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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jaycha2jaycha2 Posts: 8
    edited August 2012
    Being offered a price of 26754 +ttl on a 2.5SL 2013 model. It comes with mats, exterior light, some kind of paint protection. IS this a good deal.
    Your opinion will be appreciated -Jay
  • On a 2.5 (base model) I was offered 2 deals.

    24months/$240 month/ 12kmiles yr/ 1700 out of pocket

    39 months/$235/12kmiles yr/2000 out of pocket

    What do you feel about this deal
  • That looks like great price. Where are you located?
  • belwah87belwah87 Posts: 15
    edited August 2012
    That seems like a pretty good price, but I'm not sure where you're located-- does it include dealer processing fee? In the DC area, I got an SL with floor mats and splash guards for 25616+$389 dealer processing fee+TTL, so that's 26005 +ttl (the 26005 includes processing fee and destination). Fitzmall In PA is offering the SL with mats and ground lighting (no-haggle price) for $26530 + $120 processing fee +TTL.
    In LA using Truecar you can apparently get a no-haggle price of $26,628+TTL and maybe +dealer fee ( ), but I assume that's the SL without any options.

    In Tampa (Zip code 33605) TrueCar currently shows 2.5 SL no-haggle pricing of $26,171 + TTL (don't know if dealer processing fee is included in that, I suspect not)

    Also, I wish I'd known before I purchased, but on some pages of the Edmunds website there's a clickable ad to get a $500 Visa Cash card from Edmunds/Nissan if you purchase a new Altima within 30 days after clicking the link and getting the confirming that can get you an additional $500. I don't know how long that ad has been on this website or when it will expire. Someone on the Altima leasing forum posted about that offer, and I was able to find it on either the Camry or Accord page on Edmunds, but I can't get the $500 bonus cash because I bought my Altima before clicking on the ad.

    Good luck. I spent a lot of time with multiple dealers getting them to underbid each other via email to get the price I got, and only one dealer was willing to go that low...the next lowest offer I had was $26,000+$200 dealer fee +TTL.
  • jaycha2jaycha2 Posts: 8
    I. Am located in Jacksonville, fl.basically I am getting mats, exterior safety light and some more mats (I didn't really care about the mats). He also removed charges for some protection paint, wheel locks and nitro. The price excludes dealer fee of 400.00
  • I spoke with my dealer in Long Island, the SL Techs are starting to come in. Not in the color combo I wanted but they seem to be getting stock in. Not soon enough!
  • Same here in NJ .I saw couple of dealers having few SL with tech's listed on their website with VIN and Stock #.
  • miapoppymiapoppy Posts: 15
    Bad Deal. Honda & toyota have much better leases. Don't do 24 month lease, do 36 month. Example Honda civic 36mo, 12,000 miles yr. $2000.00 down with 1st month payment included, $169.00 month. This is upstate NY an accord will be a little more a month, no BS.
  • jaycha2jaycha2 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the great tip! belwah!just took possession of storm blue with charcoal int. before ttl it was 26754. It included the standard mats ,cargo net, tint, theft protection ( Etched codes),and protection package and of course ext lights. My kids love the car
  • roxxiroxxi Posts: 9
    hey, i'm looking to purchase a new vehicle and my current one is a 2006 honda civic coupe with 36k miles on it.

    i am surprised that they offered you that little for a trade in. on it is showing the civic for over 10k for trade in price.

    is there are reason why they offered you so little?
    let me know please. thanks.
  • Hi Roxxi,

    A, it was a 5 speed and B, because they are cheapo's and want to make as much profit as they can! I showed it to a few dealers, used car dealers etc, Nissan was the lowest at 4K and the highest was a small used car dealer down the road from me. I ended up selling it to a friend for 8250. I didn't want to bother with the hassle of privately selling it. Now I'm waiting for my 2.5 SL!
  • seolbroseolbro Posts: 19
    I saw a 2013 Altima in a rental lot at O'Hare Airport last week. Initially surprised, but later not so much when I recall how many of Altimas of the prior generation were bought by Hertz, National, Alamo, etc.
  • roxxiroxxi Posts: 9
    Hi guys,

    I just got a quote for a 2013 2.5S with remote start, splash guards and carpeted floor mats for $21918 before Tax/title/registration/other fees.

    is this a good deal? or can i do better?

    thanks :)
  • miapoppymiapoppy Posts: 15
    $20,500 is do-able, plus through edmonds a $500.00 visa card. Good Luck
  • dbluesdblues Posts: 6
    I went to couple dealers in MD and negotiated and one dealer came close to $27,400 OTD and another dealer beats by $27,000 but the car i needed have 140 miles and said NO.

    How do guys think about this price, intially I showed this forum with guy posted from N. Virginia with 26,900 OTD and then they agreed to this price (because VA tax only 3% and MD tax is 6%).

    Also how to get $500 visa car.

    please advice.
  • got my SL Tech yesterday! Car is SWEET! I'm going to drive it like a cabby this weekend!
  • miapoppymiapoppy Posts: 15
    Hey roxxi I got an interest in you now, so let me know how you made out. I'm rooten for you!
  • Congrats and Enjoy your new ride

    How much did you pay for it? I am expecting mine next week
  • Just purchased a 2013 2.5S for 21500 + tax/title/reg today!

    included remote start, splash guards and carpeted mats.

    I think we could have gotten a better deal but we needed the car within a week and figured why not. hard driving all around town with a 8 month old baby, test driving and negotiating prices.

    should we purchase the extended warranty? any thoughts on that anyone?

    thanks in advance! hope everybody has a great labor day weekend!
  • I'm leasing with option to buy. 2K down, 400 due at signing which included first payment and DMV stuff. 345$ a month for the 2.5SL with Tech package with mats including the trunk one. Hope I got a good deal! I'm going back to get the mud flaps, crap will kick up on the car w/o it. So far I think this car outdoes the G25 I test drove last year.
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