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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    I feel sorry for you in your situation, but as an unbiased observer, I've got to say that I wouldn't really expect the dealer to do anything about it. They can't be liable for everything forever. Sometimes bad stuff just happens. Should it have lasted longer? Sure, but nothing is a sure thing. As far as it "clearly being electrical", I wouldn't go that far. I have seen more vehicle fires caused by fuel systems than I have by electrical systems. Odd you should mention that the fuel injection system burned. Has the local fire marshal investigated the cause?
    The rental car thing is annoying, but that is more an individual dealer situation than a Ford thing. You don't soppose the Blue Oval boys sent out a directive to not give out courtesy cars do you? Across all dealers you will find the upstanding types who want your kind words to friends and future business, and those that want your 200 bucks that day. Sounds like you have found the latter. Look at it as one less place to comparison shop next time. I always make a point of sending a nice thank you to businesses for saving me the effort after I have bought from the competition. Makes me feel all warm and happy inside.
  • bassamaticbassamatic Posts: 79
    New to this Ford site, although I have strolled back and read the last 300 or so messages. I have found these message boards to be extremely helpful and informative, as well as entertaining... I'm still chuckling over post #17. I spent a lot of time here a year back when I bought my Silverado and learned that you can eliminate many problems people report here by taking a long, quiet test drive before you lay down your money.

    We are in the market now for a new SUB as my wife's Jeep Grand Cherokee is getting old and we simply need a bigger rig. We test drove the Tahoe and it reminded me too much of my Silverado. The Denali was nice, but the monochromatic color scheme was a bit much. Besides, for a few thousand more you could get into the, we drove the Escapade. It was nice, lots of bells and whistles but the one we drove had a very noticeable wind noise from the front windshield. The sales re didn't believe me until he drove it at my insistence and only replied .."not to worry, we can reseal it"! Yea right. The local Cadillace dealers are in no mood to deal on these rigs as they are hard to locate here in the midwest and some even have a waiting list. We just drove a 2001 EB Expedition and liked it a lot. I have had Fords in the past and found them to be reliable so we are looking real hard at the Expedition. Seems to be a good time to buy one as every Ford dealer in the area has 8-10 on the lot and they are offering Cash Back and reduced financing incentives.

    I did have a question. My wife really likes the 2nd row bucket seats with the console and it appears to come only with the Premier Group option which comes only in the Arizona beige. Am I mistaken here? My salesman was not a lot of help as he said he would have to research it.

    It seems a fair price would be dealer invoice plus maybe 100-200 dollars and let them keep the holdback. I read somewhere in here that someone bought one for straight invoice and even split the holdback. Darn good negotiating! Any thoughts in this area would also be appreciated.

    Sorry for the long post.
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    From your use of the phrase "let them keep the holdback" I think you are getting confused between holdback and rebate. There are rebates available right now. You should be able to get pretty close to invoice, if not below, and keep the rebate. If you start getting below invoice, then you are chewing into holdback. The rebate has nothing to do with the dealer, regardless of what they tell you. It is an incentive offered by the manufacturer. You should figure on getting the entire rebate. Do your best deal around invoice with them, and then subtract the rebate.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    I'm the guy who split the holdback with the dealer here in Denver. That was back in January. Actually, it was their idea: they advertised "Employee Pricing", which they described as invoice minus 1/2 the holdback ($1250 on our Expy). We had to pick between the $1K rebate or 3.6% financing. We chose the financing. Saves us over $2K given the duration of the loan. Our price was invoice - $625. Not Bad!

    We also took lengthy road tests of three different Expys before choosing one. There was a noticeable difference in the ride between the loaded XLT and the EB, which I found strange, since both are supposed to have the same suspension and both had 17" wheels and tires. The EB had a softer ride, in case you're wondering. The reason for the lengthy test drives was to determine if any of the trucks had the vibration problem mentioned by several owners. None of the three trucks we drove vibrated.

    The 2nd row buckets have been an option on the Eddie Bauer for a couple of years. If there's a console for the second row, it must ONLY be available on the Premier Group, as I have yet to see a 2nd row console on a "normal" EB.

    BTW- Choosing the 2nd row buckets means you won't have a flat floor when you fold the seats, if that matters to you. The flat floor was one of the selling points when we were choosing our new truck. The Sequoia and Tahoe 2nd row seats do not fold flat.

    Lastly, in case you haven't heard, Ford has recalled all the Firestone tires on Expeditions. DO NOT leave the dealer's lot without getting non-Firestones. That is, IF the Expy you choose happens to have Firestones on it. I put Michelin tires on our Expy after the first week and was immensely impressed with the improved ride, steering and handling.
  • bassamaticbassamatic Posts: 79
    Your quite right. I do understand the difference between a holdback and a rebate...but you could never tell it from my post. Speaking of which, after re-reading my post, I think I'm the one who needs grammar lessons!

