details as some dealers can add to the trade value and inflate the price on the new car...
    7. if giving an OTD price please detail the taxes and fees included in that price
  • longtermlongterm Posts: 3
    edited April 2012
    Went to 2 dealers in Southwest VA, dealer #1 is First Team Nissan in Roanoke. Took several rounds of negotiating to get to these prices.
    - 2012 Altima 2.5S with:
    20th Anniv. package,
    carpet floor/trunk mats,
    slash guards,
    aluminum kick plates,
    Trunk Sub-Floor Organizer w/First Aid/Emergency Kit

    MSRP (incl. $780 destination fee)

    Price before rebates/fees/DMV/Tax
    at dealer #1 dealer #2
    $21977 .................................................. $22747
    -$1500 rebate........................................ -$1500 rebate
    -$750 rebate.......................................... -$750 rebate
    +$500 dealer processing fee................. +$247 dealer processing fee

    final price before VA taxes and DMV fees
    at dealer dealer #2
    $20227 ............................................... $20744
  • longtermlongterm Posts: 3
    I am relaying information from a family member. Very little to no haggling was done.
    I do not know the details on the trade-in to provide an estimated value. My best guess is it was a 2006 Chevy Impala with leather and a lot of other options/features in very good condition. It may have been a 2007 or 2005. The dealer may have padded the trade-in value an extra $1000--or was right on target--I don't know.

    Near Huntington/Charleston WV
    2012 Altima 2.5 SL
    2.5SL Leather Package
    Convenience Package
    Convenience Plus Package
    Floor and Trunk Mats (5 Piece)
    Splash Guards

    MSRP with $780 dest. fee.................$27850
    was told invoice was........................$25896
    rebate used .................................... -$1500
    rebate used .................................... -$750
    trade-in loaded Chevy Impala......... -$9000

    price after rebates and before trade-in was....$23646
    I think the dealer fee was $175 so before tax/DMV.....$23821
  • jdraxjdrax Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    For the 2013 altima will dealers tend to give good deals for pre-orders? Since not many people will want to pre-order without checking it out or test driving? They are offering complimentary 3 year / 45k mile maintenance to pre-order.
  • dperonedperone Posts: 14
    What dealer in NJ was this deal? So far no one has stated where they have gotten these great deals. I have not been successful and this is my 9th Nissan from 9 different dealers. You'd think they would reward loyalty.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,921
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  • derfsonderfson Posts: 13
    Version 2013 Nissan 2.5 SV Sedan $24,100
    Transmission Xtronic CVT® (Continuously Variable Transmission) with manual mode Included
    Packages Convenience Package $1,350
    Accessories Splash Guards (4-piece set) $145
    Carpeted Floor and Trunk Mats $185
    Body Side Moldings $170
    Interior Accent Lighting $200
    Other Destination & Handling $780
    Pre-Order Incentive 3 years/45,000 miles Free Maintenance INCLUDED*
    Estimated MSRP $26,930
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    ref: 3191
    Suggest leasing versus buying of a NEW model design. Never know if the redesign has some initial hiccups that you will be stuck with if you are in the first batch of buyers. just my .02
  • derfsonderfson Posts: 13
  • Just picked up a brand new 2012 Altima 2.5S with MSRP $23980 for $19,209 OTD.
    Here is the break down:
    MRSP: $23980
    Discount: $6250
    Total: $17730
    3% NC tax: 532
    Dealer Processing Fee: $699
    NC Tags: $248
    Total "Out The Door" price: $19,209.
  • No additions or packages to the car? convenience package or 20th anniv package, etc?
  • No package, just trunk and floormate.
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