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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • Dust covers are not a good option. They will cause the over heating of the brake system. I would rather clean my rotors several times a week, than end up with warped rotors. Thanks for the comment. They should be out with the ceramic pads before to long.
  • I've had the covers on for 30k miles with no warpage. I drive hard and a lot (26k for work alone).
  • shocaseshocase Posts: 2
    I have a 98 Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4 Litre. Starting 12/02, I have had problems with starting. It would not start, but 1 hour later, it would start. It has done this 3 or 4 times. Yesterday, it would not start at all. Had not electrical power. No lights, clock, radio. No electrical device would work. Tried jumper cables. No difference. When it was towed to the dealer 4 hours later, the electrical system came back on line as I was rolling off the flatbed. Dealer says all systems check out as normal. Can not find problem unless they can duplicate the event. Must admit, your problems are not very encouraging. Anyone have any ideas?
  • shocaseshocase Posts: 2
    Have a 98 Eddie Bauer 5.4 Litre. Yesterday, my wife drove to meet me for lunch. When lunch was over, the Expedition had no eletrical power. Tried jumper cables. Made no difference. Had no electrical power. Four hours later, as it was about to be rolled off of the flat bed, electrical system came back on line. Started and drove off of the truck. Ford dealer says all systems check out. Can not find the problems unless they experience the problem. Any ideas?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,444
    not a mechanic, but check that battery cables are tight. also local mechanic told me his truck had a bad battery cable that was temperature sensitive. check ground cable for corrosion.
    good luck.
  • seifertcseifertc Posts: 1
    My 2003 Expedition shakes and becomes very irritating when the passenger or middle row
    windows are down. I brought the car for
    service and was told there was nothing the
    dealership could do until engineering documents
    it as a problem. The dealership has had other
    people bring the car in with the same problem
    and even took another expedition from the
    dealership for a drive with the windows down.
    I have made a complaint with Ford and will see
    if they do something.

    I am very frustrated because it seems this problem
    exists in alot or maybe even all 2003 expeditions
    and I can't imagine Ford didn't know about it
    before selling me the car.

    Are other people experiencing the same problem?
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    We haven't had any weather nice enough here in Minneapolis to drive with the windows down yet, so I can't comment on the sound. I can tell you that a whole bunch of Sequoia owners have complained about the same issue and Toyota has said there isn't anything they can do.

    It is kind of the nature of the beast and I think you are going to have to try and live with it.
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    The noise from just having certain windows open happens in all cars to some degree - the wind rushing in has nowhere to go so it buffets around the passenger compartment. It is more common in tighter newer cars that don't breath as much as older cars. It changes tones depending on how many and which windows are open. Try cracking the others a little to give the air another place to go. Do '03s have rear opening quarter windows? Open those and the noise will definately go away.
  • brdowns1brdowns1 Posts: 2
    Has anyone had their 4 wheel low engage all on its own? The dealer replaced the G.E.M. module last year when I had this problem. Now it is happening again! Problem is it never happens when I take it in for service......typical.

    Also have occasional problems in cold weather(<20 F) where the vehicle experiences significant resistance when trying to drive. After the truck warms up it seems to get better.

  • brdowns1brdowns1 Posts: 2
    When I first researched buying an Expedition several years ago I seem to recall seeing a posting on this site about an after-market item that will boost fuel efficiency. Does anyone no of such an item?
  • This is not just a wind problem common to
    all vehicles, this is a problem where the
    wind coming in through the center of the
    car throws off the front and rear suspensions.
    The suspensions get confused and basically
    lose control. Everyone at Ford, including the
    dealer are aware it is a suspension problem;
    I described it as a shaking problem when the
    windows are down, Ford wrote it as a suspension
    problem. This is a serious problem for Ford
    and I guess a very difficult one to fix. Test
    your cars going 50 miles per hour with the
    middle row windows down and see what happens my
    investigating shows it happens in alot of cars..
    I can't say all at this point. Ford is sending
    an engineer to test drive my car.
  • xman1035xman1035 Posts: 52
    If you have a factory installed alarm system on your Expedition you might want to have it inspected. I had a factory alarm system on a 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser and when it malfunctioned it would leave me stranded for hours and my vehicle would not start. This is also happened to my father-in-law's Ford Bronco. We had the alarm systems taken out by a professional alarm installer and replaced with a Viper alarm system. The trucks worked great after that and we no longer had any problems with our vehicles.
  • whome30whome30 Posts: 4
    Does any one else have this problem? I have my truck parked overnight in the garage, go out in the morning and open one of the back doors (in this case on the drivers side) to place my briefcase in the truck and the interior lights do not come on. If I close the door and reopen immediately it will come on.

    I was wondering if anyone else has seen this and if it is "normal" or if something is wrong, and if something is wrong, what???
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    Sounds like a sticky switch. The times it doesn't turn the lights on the switch stays in. After you jostle it the switch frees up and starts to move again.
  • dtd07dtd07 Posts: 19
    responding to dome light.. I have a 99 F150 and
    have the same situation happen. I think that if
    you don't close the door tight, after a few minutes
    (30min.??) the light will turn off preventing your
    battery from draining. Happen to me several time and
    never thought of it has a problem (this is just my
  • I have the same issue with mine!! 2003 XLT. Their is no door switch on the back doors!! Anyone have any more suggestions?
  • Hi all.

    I've got a '97 XLT with 137K miles. It's been a great vehicle for me. Not flawless, but nothing major. Until now.

    Every once in a while I'll be driving along and the tranny will apparently go into neutral. Only happens when it's in overdrive. When it happens I take it out of overdrive and it goes right to third gear. If I wait a few minutes and put it back in overdrive it's back to normal. Doesn't seem to matter if I'm on the highway or local roads. More likely to happen just after a right turn or a bump. Sounds like something loose, but I can't find anything. Local tranny shop wants to rebuild it for $2500.

    Any thoughts?
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    For $2500 get a second opinion!
  • satysaty Posts: 23
    I'm researching on 99 expedition xlt with 77800 miles on it. Everything are fine except occasionally whining noise coming from front drive axle or transfercase. It sounded like front axle try to engage or lock the drive when you shift from 2wd to 4wd. The four wheel drive mode is in AWD when the sound occurring. I have not try to switch to 4wdh yet.
  • hijinxxhijinxx Posts: 2
    Walked out to my garage last Sunday to find the back end of my 2000 Expedition XLT (39,600 miles)about 8" off the ground. Checked the switch up front - nothing. Took it out in front of the house and even with a smooth ride it bounced around like a low-rider. Had it brought to dealer ... turned out to be a $21 valve in the suspension system (and of course the minimum $80 to even look at the problem).

    When picking up the truck at the end of the day, I met three other sorry souls all with the same problem. Scary thing was they were all 2000 models with approximately 40K miles.

    Seems kinda' strange!! Is this a well known problem? Any recalls? This valve going bad while on the road would really suck!

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