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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    I have just started looking into the Altima as my current car is now 7 years old and will need to be replaced with something larger ( my 3 year old is a pain to get in and out on those days that I have to drive him)
    I was looking into the 2.5 SL with the tech package and I noticed that it forces me to ge the connection package.
    As the previous poster mentioned...these forced packages are a pain.

    Especially since I have Sirius satellite radio and no intention of swicthing to XM

    Any suggestions on ways to get around it ? I want the tech package but don't want XM radio...not sure if the dealer would be able to uninstall the XM reciever or not...or somehow switch it to use Sirius (I'm guessing the antenna is hardwired into the car already)
    Sure ...maybe with enough money, I can get the dealer to bedn over to my demands...but then I'd be paying for it.
  • karpediemkarpediem Posts: 46
    With navigation you are out of luck, if you just had connection package, then you could have it switched. I say don't worry about it and enjoy your free XM for 3 months, then hope the merger doesn't take much longer >>>>> Merger Sirius and XM Once this happens you can get either or both.
  • pcjamespcjames Posts: 13
    I was quoted a price of $22,435 (price includes $1250 rebate) + TTL for a 2008 Altima 2.5 SL Sedan w/ floor mats and splash guards. Winter frost color with the blond leather out the door right at $24K. I live in Texas (6.25% tax rate).

    Thumbs up or down?
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    pcjames...thats a bad price. my friend just got quoted $20,900 +TTL for a 08 Altima 2.5 SL with floor mats and splash guards. That includes the $1000 rebate and $500 college grad rebate and 3.9% financing.
  • candy85candy85 Posts: 4
    I am going to get my car in the next few days. I got a quote for $21,000 for the 2.5 SL w/ Connection package, splash guards, and floor mats (inlcuding $1,000 rebate and $500 college grad rebate and 3.9% financing). Also, they are giving me 2 years of free oil changes and life time free inspection.
  • tltctltc Posts: 9
    Where are you located?
    I was just quoted $22,200 in North FL for the 2.5 SL pkg, Connection pkg, Spoiler, Kick Plates, Splash Guards, Floor Mats and Moon roof wind deflector. I'm not a recent grad, so I don't get the $500.
  • pcjamespcjames Posts: 13
    where are you located, rmbalisa? I need that kind of deal in Houston, TX!!.
  • pmlboypmlboy Posts: 8
    I am negotiating through the fleet departments for a Altima 2.5S with SL package. The lowest I have been offered is $500 below invoice ( price) of $23518 (19392 + 3501 + 625) or $23018. With rebates (1250 + 500), it will come to $21268. I am in San Jose Bay Area. The dealers have also included splash guards and floor mats. I want to get the spoiler. Is it possible to get it without any other packages?

    Please let me know about your comments on the price I am getting. Thanks.
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    pcjames...near philadelphia
  • candy85candy85 Posts: 4
    I am located in Maryland (Washington, DC area). Does you quote inculde any rebates?
  • motoguy128motoguy128 Posts: 146
    Mileage impact would be minimal for running lights. headlights, marker lights and tail lights add up to around 165Watts (about 1/4HP). At 70mph, my best guess is that your car is producing around 30kw of energy to maintain speed, so the impact is around 0.6%. At lower speeds, it might add up to as much as 1-2%. For the increased safety, I think every car should at least have AUTO headlights. My '03 Toyota Corolla had this as well as daytime running lights.

    It's possible to do some custom lighting with a couple relays to link the wipers to the headlights.

    I generally follow 5000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. My driving is mostly very short trips or freeway speeds, with only occasional "city" driving.

    There's pretty good deals right now on '08 Altimas. We were a repeat customer and automatically recieved invoice pricing from our dealer, and qualified for $1000 cash back with 3.9% financing. So we got a 2.5SL for around $24,000 (including TTL). Camry or Accord didn't have any offers as good as that for a similarly equiped vehicle.... plus we really like the dimensons and styling of the Altima better, and that 180 ft-lbs of torque and 300-400lbs less weight over the Camry or Accord really gives the car some added muscle.
  • ricky20ricky20 Posts: 4
    Hello all,

    I just got a quote for $26880 including sales tax, new plate and dealer fees.a 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL with Technology package, includes spoiler, emergency kit, remote starter and wind defector, basically fully loaded.I got a quote for Is that a good deal?

    I'm in Medford, MA
  • pmlboypmlboy Posts: 8
    Based on invoice prices for all your options from Edmunds, how does your price before taxes and rebates look like?
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    is the sales tax is 0% you got hosed.....

    if the sales tax is 12% you probably did good.

    in other words, it doesn't do much good asking if you got a decent price when you include state sales tax in your figure you want to get comments on...
  • ricky20ricky20 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Sales tax is 5% in my state which is a total of $1300
    Dealer Fees $299 and new registration and plate is another $80

    Edmunds says $27402 is what others are paying for it. Invoice is $26591 and MSRP 28765

    Thanks for all your help!

    By the way any idea on when the Nissan Altima 09 is coming out? I already saw the Maxima on their website.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I'm in total agreement with you on the headlamp/wiper issues. Seems to me that if tire pressure monitoring is a federal requirement, running lights and auto "lights on when wipers are activated" should be as couldn't cost that much to implement, and as you stated, its not a very technical thing to do.

    If you're like me, I find it amazing that some folks drive in a heavy rain without headlamps on...I want to do everything I possible can do to be seen in a rain storm!
  • tltctltc Posts: 9
    Candy85---sorry for the delayed response.
    Yes, the 1,000 rebate is included. It's $22,203 with the wind deflector, kick plates and spoiler added. My OTD is $24,499.
  • tltctltc Posts: 9
    I worked on quotes for a while and the best I was offered was $26,795 OTD (7% sales tax); he even offered to deliver the car at no charge (I live about 4 hours from that dealership). I'm not sure what the cost of the car itself was. (I decided to go with the connection pkg instead). From what I've gotten in the south east, I'd say that's a pretty good deal. You can always ask for $26,800... Or, I can give you the guys name that I was talking with, but for $85 I don't know if it's worth the hassle.
  • ricky20ricky20 Posts: 4
    You mean $26795 + 7% Sales tax or is it already included? I'm meeting them tomorrow and possibly give them a deposit for the car. I will probably offer them approximately $26500 for it. Mine includes Technology and Connection Package + Rear Spoiler, Moonroof Deflector, Emergency Kit and I will see what else they can throw in there for me.
  • jknilajknila Posts: 1
    I'm looking around for a Altima 2.5s w/conv pkg or possibly the 2.5SL pkg. I'm just wondering if anyone from Oahu bought one and for how much. I'm wondering if it's harder to get a great deal here since everything seems higher here.
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