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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    OH, how I hate the first year introduction of a new model! I've not had that much trouble with my Navigator thankfully, but a few little things have persisted.

    Take heart though...if it helps, the BMW X-5 is on their 14th recall so far, and the first year Sequoia had miserable engine & A/C problems. The difference is, Toyota doesn't recall anything, they deal with it quietly if they have to, and secondly the media just assumes they never break, so you don't hear about it much if they do have repeat issues. And occasionally, they do.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    Please let me know if the next fix for your door works, and what it is. My dealership has a new latch on order in hopes of fixing the "creaking" I hear in my drivers door.
  • I bought a new 2003 Expedition XLT with the rear DVD entertainment system. The brochure said it came with wireless headphones. Mine did not and the dealership says the fine print in the brochure says that Ford can change specs. without telling people. This is hard on the 3 kids and us parents. The cords will not reach to the 3rd row. The dealership says it is Ford's problem and Ford say it's our problem. How can I get these headphones? Any ideas? Help!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
    Guess you missed the recent Sienna gas tank recall, Nvbanker.

    JD Power reported a few months ago that first year models are now about as reliable as later year models. I hope they revisit their study soon because there's a lot of anecdotal evidence on the boards recently to the contrary.

    Steve, Host
  • They tried to do the same thing with me. I think that it is a scam that the dealers do. They started out telling me that it was an early model that only supported wired models. I pointed out the IR receivers near the player and then they said that Ford could change specs at any time. It's BS. I told them that I wanted a letter from them stating why they wouldn't give me the wireless models, and rather then do the letter they gave me the headphones.

  • I replaced my 2000 Expe with a new 2003 Expe.and just noticed a vibration problem. The vibration only occurs when a window in the back door is down when traveling at 35 mph and up and disappears when a front window is down. The vibration seems like a air pressure vibration in that it's not so much noise but vibrating air pressure that's painful on my ears much like an airplane in descent. I'm guessing it's an air pressure problem possibly because the back window is down causing a vacuum in the interior.
    Does anyone else have the problem, if not try driving with just a back window down and see if it happens.
  • ryokenryoken Posts: 291
    I've had that happen in a Grand Cherokee. Crack a front window, and it goes away.
  • I just bought my expedition about 3 months ago. I am on my 3rd 6 CD multiplayer. The second CD player took 5 cd's and they have told me they might not be retrievable. I am now getting alot of dash noises from them tearing it apart to change players

    Other then that my expedition rides well.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Yeah, no kidding, and yes, I did miss that recall. But safety recalls are hard, even for Mitsubishi to avoid....
  • recalls for the new Expedition or Navigator and they've been out since June 2002...Ford's getting better. Like nvbanker, I'd heard that BWM X5 statistic -- 14 recalls and counting.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I really love my Navigator. I rode in my friends Jeep Grand Cherokee the other night, and it brought back memories of what a live axle does to your ride over bumps. OUCH
  • Just reached 1000 miles on my 2003 Expedition, 2wd XLT, 5.4L. Now have a vibration when taking off from a complete stop and turning. Noise is worse with acceleration. There is no vibration when I go straight when accelerating from a stop. Very disappointed in Ford. A new $36,000 vehicle and I problems already. Even my Dodge vehicles did better than this. Any idea's for cause. Just took the vehicle into the dealers. They are looking at the differential. It does have the limited slip. I bought this thing for hauling a 5500 lb travel trailer. Was it a mistake?
  • fx4fx4 Posts: 72
    With reference to information previously mentioned in post 285 above, the transmission for the 2004 Expedition with 4.6L Trition engine, the tranny is still apparently the standard 44U order code, 4R70W. The 5.4L Expediton for 2004 gets the higher torque capacity code 44W, model 4R75W. specifically lists the tranny code for 2004 models and they are different for 4.6L versus 5.4L

    ...still I am fairly positive that I saw the 44W transmission code on the door of several 4.6L 2004 4wd, XLT, that were part of a large fleet order. Anyone have the answer?
  • Don't get dust shields for the wheels- The wheel can't breathe and will overheat and warp the rotor.

    Ford is working on a low dust pad and will replace your dirty pads only if you complain about the dust.
    BE SURE to complain about dust to your dealer to get it in your vehicle history record.
  • jscqjscq Posts: 1
    I have encountered rust on all four of the doors (on the top of the seam at the bottom of the doors) on my 2000 Expedition. I see that several others individuals have encountered a similar problem. My dealership has supposedly taken care of this by sanding down the rust, resealing and repainting. I am concerned that this is only a short term fix and not a complete fix. I am interested to know if anyone else has found the solution to this problem.
  • colehcoleh Posts: 2
    I had the same problem with my 98' Expedition, however the trouble didn't start until about 39000 miles. I was told the clutches in the anti-slip differential were not releasing. Two rear ends later, I think the problem is resolved. I am told also that a product called Friction Modifier added to the differential might solve the problem.
  • colehcoleh Posts: 2
    To expound on my previous post; In reference to my 98' Ex., Ford published a service bulletin (TSB) on 6/8/98 that called for replacement of the Traction-Loc clutch pack. Problem may be caused by clutch packs gauged too tightly. Ford knows about this and should cover it under warranty. As(bad)luck would have it, mine was out of warranty.
    Google found it for me @ Ford Service Bulletins
  • I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem I am having or if this is just 'normal?' I have an '03 Eddie Bauer Exp C series, built 6/03. There is a rather pronounced humming noise from the front of the vehicle when I am traveling around 30-45mph and just giving the vehicle a slight amount of gas; enough to maintain a constant speed. The noise subsides when I let up on the gas. This does not occur under more rigorous acceleration or above about 50 mph. Again, it only occurs when trying to maintain a constant speed btw 30-45 mph. Any ideas?

  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857

    My 03 had a similar sounding noise. The ring and pinion gears in the rear differential were misaligned. The mechanic tore it apart and replaced the ring and/or pinion gears, made sure they were properly aligned, and now the noise is gone. It must be a fairly common issue because he was adamant about tearing it apart and redoing it himself. Apparently he has had issues with simply receiving a new differential and having the new one have issues also.
  • Thanks for the feedback. The only thing is this sounds like it is coming from the front. In fact it almost seems lie it is more of an engine noise rather than a drivetrain noise. I could be completely wrong though.
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