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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    It's pure profit. Don't pay for it. My Altima did not come with it.
  • 1offroader1offroader Posts: 208
    We bought a 2.5S yesterday. Auto trans, ABS/air bag package, Convenience package, splash guards, floor mats, microfilter. MSRP $22,254. We paid $20,837 (+ tax & lic.)- this is the Edmunds TMV for this vehicle in our area (Los Angeles). I think we got a decent price. We MAY have been able to get it down a few more $, BUT my time is very valuable and there is a "hassle factor" to consider. Also, we had a heck of a time finding one with ABS in the color we wanted (opal blue) - only one or two in the entire area because it's so late in the year.

    You CAN get the Edmunds TMV if you are willing to let the dealer fume for a while - a few days in our case. We also did not pay the silly add'l. "fees" (advertising, etc.) they wanted to charge. What's up with that, anyway? Why should we pay a fee for them to advertise? Why not a "lunch money" fee for the company president, or a "floor wax" fee for the dealership, fercryinoutloud???
  • I got a 3.5 SE Automatic for 27K out the door in Connecticut. I got almost all the options except for: leather, cold package, xenon headllights, auto dim mirror. I bough it on March 2002
  • 3.5 SE with Auto, No leather, mid line CD, Sunroof/Spoiler package, ABS w/Traction control, Mudflaps and rocker panel trim in Sheer Silver.
    Paid $400 over invoice (no ad charges, etc.!) plus got $1500 over what I wanted out of `01 Maxima trade.
    I feel like paid about $500 under invoice all together - about $24,800 including tax/tags out the door, no cash.
    I'm happy... :-)
  • 2.5 S automatic, convenience package, splash guards, microfilter. Sheer silver. $20,596 + tax and tags. Probably could have held off for less but I was impatient. Extremely pleased.
  • We went new car shopping recently and were interested in the 2002 leftover 3.5 Altima with leather, sunroof and etc, automatic trans. At 3 different dealers they had them on the lot for $28 - $29k MSRP. They wouldn't deal. They told me their cost was $26,000 and that I would have to do alot better then that. Basically they wanted to sell the car for or at near MSRP. No way. This was 3 different dealers in Northern NJ. If I am going to spend that I might as well wait for a 2003. They were willing to give me the Maxima for the same price or cheaper, with the same options. It seems odd that the max, Nissan's flagship car, the Altima is not, is going for the same price or cheaper then the Altima? For that price I would always buy the Max. Better interior and it is Their flagship car. Sorry, but an altima is Not worth more then a Maxima. Is every dealer getting near MSRP on these things? The dealer told me that the Altima is a hot selling car and that is how it is. Yet, each dealer had about 5-7 of these cars sitting their lots, 3.5's loaded. I am certainly not going to be paying MSRP for an altima, i will keep looking.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    I paid $2k under MSRP for an Altima 3.5 last December. You should be able to get close to invoice now. However, you're right that discounts on the Maxima are higher and that a heavily-optioned Altima can be more expensive than a midlevel Maxima.
  • paid $88 under invoice for a 2003 Altima 2.5S with microfilter, splash guards, and carpeted floormats. $18,100 + tax.
  • Three different dealers in North NJ are telling me that on a HEAVILY OPTIONED 3.5 Altima that MSRP at $28,214 that their cost is $26,000 and that I have to do better then that. The Maxima was ALSO heavily optioned, with leather, sunroof, heated seats, spoiler, Bose etc for $29,500 MSRP, about $1,300 more. The price they offered me on the Max was less then the Altima, probably because of the discounts. Both cars had the same options. Thats a deal on the Max then. If that is the case, knowone should be buying the loaded Altima, when the loaded Max is cheaper. I've driven both the, Max has a better interior and seems a little more refined.
  • The problems with the Maxima are three:

    1) dated styling

    2) the Maxima has a solid beam rear axle, vs. the Altima's four-wheel independent suspension.

    3) the interior room of the Altima actually seemed larger to me.

    That said, the interior of the Maxima is quite a bit nicer and for the same $ it would be a tough choice.
  • However, for the same $$, Previously, the Maxima has had a higher resale value then Altima as well, another thing to consider 2-3 yrs down the road. If you get a Maxima for the same price as an altima, it might be to your benefit. As for the solid beam axle, it doesn't mean much. The Maxima back in the 1980's had a independent rear and can't hold a torch to the 2000 and on handling. I have driven other cars like Ford taurus with independent rears, that can't hold a torch to the max either, in the handling dept. I agree with you on the exterior styling being better on the Altima though.
  • After shopping a while, I went with a 2002 Grand Prix GTP. MSRP was $28,240, got it for $22k in change. There is a $3k mfg rebate on this car that just ended and 0% financing. Yes, the Altima and Max are newer and more refined with better interiors, but for $22k and the better peformance I couldn't pass this deal up. Plus I got a 2 door coupe, something Altima or max don't offer. To me a 4 door just isn't that sporty. 0-60mph is in 6.8 seconds. The automatic 3.5 Altima is 7.3 seconds according to the nissan dealer brochure. the GTP gets 28mpg epa highway... altima 26mpg epa. Right now I have a 2001 I30T and the '97 GP i traded in. 5 yrs later the GP held up pretty good, not many complaints. Paint still looked like new. We'll see. For the money, esp $22k, I feel this was the better buy. Esp since they are stopping production of the 2door GP, 2002 was it, there are many good deals out there.
  • Any good dealers to look for a 2002 Altima 2.5S with min options? Also, any to avoid?
  • cfocfocfocfo Posts: 147
    "There is a $3k mfg rebate on this car that just ended and 0% financing."

    Is there a rebate AND 0% financing ?
  • My mistake, it was a $3k rebate OR 0%. It just ended either Tuesday or Wednesday! Both would have been really nice. I was better off taking the $3k rebate on a purchase. The dealers were pushing them out the door. It wasn't just a $3k rebate off MSRP, they had taken nearly $3k off MSRP before the rebate which gave me the $22k price range. Couldn't go wrong on that deal. Esp on a car that went for $28,240 MSRP and has every factory option. Again, It isn't put together as well as a Max or Altima nor does it have the same quality, but should do ok.
  • Sept 6 paid $500 over invoice at Univ City Nissan in SoCal. MSRP was $28924 / Invoice was $26792. Paid $27292. CarsDirect quotes $27792 for 2003 and $27626 for same equipped 2002. Leather, V6, Auto, Sunroof, Bose,Spoiler, Xenon lights, ABS and more.
  • Altima 3.5S Base US MSRP (off web) $23,189
    Altima 3.5S Base CAN MSRP (off $28,098

    By my calculations , our US friends are paying about 25-30% for exact same car! Ouch !!!
  • I just bought a 2003 2.5 S with sunroof, convienience package, ABS package, microfilter, and splashguards. Got it for 19,995 all told. Might have paid a bit too much seeing as this included my trade-in, but all in all I think I got a fair deal. It's pewter with charcoal interior, picking it up on Sunday.

    BTW, as to the previous message, what is the current conversion rate for US to Canadian dollars? The prices are in different denominations.
  • I purchased a 2003 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE 5 Speed Sheer Silver today but the dealer doesn't have the Silver Color that I wanted so they are going to get it from another dealer. They had me drove the Mystic Green Altima home while they keep my trade in till tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get it by then.
    The only options that the car has are micro-cabin filter, splash guard and floor mat. They gave me the car with a drive out price of $22,500.00 tax included.
    Good luck to all!
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