    The same sales rep just called me and told me I can get that 2nd row captains chairs under a 21B option code. It doesn't appear to be a popular option as he has yet to find one in the area.
  • bassamaticbassamatic Posts: 79
    Thanks also for the reply. I made that post above prior to reading yours. really did get a good deal. We haven't come down to price yet with this dealer, as I haven't completely made up my mind yet on the EB, yet we are leaning heavily in that direction. They have two 2000 Navigators on the lot. I am fairly sure I could get one for about $42,500. Can't believe they still have those. I would be buying a two year old rig but I do like the looks of the darn things. He seemed real anxious to sell them. It would pencil out to about a $3000.00 difference. You "regular" guys posting here are much more knowledgable than I am. What do you think? Would it be smart to "step up" to the Navigator or would it be a wash in the long run?

    Thanks again for the replys.
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    If you go for the Navigator, be real sure you sit in one for a while. The seats are terrible - they are completely flat and featureless. The Expy seats seem like Recaros in comparison. (Don't get me wrong, the Expy seats aren't so great either, but they are better than the Nav's)
  • bassamaticbassamatic Posts: 79
    I agree with you on the uncomfortable seats in the NAV. As a matter of fact, that was our main complaint about the rig. Dealer blamed it on the "flow through" feature. Evidently, those things route the AC and heat through the seats. I did like the navigation system that they offer, however, I suspect it would be cheaper to buy a map! The Escalade and Denali had the most comfortable seats of all the vehicles we drove.

    The EB offers pretty much the same features and my wife and I like the overall feel and looks better. I've had two F250's over the years and have gotten excellent service out of both. I would be very comfortable buying another Ford. As I understand it, the incentive program now offered runs through July 2nd, so we have a little time here to decide. I haven't heard much about the 2002 Exp, but I suspect they will make a signifigant body style and powerplant change in the near future.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    I would rather have a NEW truck for less money than a two-year old one. Even with the 2nd row buckets, a new 2001 Expy shouldn't cost you more than $37-38K. The real problem with buying the Nav, even if it is still "new" is that its resale value would drop like a rock once you drove it off the lot.

    After two loooong road trips, I am quite pleased with the seats in our EB. I especially like the memory feature for two drivers. Works great!

    Personally, I would avoid the first year of a new model. Only time will tell whether Ford will be able to avoid repeating the past and produce a trouble-free truck in the first year after a major redesign. Check out the Sequoia topic. If the posters there are a reasonable sample of Sequoia owners, Toyota also has trouble producing trouble-free vehicles in the first year.

    Let us know what you wind up buying.
  • bassamaticbassamatic Posts: 79
    what you say makes sense on a two year old NAV. Rumor has it the resale value on them is disappointing a lot of folk.

    Interesting enough, I was at the dealer's lot this morning taking a second look at the EB Expy and right next to them was a brand new Limited Excursion with an MSRP of $500.00 less than the Expy! Go figure that one. It was a real nice rig but waay to big.
  • pwaspwas Posts: 34
    Rickc5 did the EB have the load level suspension? were the tires different? Why did the ride on the eddie bauer seem softer than the XLT? other than the load level suspension the suspension suppose to be the same. I test drove an navigator one time before and was surprised the the nav rode stiffer than my XLT with 17 inch wheels.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    all three suspensions were non-load leveling and all three had Firestones. I was perplexed then, and still cannot logically explain the difference. Perhaps tire pressures????
  • bassamaticbassamatic Posts: 79
    We bought a rig. 2002 Escalade. The EB EXpy we were looking at so hard came to almost $39,000.
    Pretty near bought it, except my wife really didn't like the fact you could not get six way power seats for both driver and passenger. So we decided to wait and think about it. The very next day we drove by a Cadillac dealer with a shiny white Escalade on the lot so we decided to take a look at it. Went right to the sales manager's office and told him.."no BS, give me your best price on the Escalade, he looked at us and said $46,000. I asked him what was wrong with it and he said not a thing except it has 227 miles on it as it was used in a golf parade and some golf pro drove it to the course and back. They had to sell it is as a "program car", hence the price. 227 miles...I'd put that on it going home! We drove it and then bought it on the spot.

    You wouldn't believe how it drives untill you sit behind the wheel.

