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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I live in Central Florida and just bought:


    2005 Altima SL

    SL package (leather & the works)

    Side Airbags and ABS (hard to find)

    Powered Moonroof (no choice)

    Splash Guards

    Floor & Trunk Mats- 5 piece

    Sunroof Wind Deflector

    TMV was $24059

    Paid $24100 Out the Door


    I might have done better but there were only 2 in the Southeast and I didn't want to play hardball haggling and see it sold, thus missing the $1500 rebate.


    I could not get a Maxima SL with only Mats and Splash guards for $27000 so I loaded up the Altima. I'll have it delivered Friday.


    Hope this helps!

  • Just bought a 2005 2.5S AT with ABS, Side Airbags, splash guards, mats, protection package (oh boy) and dealer installed spoiler (like I need a hole in my head).


    I live in Missouri.


    I am now driving a 2001 Maxima SE - loaded to the gills.


    The complaints about seeing instrumentation during the day - bogus. Complaints about noise and ride - bogus. It's a nissan - feeling the road is what it's about.


    I can tell you that I have gone round and round with dealers for about 2 months. I have solicited fax offers, done some phone "dealing" and been in dealerships and walked out.


    I was originally looking for a 2.5S, ABS/Side, convenience package, with exterior color choices narrowed to two (silver and pewter) and interior one (only frost for me).


    These packages (forget my color peeves) are TOUGH to find.


    Let me first say that when I began dealing, I began dealing with dealerships I figured I would never deal with. Those that are small and/or sell multiple makes of cars. It paid off, because I ended up buying from a large Nissan only dealer with a good rep. - where you will most likely get your best price. I used faxed offers from others to bring the target dealer in line.


    I considered ordering a car and also the "dealer search" method. What I learned was that I could not get a date in writing for the order (or provide a loner for free) and that "dealer find" adds a who knows (who knows how much it costs them) money factor (we have to trade for it, get it here; blah, blah, blah). Besides that, if you're dealing on a car that doesn't exist on a lot in the local area, most times you are wasting your time. If you shop offers this way - you're gonna hear, "Do they have it in stock ?" - and they're right (cuz they know) - you end up negotiating for a car that doesn't exist.


    I never talked payments, never talked financing or trade-in, wasn't in a hurry, never test drove the car (until 2 seconds before signing the paperwork - the guy about fell over - I did the research, it's a good 4 banger so who cares)always started from "invoice" ('wholesale' of items plus holdback and destination, minus incentives), never thought about paying a dime for BS extras and kept my options open (Honda Accord Lx, Mazda 6).


    So the price - 17,900. Could have been 17,600 - but I got hung on the spoiler. The only dealership in the area with my exact colors and package (gave up on the convenience) - but with a spoiler added. But, I figured this was my max price for what I wanted - so what the hell.


    Sweet victory - the dealer I bought it from is getting the car from another local dealer. That local dealer wouldn't deal - was at about 20,000 for the car. Mr. 'old fashioned sales manager that won't let us deal on the phone' dealer.


    Anywho - I don't think I "tore their lips off" but I got a good deal. The Consumer reports wholesale for the car was at 18,370 (2.5S AT, ABS/Side, mats, guards, protect and spoiler).


    Incidentally, I could have had (without the final haggling) a convenience package added and paid 19,000 - but I dislike the black interior.

    Incidentally - my finance rate was at 4.25 with an established credit union. Nissan offered me 3.7 as I was signing the paperwork.


    Feel free to e-mail with questions;


    Good Luck.
  • d_kd_k Posts: 5
    Can YOU recommend any GOOD website where I can purchase a car directly?
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Not a good idea to post your email address here. You risk getting a lot of spam. It is better to mark your email public. This allows other Edmund's members to email you. Good luck!
  • Received 2005 Altima SL and I love it. I forgot to include the sticker price in my previous post. Here are the final numbers again. Entire transaction was completed via email and phone. Car was delivered at no charge (driven to trucked 100 miles).


    2005 Altima SL

    SL package (leather, heated seats & the works)

    Side Airbags and ABS (hard to find)

    Powered Moonroof (no choice)

    Splash Guards

    Floor & Trunk Mats- 5 piece

    Sunroof Wind Deflector


    Sticker on Window(MSRP) $26070*

    TMV was $24059*

    Paid $24100 Out the Door


    *These numbers do not include Tax, Tag and Title.
  • I just bought an Altima 2.5S, convenience package, splash guards, floor mats - MSRP $22,110, for a drive out of $19,900.


    From other messages it sounds like the recent experience has been to get a drive out about $2000 less than MSRP. However one message,-

    #397 of 403 New Altima Pricing by durandal0 Dec 17, 2004 (10:32 am)- got closer to $3000 less than MSRP.


