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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mvperez4jesusmvperez4jesus Posts: 231
    i got a quote for 18300 on a 2.5S Nissan Altima with CTV from route 1 Samsone automall. I was not asking for the car, but i always receive their quotes, because i dealt with them before. They are in woodbridge, nj is that works for someone. i guess that it does not incl dest. but if you bargain, you can get a better price
  • jpolwortjpolwort Posts: 27
    In negotiations for the following: 2.5 S with SL package,red,abs,mats, and splash guards. Dlr inv. 23,611, and offer of 23,411. I can get the 0.7% financing. Is this a good deal? I have one other competing quote of 22,932, but the dealer has to pay <200 to obtain it from Indiana. So the diff, isn't much. Please reply. Nothing signed yet. :)
  • netkickernetkicker Posts: 3
    I am planning to buy a Nissan Altima 2.5s CVT. I am getting quotes around $19-19,500 with splash guard and floor mats including destination but without tax and title. Do you think it is fair and what is O.K. to pay as extra dealer fees? Am I supposed to pay some kind of processing fee, gas fee, tire fee etc. I am from Ohio and thanks in advance.
  • pbhagatpbhagat Posts: 8
    One dealer was ready to sell a 2.5 Altima CVT with floor mats for 18,500/- including destination. However I had to add the convenience package because they didn't have the color that I wanted. So I bought it for 19,300/-. See my previous posts. Tire fee was $10, documentation fee was $55. I can't remember the registration fee, but the total was under $200.
  • bradanbradan Posts: 4
    Hello everyone. I'm about the buy the Nissan Altima 2.5S with:
    Convenience Package
    Rear Spoiler
    Fog Lamps
    Floor/Trunk Mat set
    Splash Guards
    Sunroof Wind Deflector .
    what is the good offer price if i paying cash. I'm in central NY thanks
  • netkickernetkicker Posts: 3
    Thanks for the response man. I read your previous postings and looks like you got a really good deal. Did you finish everything through the phone/e-mail or eventually did you have to go and negotiate a couple of them dealers after you receieved a couple quotes? I only got 2 quotes so far and the lowest is $19400.00 (including destination). Even though it is not bad compared to TMV still not even close to what you got.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    If you get $1800 off msrp that is a great deal. But I wouldn't pay cash. I would put my money in a bank and take .07% for three years. you'll make out more that way. :shades:
  • bradanbradan Posts: 4
    thanks greanpea68. where can i get that 0.07%. are they currently offer that? I'm in central New York. thank a lot.
  • cptcmpostcptcmpost Posts: 25
    [QUOTE]Hey all - hope this helps any future Altima drivers - I am loving mine so far, just bought it this weekend!

    2007 ALTIMA 2.5 S 4DR AUTO







    Total $24,200 (excludes tax & lic.)[/QUOTE]

    Holy Cow that looks like a good deal!

    What was MSRP and where was the dealer?

  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    It is a manufacurer incentive .07% for 36 months, 3.9% for 48 months, 4.9 for 60 months. As long as you have teir one credit 700 or better you'll be fine. The dealership will have the info. If they don't I wouldn't buy there and I would go to another dealer. ;)
  • tianoogletianoogle Posts: 3
    We just bought an Altima today, Winter Frost outside and Blonde leather inside, the model is 2.5 S with:
    - SL pacakge
    - connection package w/Sirius satellite radio
    - ABS
    - floor mat
    - auto-dim mirror w/compass
    - moonroof wind shield, splash guard

    Got it for 24300, which is about 2300 off MSRP. it includes 500 student discount (graduate student). Bought at Durham, NC. Hope this can help.
  • Is your price includng TTL(Tax and license).
    If it includes TLL you got a good deal.
  • greg9xgreg9x Posts: 2
    Purchased 07 Altima 2.5 S CVT in Dark Slate

    SL Package
    Technology Package w/XM
    Splash Guards
    Fog Lamps
    Anti-lock brakes

    MSRP $29,090

    Invoice $26,848

    Paid $26,648 / $28,280 OTD w/Aluminum Kick Plates added

    Was offered 'under invoice' due to not having car initally told me they had.
  • bradanbradan Posts: 4
    Hello everyone. can someone with experience tell me what is a good price to deal for the car with Total Configured MSRP $24,905. thank you very much. have a nice day !!

    Base MSRP $20300
    Xtronic CVT
    Packages and Options:
    Splash Guards
    Convenience Package Plus Package
    Fog Lights
    Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror with HomeLink&#153; and Compass
    Anti-Lock Braking System
    Rear Spoiler

    Floor Mats and Trunk Mat with Trunk Floor Hooks
    Aluminum Kick Plates
    Moon Roof Wind Deflector
  • kannikanwokannikanwo Posts: 19
    I am in the Bay Area looking at a Nissan Altima Hybrid with the technology package and sunroof (i.e. pretty much fully loaded) and the mrsp and invoice are $33,825 and $31,178 respectively. I want to offer around $30,000 as I read in some forum somewhere that one can pick up Altima's for $1,200 off invoice. Am I low balling under the relm of possibility?

  • tutimamitutimami Posts: 7
    2007 Altima 2.5 S [Dark Slate with Charcoal interior]
    with Convenience Package + ABS

    Local dealer is quoting me $21200 + TTL

    OTD $22000 :confuse: Is this a good price?
  • cptcmpostcptcmpost Posts: 25
    2.5 with the SL package, floor mats, splash guards and ABS out the door for $23,700.

    Tax is fairly low here so that helps. Basically I'm paying $23K for the car and $700 for tax, title and tags. Waiving the processing fee as well.

    Sticker is $25,385 and invoice is somewhere around $23,600.

    Should I hold out, should I get it, should I take my chances that the .7% will stick around another month and keep looking?
  • jersey_391jersey_391 Posts: 2
    I looked on and I got what I think is a pretty good quote. Will the dealers even come close? I'm in the NJ/NY Metro area.

    Altima 2.5 S w/CVT
    Dark Slate
    Convenience Plus Package
    Anti-Lock Brakes
    Floor Mats

    CarsDirect quote = $21,595
    MSRP = $23,550
    Invoice = $21,920

    The CarsDirect quote includes destination charge, but not TTL.
  • pbhagatpbhagat Posts: 8
    I did it on phone/email. Whenever any dealer called me I told him/her that I want to buy the 2.5 S with CVT for 18,000/- (with destination). One guy got back on 4th of May and said that he can sell it for 18,500/-. But the offer was valid only for that day. He told me that 4th mid-night was the last day for them to close the books and that Nissan was going to give them some more discounts if they can get more numbers. So I went on the same day and finalized.
  • pbhagatpbhagat Posts: 8
    Please see my previous posts. I got 2.5 S with CVT, floor mats, emergencgy kit and convenience package for 19,200/- (I can't remember whether it was 19,200/- or 19,300/-)along with destination charge.
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