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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • After going back and forth for a while I got 2 dealerships down into the 17's for the basic S package. One was for 17,249 and the other was for 17,749. Invoice on the convenience package is $ it makes sense to me I could get it for around 18,500. But maybe its wishful
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 749
    Huh? if you could get a base for 17,249, I don't know why the dealer wouldn't let you have the S + Conv. ($911) = 18.5K...unless the car with this package is in high demand? :confuse:

    BTW, 17,249 for the S? I think we might see 16Ks in a couple months?
  • I know- it doesnt make much sense. Although those prices were with the $500 incentive that is no longer being offered. the 16's? I like the sound of that! I was wondering if prices would possibly drop around August when the 2009's come out. Maybe I'll wait a little while and see what happens.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Not sure what else to post...All I can tell you is that after everything added up including the $1,750 in rebates, , price was $22,600. Sticker was $24,090 and invoice was $22,430. If anyone can get this vehicle for $20,500 OTD (after tax, tags, destination, and processing fee), Run to your dealer!!! That would make the purchase about $18,500 or $5,500 below invoice based on roughly 6% tax. Recent previous posts had a basic 2.5 S for mid 17k. So add 1k for the convenience or 2k for the convenience 2 package. that would make the purchase at either 18.5k or 19.5k.
    Either way, I love this car and thats what is important. Everyone here is going to get a better deal that the last guy. Thats the way it always is!!!
  • Hey Marco,

    I just Took the Altima for a ride around the Lakes Region, and thought I would "Fool" the Car by using the CVT Automatic in the Manual mode.

    Right from the Start of my trip I put her in 6th gear the whole time. I've only got just over 200 miles on the car, and being in 6th gear, I never went over 2,000 RPM's and I got 37.4 MPG for the trip. And it's not even broken in. I'm really impressed!!!

  • sbb4thsbb4th Posts: 6
    I haven't fooled with the manual mode yet. How does it work and how could you just leave it in 6th gear?
  • You gotta get moving at like 5-10 MPH then go into manual and click right into 6th gear, It slows down the revs, and the MPG'S go up. Kinda neat!

  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Your post peaked my interest! So what you are saying is start in "D" until you start moving, then suddenly put it in manual mode and click until you get to 6th gear?
  • YUP! That is what I did, It keeps the Revs way down, and the MPG's go's up. at 5-10mph go from "D: right into manual, and tap the shifter right into 6th gear. I got 37 MPG on a 40 mile trip around the Lakes.
  • voisinvoisin Posts: 5
    i am looking to get the s package + convenience package there offering me 20133.05 thats with the rebate. 18,500 is sounding like what i would be happy with.
    But it sounds like i got some talking to do. I would love to know what the invoice price is. all i can find is the MSRP. were did you find the invoice on the convenience package. thats some good stuff
  • Here's the invoice price for the options. It doesn't say what the invoice base price is, I would like to know that too - does anyone know what the invoice price for a 2.5S CVT is?
  • nascar9900nascar9900 Posts: 48
    MSRP has gone up by about $300 since Memorial Day. A rough estimate is that INV went up about $200, or $19392 + 200 ~ $19600.
  • jkh713jkh713 Posts: 4
    I am eligible for the Nissan VPP C and wondering if I will come out ahead using this, because I read that upgrade options are covered at invoice. Has anyone used this program? If so could you share your eperience.
  • hey Mitch it is Marco just getting back to you that is ausam how fast wher you going. Like I said it is a grate car I am not just saying that to brag or say sum thing in this foram over and over. that was grate gas Milage you got ausam. What color is your car not shore if you said the color in a pryar posting keep us updated thankyou for reading Marco.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Yeah.. $20133 is a bit much, given the current incentives. When I bought, I paid something like $20,200, but I didn't take the cash incentives; I went with 1.9% APR.

    So, lets assume the price has gone up $300. So we're at $20,500.
    But.. subtract $1000 if you're taking the 3.9% APR, $1250 if you're not. (btw, you'll save more in interest than $250, so I'd take the 3.9/$1000 combo) so you're at $19,500ish, $19,250 if you're a cash buyer.

    And that was for a deal that I did in early January- the climate now is far better in favor of the buyer, so you shouldn't have to pay any MORE than $19,500 before taxes, title, and license plates.
    Don't forget to ask for each dealer's doc fee when you get a quote as well; I had doc fees range from $0 (where I bought) up to $600 when I got quotes. Some of those dealers are sneaky!

    Invoice on the Convenience Package is around $850, I believe. It's not a terribly expensive addition and well worth it- the power seat alone is probably worth the upgrade for me.

    Good Luck!
  • voisinvoisin Posts: 5
    According to NADA Guides the Invoice is at $19663 for the Base. Invoice for the Conveniece PKG $911. So + Destination $660. Im looking at $21234 I'll probly go with the 3.9 intrest rate with -$1000 dallor rebate. + the VPP program -$564

    Im looking at $19670

    If i could get it for $19000 that would be grate
  • Hey Marco, Nice to hear from you again. I was cruisin' at approx. 40 MPH that's the speed limit on rural Maine roads mostly. I'm not sure if shifting into 6th at 10 MPH with the CVT will hurt anything, But the Mpg's go from 26-37+. And the Motor didn't seem to lag.

    My 2008 2.5s CVT automatic. is Pebble Beach exterior, with Blonde on the interior. Splash Gaurds and Cloth mats front rear, and trunk.

    The car was bought for my wife, But I love driving it, And my Summer car is a Solstice.

    I just love the feel of the wheel. And for $17,615 how can you beat a Car like that with all the Toys.

    Just a note, I hit 40 MPG during the trip, But the stop lights brought the MPG's down before I got home.

    Now what Color is your Altima, or do you have one in the works?

  • voisinvoisin Posts: 5
    Hay mitch that sound interesting are you sure that does not hurt the transmition.
    and if you left it in auto does it go to six

    one more ? how you got that car for 17k please fill me in
  • pmlboypmlboy Posts: 8
    I tried the manual shifting in my recent trip to San Francisco from Santa Clara (around 45 miles one-way). I noticed that the RPM surely drops down when I moved to the 6th gear, however, I also found that at similar speeds in auto mode, the RPM was also similar. My mileage is still poor, it remained at 23 mpg. My car is driven 1000 miles, though mostly in short trips from my home to office. I don't know whether I need to reset the counter.
  • 2008 Altima
    SE (V6) 3.5
    Technology Package w/ VDC
    fully loaded with everything
    MSRP: $33,040
    Agreed-on Price: $28,684
    Financing: 3.9% AND $1,000 Rebate
    College Grad Bonus : $500
    Final Financed Price - $27,184 + ttl
    Sound good?
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