    I do appreciate the input and guidance here. Good luck and drive safe!
  • I bought my ford expedition in large part for its safety rating. I am a brand new father, and my wife of 8 yr and myself wanted to purchase a safe vehicle to transport my son. The 2001 expedition brags about the 5 star government safety award. It also offers 4 wheel drive for the snow, and plenty of power to pull our boat.
    Less than 1000 miles after biting the $47,000 bullet, I was driving my new car in the downtown San Joe area. Ahead, the traffic light turned red. I put my foot on the brake and nothing happened. I pumped the brake, still nothing. I stepped with both feet on the brake, still nothing. At this point I was bearing down on the mazda miata that was stopped at the light. I shifted the truck into first gear, and turned my SUB onto the sidewalk to the right and somehow managed to steer clear of the oncoming traffic. I came to a stop next to the curb without a scratch.
    My dealer confirmed a failed brake booster. They replaced the part and called me to pick up the vehicle.
    I objected and demanded a new truck. My wife is scared to drive this car, she won't allow my son to ride in it, and I don't know if I disagree. This incident could have been catastrophic. If my wife had been driving, if I had been pulling the boat, if we were on the freeway, or coming out of the mountains, we would have been facing a life or death situation. The gal applying make-up in her miata, weather she knows or not, was already in a life or death situation. Personally, I can't put my newborn son in that vehicle. I'm not looking to sue anyone. I simply want what I paid $47k for; a car that I feel confident putting the lives of my family in.
    Ford contends that they cannot intervene at this point. The dealer is taking a position of "no blood no foul". Ford Credit is still waiting for the first payment.
    At this point, do I get an attorney?
  • kelly54kelly54 Posts: 7
    My wife had a similar breaking problem in our new Explorer (back in 99)..we told our salesman that we refused to drive the vehicle..he then called someone at Ford Regional, and within 24 hours had us trading in that car for a brand new Expedition, with a $2500.00 Ford customer credit as my "downpayment" on the new vehicle...It can be done, I think that you just need to go higher up than the dealer ....Good Luck..
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    Not to add insult to (non) injury, but 47 k ?????? You got taken to the cleaners on that.
  • settleitsettleit Posts: 9
    Ford Catastrophe engine failure and safety issue-anyone else with the same problem? "Firestone tires could blow-out but this could have blown up" Ford mechanic-2000 Expedition bought new-currently has approx. 17,200 miles - 6.5 months old. While driving home the other evening (Fri) steering wheel starts to shimmie and "Check Engine" light comes on then goes off. Got it home and has a rough idle and smoke coming from exhaust - did not put it in garage! Next morning called Ford dealer "drive it on in to the shop". While driving through town smoke is billowing out of exhaust- all gauges OK, bad gas smell when we would stop at stop lights. Finally get to dealer and they check it out---#5 fuel inject or stuck open and was pumping so much fuel that the catalytic convertor was soaked and gas was dripping out of the exhaust pipe - -Bent piston rod = "new engine" replacement in a new top of the line Ford. Mechanic stated that it could have blown up and that I was driving a bomb - I stated, what would have happened if someone in a passing vehicle dropped a lit cigerette at the stop light or Clean Air Act violations or EPA issues. Replacing the engine does not address what caused the injector to stick open/ What part failed? Wiring harness? Someone in this same discussion group had the same #5 injector "go bad" and engine replaced. Odds of that are ???? Anyone else with this problem? This system is on several Ford vehicles not just the Exp. and could cover several years.We are having to go to the Dispute Settlement Board for a new vehicle not a "rebuilt" one. Dealer offered us lowest possible price for a trade!! I stated 2000 Exp with "0" miles-new Ford engine. I contacted the National Highway Safety Admin. to file a complaint with their office. Any help from the town hall group would help -read the post in Finance ,warranty & insurance title Brand new Ford engine for $100 post #1-#5 injector failure-same cylinder as mine !! Injecters are not cylinder specific -just screw one in -I think the issue is the controlling wiring to the number 5 cylinder. This same (sub contractor made or Ford made?) wiring is installed in a zillion Ford/Mercury products and maybe in other makes i.e. GMC,Dodge?
  • settleitsettleit Posts: 9
    Others have your same problem!!Go to -Yr,model,engine Etc. Post number OD ID 744378 It appears that I am/was? a traveling "bomb" thanks to Ford (post #37)and now could they possibly have evolved into making your Expedition a "cruise missile"? I'll keep everyone posted on my engine issue - it is going South at a rapid pace. Answer to your last question on your post - Yes- get a group of you together with the "same" problem - Good Luck !!!
  • Thanks for the advise! Kelly, I have gone higher than the dealer. I have called regional and have been told that they are, at this point unable to intervene. I went to the web site for the nhtsa, I was unable to locate the ID# that settle listed, but did find another individual with a similar problem. How do I get in touch with these folks???
    Thanks, all of you for your help and advise.
  • tone2tonetone2tone Posts: 15
    My wife drives our 98 Expedition the most. No major complaints and it's been hit so I can attest to being glad for having a "sturdy vehicle." Lately, the air suspension warning light will come on according to my wife. I'll come home get in and drive it and no warning light. Anyone else have similar problems and recommendations on what to check? The truck is out of full warranty (50k mi).

    As for the brake failure posting from Whooooa, get an attorney. It will be a longer than desired process but you'll be better off in the long run.
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