    I got my price by submitting a detailed request for quote from 10+ dealers in my area. More than half responded. I picked the best response, and went to the dealer and paid the price w/o haggling. After the ink was signed, the two salesmen that I was talking to gave me indications that I was leaving money on the table using my approach. It sounded as if the dealerships have a bottom line number at about $500 below invoice, that they will not quote below. The sales person I was dealing with said the on-line sales people have the same constraints that the dealers on the floor have.


    If I could have done it differently I may have taken the best quote, subtracted $1000+ from it, and asked a dealer if they would meet it, and practice walking away from dealerships until I got a price that worked.


  • my dealer has a 2005 SE-R he's trying to sell me. it's sticker is right under $32k which includes their normal $1400 sealant/protection package. i thought he said there was a $2500 rebate on them, but i can't find it on nissan's web site. i can probably get him down to $28k but is the SE-R really a $28,000 car?
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    as a salesperson - the $1400 sealant/paint protection package seems like a ripoff. we have ours for $495 - and THAT includes a reasonable markup! there is NO rebate on the SE-R, but there is a special financing rate available. There is about $2500 profit in the car (from MSRP to invoice). Hope that helps! See if you cant get them to scratch out that paint sealant thing, or at least knock the price down! thats a bit much.
  • Hi,


    I would to purchase an Altima ASAP, how can I get a hold of you?
  • yhsyhs Posts: 4
    bought my new altima (2.5S, automatic trans)dec. 27 for $17,349 +TT&L. dealt with the internet sales guy which was a very easy experience, but not all of them are that way.. i did not get any options, but i did not have to haggle for floor mats as it was included in the price. i did barter for window tinting and also got that included for no extra. i got my car in dallas, texas. just email for a quote from all the nearby dealerships. i continued emailing the sales rep until we confirmed everything (i also called him right before i went to the dealership to make the deal).
  • hey durandal0


    dunno if this still helps u but i recently got a quote for an 05 Altima S from a dealer .. it had the compass/auto-dim-mirror/out temp, mudguards with side rocker panels, protection package and floormats added on.. pewter with frost interiors and leather seats thrown in.. it came to 19.4 total after title and taxes and taking off all rebates.. sounds very good to me.. do let us know how ur shopping went.. best of luck..
  • I am looking to lease a Altima SL I live in NY. Does anyone have any idea how much I should be paying a month?


    Thank You,

  • storkey7, I notice you have placed this message in a number of topics, indicating that you are looking to lease various vehicles. Before we can help you, you need to narrow down your choices a bit and do some preliminary homework. Unfortunately, it impossible for us to assist you with this little information.


    First, you need to go to our New Cars section and build the vehicle you intend to buy. At the end of that process, you'll see the MSRP of that vehicle, the invoice price, and the TMV price (average price that others in your area are paying). You can also compare the various makes/models you're looking at there.


    Once you have established a reasonable purchase price, try our Lease Calculator to get a general idea of your payments, based on your trade-in, the tax rate in your state, length of time you're leasing, and annual mileage.


    Please also visit our Lease Questions discussion to find out what the money factor should be for your intended vehicle, and to help answer other questions you might have about leasing.



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  • The thing is I purchased edmunds dealsmart plan for $20.00 and it doesnt work!!! When I am building my new car it gets up to the powertrain options section and doesnt give me any more choices and I therefore cannot save any of my cars to compare them. I sent an email but no one has got back to me. I paid the $20.oo so that this would be as hassle free as possible but it seems right now to have been a waste of money. Can you help with that?


    Thank You
  • Did you use the "help" link above, then select the "contact us" tab? That's the best way to get your issue to the Inbox of someone who can help you. But first, make sure your browser is set to accept cookies - that's the first thing they'll ask you.



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  • Hello,


    I have cookies enabled and I did write to the contact us people, but I have not gotten a response is there someone I can call?
  • sandylsandyl Posts: 42
    If you were just getting a 2.5S I could probably

    help, but I would assume for an SL , which is

    more expensive, that the lease deals would

    be between 300-400$. best bet is to get the

    residual and money factors and look at TMV for

    this car and do the math with the lease calculators.


    I can tell you that for the 2.5S you could get

    that for under 250/month


    sandy (who just got a 2.5S)
  • Thank You,


    Where do I get the residual and money factors from?
  • I don't have a phone number to refer you to right now. I would not be surprised if the office, like many others in S. Cal, is having staff shortages at the moment due to the massive rain & mudslides in the area, so it may take an extra day of two.


    In the meantime, the best place for specific leasing questions is in our Lease Questions discussion.



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  • sandylsandyl Posts: 42
    if you go to the lease board, and let them

    know how many months, how many miles, year

    and model of the car, Car_man can provide

    that info.


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