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Ford Expedition Accessories and Modifications

here into modifications.Ok I will be the first. I have K&N airfilter, GTS Blackouts, Steelhorse Billet grille, 6 CD Changer, Chrome Exhaust tip, and thats about it. My homepage is at Lets see what you guys have? If you are interested in parts check out They seem to have thelowest prices on products that are high in demand. My next mod will probably be a TV.


  • Help, I have a 2002 Expy XLT. and was wondering if it is pre wired from the factory for the rear subwoofer. My friend replaced is stock sub for a 10" model and said i can have the stock one. I know it fits right in the rear trim panel. Hope someone can help. email me with the response.
  • jptjpt Posts: 7
    I would also be interested in this so if anyone has this info, please post it here. Is adding a subwoofer something a mechanically inclined person could do at home? What all needs to be added to what's already in the XLT (eg. amp, woofer, panel, etc) to make this work?
  • jpt - if you are not starting out with the free sub like the previous poster, go the Crutchfield site or catalog, they sell a sub specifically for the storage area in the rear of the Expedition. If it is like all other Crutchfield stuff you buy, it will come with flawless, vehicle specific directions that are very clear and easy to follow. I have never been disatisfied with their stuff.
  • bodymanbodyman Posts: 23
    I want to add a bug deflector to my Expedition, but I have a few questions. To those of you who have owned your Expy without one, did it help to install one, or was it a waste? I know vehicle aerodynamics play a part in the effectiveness, so do they work on Expeditions? If so, what brand fits well without drilling or rubbing the paint off of the hood or grille? I saw a Lund on one, and it rubbed the top of the grille. I prefer bugs to rust or worn paint, so I want to buy one that fits well and works, regardless of cost. Thanks for any input.
  • shand32783shand32783 Posts: 57
    I have a factory one installed. Painted to match. Looks sharp. I would let the professionals do it if your not worried about cost. They have these things called Bump ons. The put them on your hood. So when you have wind force instead of the Bug guard hitting the hood it touches the bump ons. Saves the paint that way. Let me know if we can help any more.
  • bodymanbodyman Posts: 23
    I can do the installation and paintwork, but I prefer a brand that doesn't require drilling screw holes. Do you mean yours was dealer ordered and installed? Does it have a brand name on it? Also, do you find it prevents bug splatter on your windshield, or did you get yours mostly for paint protection?Thanks for your input.
  • Has anyone put one of these in their Expy's or Suv's?What did you pay? What type of increase in HP and tourqe did you get? Any other modifications that helped out. i'm looking at Superchip or Diablo chip. Please Help.
  • bbmdbbmd Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 Eddie Bauer Expedition 4x4 with the 5.4 L V8, 17 inch wheels, and the 3.55 axle ratio. I would like to increase the truck's towing capabilities. The Ford information I have indicates that having the 3.73 axle ratio can increase the capability by 400-500 lbs and having 16 inch tires can increase it by another 500 lbs. My question: Can the truck's axle ratio or wheel/tire size be modified like this aftermarket? Would it be a huge job that would put my truck at risk of problems? Would the speedometer have to be recalibrated? Would I need new tire rims? Would either job likely be prohibitively expensive? If it was possible to do either, who does this sort of work- a Ford mechanic at a dealership? a transmission guy? some specialty shop? Any help someone can give to these questions would be greatly appreciated?
  • We are interested in installing a third seat in our '98 Expedition. It has rear air. We don't know if adding a third seat is even feasible. Any info would be greatly appreciated. You can also email us Thanks.
  • I have a 2000 Ford Eddie Bauer Expedition with the General Grabber P275/60R17 tires. It has the 3.55 Ratio Limited Slip Axle.

    The General Tires are being recalled and I would like to replace them with the Michelin P265/70R17.

    Does anyone know if this can be done with the current stock wheels that came with the 2000 Ford Expedition?

    Curious also if anyone has any other comments regarding these issues.

  • Hi! anyone knows if 2003 Expedition's LARGE exterior mirror can be fitted with Lincoln Navigator's power fold mirrors?
  • I have a 2000 Expedition XLT and was wondering if it is possible to turn the seat around, facing the rear?
  • bodymanbodyman Posts: 23
    I have an '03 Navigator mirror if you want to compare them. It does not work correctly, but if you are interested, let me know where to e-mail you.
  • cherlmerlcherlmerl Posts: 1
    Does the 2002 Bugflector fit? My husband doesn't think it will. Thanks
  • caseman22caseman22 Posts: 8
    Does any know who makes the system for the 2001 Expedition. I just purchased one and it is missing the headphones and the remote. Ford want 61.94 for the remote and 82.32 for one set of headphones. That is outrageous!
    So if you know the maker, where I can get these parts or if there are universal counterparts please let me know.
    Thank you in advance.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,613
    had a 2000 expy. bought a bug deflector from the dealer, think it was about 70 bucks. holes to attach were predrilled. came with a template to attach bumpers so the hood wouldn't get scratched.
    i think 3-m makes a clear covering that you can't see unless the hood has just been waxed. i would look into something like that.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,613
    went to a well known catalog electronics merchant, cheapest wireless headphones were about 80 dollars each. don't think they will work on an expy, though.
  • caseman22caseman22 Posts: 8
    Well, I may have answered my own question. I called FORD and oh course the say that the maker of the product cannot be released to the public it is Proprietary information. Whatever. I tried to match it up on the net by pictures. It seems to be an Audiovox unit. AVP7000 mono!!? VCP and VOH 641? TV. The headphones that should work with it are the Audiovox MVIRHS or IRHS40 I found them for $35 and $40 at . They also carry the remote 0993000 for $18 for the VCP. I will be going to my local Car audio place to confirm which heaphones work. I will let you know how I make out. Thanks for nothing FORD. Let see FORDS price for remote and two headphones=$226.58 my price=$88 free shipping ( UPS ground). Now I guess I know why they did not want to tell me the manufacter
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,613
    looks like you did some great research.
    hope it works out for you.
    that mono thing would kind of sleazy, if true.
    caseman22 = detective?
    you didn't really expect to get a bargain price from the dealer did you?
    it's a pretty limited audience item for a car dealer.
    how many vcp expy's do you think are out there?
    you're probably lucky if you could even get them.
  • caseman22caseman22 Posts: 8
    Actually, in case any one is interested. you would be better of purchasing a aftermarket system. you can get a much bigger screen and much better features for the same cost. I am talking about a 10' screen not a bug size 5' screen. Check out your local car audio dealers for the best deal.
    I did not expect to get a good deal but I did not expect to be robbed! because that is wht they are doing. As soon as I receive my peices and testing everything I will post my findings. Especially about the mono VCP!
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